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  1. I'm putting my truck up for sale, 125,000 miles, dealer maintained. HID headlight upgrade, under coated and rust proofed, spray in bedliner, matching fiberglass topper, 4" step bars. Excellent condition $36,500.00
  2. I have one on my boat, very reliable and simple to maintain
  3. I have canned my salmon in a pressure cooker, both fresh and smoked and neither turns out mushy, I would not recommend using any other method other than pressure canning on salmon though, whether it is fresh or smoked.
  4. Wire line works well with divers, I used to have trouble with them releasing on mono. the torpedo wire I use now eliminated that problem
  5. There are days when you cant keep a meat rig in the water, but the flasher and teasers are the important thing, need the right color. I have real good luck with the Jon King Black and white glow paddle with the red eye and red teasers.
  6. I might be interested in that information as well.
  7. SeaCatMich, what are the specs on your electric winch
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