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  1. If timing and plugs are good try runing some top engine cleaner threw carb if there is built up carbon in combustion chamber that would cause a knock
  2. i ran there quads stacks also and the dipsey duos and had no issues really liked them
  3. man up captian and get your self a good pair!!!
  4. your ride has been pimped!!!!!
  5. i tried with my mag 10s they were not wide enough with the motor on the left side of rigger.
  6. i had there quad stacks and diver holders.. Great products
  7. I think ken should try this and we want some pics....... maybe after a few barley pops
  8. the new fish hawk has depth function looks nice
  9. i run both all the time and believe each have there days.
  10. way cool jimmy!!! do we get extra votes if caught on a jp slammer??
  11. to much house holds stuff not enough fishing stuff
  12. 20 lb ande here too but i have a set of 15 flouros that i use if it slows down
  13. I dont agree with Phil either. Its more of being able to take the time of of work for me. When i do get the time off i do love a good boat race and fishing and talking to my good budies!
  14. i drink beer. AKa fish calls. It seams like they always know when your are doing something else.
  15. Always nicely done!! We almost expect that as a normal for you Mr. Dirty Any thing else we would think your on my boat..
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