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  1. Fished with JohnV. and Nick from 5:30-8:30pm. We went 5 for 7 with 4 Dandy Browns and one BIG KING. Candy Corn Flintstone spoon on 1 color took the king. Blue/green spoons on 1 thru 4 color cores. Riggers with Johns super secret spoons 20 to 30 back and down 7 to 12ft. Fished in close. Thanks for the invite and the good time again John,Good fishin with you as well Nick.
  2. Im sure they havent seen the last of Paulywood. Thanks for the report Nick.
  3. Love how they always wana bite just as you start pulling lines in. Nice job on the brown.
  4. Looks like a Gander Mt. spoon to me. Id run it.
  5. Thanks for taking me along on the No Mo Beggin shakedown Rog. Wish the weather would have been what was forecasted for us. Still not bad at all for only two short circles around the piers and a couple passes in the channel. Cept "Tha BEAST" thats lurkin in our honey hole is STILL haunting me.
  6. Frank, was wonderin if you might have picked up on what one of your famous sayings/tactics we used?
  7. Thanks for the trip Nicky!. Great job on the post as well, Im impressed.
  8. Very Nice Kevin an Daughter. Fished from noon to 5pm yesterday. 2 for 4. 4lb. brown, 10lb. laker. Lost a gud un at the net. 15-20fow. 3colors-blue/green dolphin, blue silver stickbait. Goin back out in a bit.
  9. Thought it was kinda neat how the ship that saved the other was named Gaurdian.
  10. Thanks for bossin me around Nick. We had fun. This is from Saturday tho not yesterday, and its in the wrong forum. The lake Michigan fishing REPORTS section is down a little lower. (sure Mike will move it there soon tho.) Thanks Again
  11. Heh. He'd kill me if i swiped those. You need a radio so you can hear whats goin on out there. I have a hand held you can borrow for the day tho if you'd like. I fished with Da-Anvil, that was his boat. We ended up 2 for 6. King and a coho. Not sure if he is going to write up a report or not. (just noticed he did write one up but put it in the wrong forum, forgive him he is new to all this)
  12. Better luck next weekend Katrina. It can happen to even the best. I MAY be fishing with John V. again at the above mentioned outing. Make sure you come see me before ya launch if you decide to go there and ill try to swipe at least 5 good lures from him this time to give you two. He has a couple modified spoons you cannot even buy anymore that im sure would work great on your guys boat! :lol:
  13. We all know the few hours between sunrise and sunset can be great fishing. I'd like to hear some info/opinions on why you think this is. I think I have a pretty good idea on why, but wouldnt mind hearing some other thoughts on the matter.
  14. There ya go,thats what we like to see. Dandy Eye Guys! WB Kotter!
  15. Here is a link with some pretty good info on fishing and Barometric pressure. http://www.quickoneplus.com/fish/articles/page.asp?page=barometric Also most fish have an air bubble type thing inside them(i duno what this is called). It will inflate or deflate with air depending on the pressure surrounding it. Ive been told that if this air bubble gets to inflated it will also press against the stomach of a fish,making less room for food to be stored in their bellies so they wont feel like eating. They have an artificial feeling of being full. My old man was really a big believer in barometric pressure and fishing.
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