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  1. They wouldnt believe us anyways. And thanks for reminding me I need to give that a try over here! Gona stick a glob of crawlers onto a treble with a fly. That should do it.
  2. I also happen to grab alot of bright Orange,Pink, and Yellow UV colors to try this year and tied some up. I can say ive never run a Orange or Pink fly so im interested in how thats going to go. It screams steelhead to me. A Yellow mirage or No see um fly with yellow beads has caught a couple steelhead for me in the past... Thanks for the info dyin to give it a try.
  3. Same here on all accounts. Not to say I havent caught smaller ones on flys tho, it happens. Its pretty easy to pick out a spoon,plug, or body bait and just know "this is going to catch a steelhead". It gets alot harder with flys for me. Its allways a surprise, and I catch and see a fair share more on spoons than anything else.
  4. Im gonna call you Butter cause your on a roll. Dandy Eyes Ken!
  5. Looking like a fly with some gold in it might be the ticket. Was this a standard size fly?
  6. I thought about that also, but im able to catch them on spoons deeper on riggers than my divers with flys and up to 15 colors of leadcore.....I just notice ALOT more caught on spoons,plugs, or body baits at any depth. Wondering if its a "me" thing or pretty much the same for everyone.
  7. I can only remember seeing three steelhead caught on fly presentations last year and I dont hear about it happening often. Any thoughts as to why this might be? (only thing I can think of is maybe steelhead arent into "stealing" wounded baitfish and would rather chase/ hunt their food down) Has anyone had better results with steelhead on fly's? What size, color of fly, leader lenghts etc. have you found to work best for steelhead?
  8. I do not target lakers, but if i had one lure to pick to target steelies it would be a mag. silver streak green dolphin.
  9. Yes go north and stay out of Holland! I run as many high lines and 1 thru 5 color cores as I can. Rogues,Rapalas,Jointed Rapalas, Brads Thin Fish and spoons. Usually Inside 30fow and mainly inbetweeen the sand bars or in the muddy water in front of pier heads until around end of May(depending on how things warm up or stay cold). My main target in the early spring is Browns. There is a small window of opportunity to catch them and its during that time of year so take advantage. Also not uncommon to find Kings,Coho,Steelies and Walleye in that close. . One other thing to consider is the water tends to be alot clearer that time of year. 12lb. to 15 lb. test, and look for surface temp. breaks.
  10. Is this a LOWE sea-nymph by any chance? Had the same problem with mine for quite some time. After 5 times of the dealer and myself not being able to fix it we ended up sending it back to Lowe. Turned out to be a problem with the gas compartment being to large.
  11. I would say get 10' 6" Talora's. It will allow you to go with longer leaders if need be and you wont have to go to the front of the boat to net the fish. Then switch the wire diver reels to the 9' 6" Taloras, and have your braid set ups on the 10' 6".
  12. No problemo Shawn. I'll pm yah my number for you to get ahold.
  13. 6" inches of material is about all you need (Thats what she said). I also believe that the color AND profile of the beads might have a little more to do with getting that fish to strike than the actual fly material itself.
  14. Do they still have a webpage? Does anyone have a working link?
  15. I know this is kinda a old post Dave but if your still lookin for someone to help yah learn to tie some flies up get ahold. I have tons of materials and dont think im to far from yah. Mike
  16. Nice...Congrats on your hunting iron slingin slasher.
  17. I'll try and make at least one Ken. Its well known im not very good with that early morning stuff tho. How about we fish from noon to 6pm? Im kidding...but not really.
  18. 8th Edition Precision Trolling- "The Trollers Bible" Gives Dive/Depth charts for most crank and body baits. Keating on Kings- Great Lakes Tactics Way Beyond the Basics $20 for both
  19. Great.. just what we need, a salmon flavored slurpee
  20. Dont forget to sharpen up your tire iron and ice fishing spud... :lol:
  21. Old Doggie Style...You keep sayin it cant get any better and it does. heh. Nice Job Terry, Philly, an Killer/ lil bookie. Be out later aft. tomorrow. Thanks for info.
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