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  1. It's even prettier than I imagined. Thanks for sharing Tim, and congrats on your win.
  2. It is to late for most of us here. Get help now to control the urges while theres still time! I know I sound like a dick right now but im only trying to help you man.
  3. (2) Two one colors and a 6 and a 7 color. Then admit to yourself you have a problem buying to much fishing gear, and seek immediate physchological help.
  4. Nice Job on the solo trip Dan. If you know your fish and your sure it was an Atlantic Salmon you caught your now eligable for a master angler award. Min. entry weight is 12lbs. My guess is it is more than likely a male Brown Trout or a very nice Coho wich would also be a master angler award at 12lbs. Either way you look at it its a nice fish and congrats.
  5. Clear Opti snubbers here. Have some that are 4 years old and still ticking. With just a spoon on dipseys i go without snubbah sometimes.
  6. Just like Matt I like to have my boards be able to release. Used to go the half hitch rubber band method, now its a red OR clip with the pin. It really makes things ALOT easier. Both when fighting a fish, and if you desire to change a set up on one of the outside boards.
  7. Again with the Area 51 Nick!? Now you gotta tell us, or better yet show us what all you got for $500 Tim.
  8. Nice job Jimmy and thanks for info. Make sure you get a "Sea-Mac" from him for the early season brown action next year Jeff.
  9. Jimmy, The "Sea-Mac" slammer went once as a slider in the morn.. Terry didnt include it in the post cause I told him its not like anyone can buy one yet anyways, and I wasnt sure if you wanted it advertised yet (or at all). It was ran as a slider on a Eve. trip that day also and went 1 for a possible 2. Waiting for the day I can run it on my boat and get at least two down in the zone the bigger fish are. Thanks a bunch again for making it up for me. It's a great looking spoon.
  10. Yeah..Never again, and I really really mean it this time.
  11. Not an OLD pro buuuut, My best tip would also be "Find out what they want and give em lots of it" Some others "Where there is baitfish big fish are not far", "Just because it glows does not mean it wont work during the day"
  12. Simple answer to this that i can think of is..I suppose he could. (It's his website)
  13. First to answer your question Dave, Yes i have caught fish with a flasher/spoon. Moreso in the early spring. I have yet to try a j-plug behind one, but its in the works. Nailer is talking about the ole Priority 1 Frankism "Find out what they want and give em lots of it". Now far as having confidence in a lure and having it work. That does not usually go to well for me. If I think the fish will like it, they probably wont. If I think it wont catch a thing, it probably will. One of the biggest reasons I enjoy trolling for salmon/trout so much is because of all the variables and options to play around and try different set ups and keep trying til I find something that works better than the rest.
  14. Some pics id like to share. Here is Zack with his first Walleye Then here is Zack doing his best "Wall-Eye" impression. Here is Tylers first Walleye Here is one of Tylers two Steelhead Thanks a bunch again Frank for getting me out on the bay! Thanks a bunch again John, Tyler and Zack for another fun trip!
  15. Terry and Family, THANK YOU again very much for everything you did this weekend. Salmon fishing and a VERY tasty Bluegill dinner afterwards is about as good as it can get for me. (your wife scares me tho) Frank and Tom, GREAT getting out on the water with you two again. Keeping the boat straight, watching the back of the boat, and keeping it at speed in those kinda waves is where the work is. Also a great pleasure meeting some others from the site that share a love for fishing. Glad I could make it up there!
  16. 32-34 inches with just a meat rig head (no teaser rig) behind a 8" spin doctor has been KILLIN em'.
  17. I dunnoo Phil.... Nick really knows his stuff, he has been doing this for almost a whole year now. What im wondering tho is how can you preach S.S.'s when your favorite spoon is a Stinger?
  18. No Thank You Bob! and thanks for the work you do with this organization! Hayden and I had a GREAT time at this event. Food was good, company was good, it was all good. Hope to be a part of it again next year. Mikey
  19. Thats a mighty big dinner plate you eat off of. Very Nice!
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