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  1. I didnt mean to say that about Nick's fly box. His grandpa really did a number on that one and took the design to a whole other level. Roger's was built with minor woodworking skills tho. I know that for a fact cause I made it. The design concept is there and you can make those pretty easily at around $30 if you use other materials.
  2. There it is.. THE Cadillac of fly boxes.
  3. Here is how mine looks I dont know if Da-Anvil or No Mo Beggen is up for it, but I know they could show you a homemade fly box that is fairly easy to make yourself if you have any minor woodbuilding skills. The one Da-Anvil made will hold up to 80 flys if im not mistaken.
  4. I use one of these.. http://flycases.myshopify.com/products/the-megabite-fly-trap Note: You can buy the same arrow case at Cabelas for around $27. Then just screw 4 rods into each end and you have pretty much the same thing. Another thing i did with mine was glued foam to the bottoms and stick the hooks into that to keep them in place. It will store 36 flys.
  5. Sea-Mac

    ATB's with a twist

    ATB's, ABT's..whatever they are called they look great. Almost as good as a bacon wrapped cupcake.
  6. Appreciate it! If I find any that your looking for "not" in clown ill letcha know as well.
  7. Cool vids Tony, ALL of em. Thanks for sharing. When and if I ever get my videos from Alaska transferred from vhs to my comp. i'll show you all what it looks like to take a 3/4 oz. pixie spoon to the chin and jugular.
  8. I know im cheatng now by picking two, but your asking the impossible from me. That spoon ranks right up there also. Dave..If you ever go out and notice the water has a little more tinted green color to it than blue. Run it!
  9. Probably same spoon id pick also. Thinking of just being able to pick out ONE is going to make my head explode tho. Here is a high noon steelie caught on Blue Flounder Pounder. Biggest steel we took last year, caught by my brother in laws sister on a 15 color core her first time out on L. Michigan.
  10. SHhush! Gene, Ive been looking for these forever as well. If you come across a Clown deep diver and would like to make a buck let me know.
  11. Dense colder water at the depths its getting down at @ 2.0 is what im thinking. Unless this study was done with the water temp. being all the same then i duno.
  12. Offshore boards are $19.99 here http://www.northwoodsoutlet.com/oscommerce/catalog/index.php?cPath=4_35&osCsid=ckmu50pdrqlqm460ubetb0leq2 and $21.99 here... http://www.franksgreatoutdoors.com/fishing/trolling-gear/planer-boardsaccessories When I last bought the or-16 clips for the rear for these it was $10 for two at Gander..so about $50 for a pair. I forget if Z-boards also charged for shipping..something tells me they didnt duno havent looked that up. So that might make up any difference. All I know is I prefer Offshores with a rear or-16 clip myself.
  13. That ALMOST sounds like the kind of ice fishing even I could get into. Id still need the satellite t.v. to seal the deal.
  14. Ditto... I will run my offshore boards before I run these and they are cheaper to boot.
  15. Just wondering if it might be the oversized gas compartment thats causing your rivets to pop like with mine?. I know they ended up having to downsize the gas compt. and then installed bigger rivets..so far so good (knock on wood). I know what your going through is rough believe me. Good Luck
  16. Ya. Finally a spoon you dont need to swap the hooks on thats for sure.
  17. Thats a great motto..Tho somtimes I find myself running a short core down the chute. I think as long you make it very clear to everyone on board that as soon as a fish goes on another rod someone has to hustle up and get that chute rod in and out of the way asap.
  18. Shrimp is the fruit of the sea. You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, sautee it. There's, um, shrimp kebabs, shrimp creole, shrimp gumbo, pan fried, deep fried, stir fried. There's pineapple shrimp and lemon shrimp, coconut shrimp, pepper shrimp, shrimp soup, shrimp stew, shrimp salad, shrimp and potatoes, shrimp burger, shrimp sandwich... That's, that's about it
  19. Nope I didnt forget. I dont know if it works or not, but I can tell you it sure doesnt hurt.
  20. Cazzy is doin fine Frank. Still tearing up the wildlife. He invited me to go fishing with him today but unfortunatly I couldnt make it.
  21. Have a DVD burner...$50 sounds doable. Thanks for info!
  22. I could try looking this up on the web but thought i'd ask here first and see if anyone knows, seeing as how I notice some of you know how to post videos. How do you go about getting VHS video onto a DVD? Also once I have a DVD of my video how do you go about getting it onto your computer? What is an estimated cost of getting this done? Where do I go/ What do I need?
  23. For years we've had Coho Flys that catch Coho. Standard King Flys that catch Kings. Laker Spin and Wobble Glo thingy's that catch Lakers. Now in 2011 Sea-Mac Steelhead Fly's...that will probably still mainly catch Coho, Kings, and Lakers. Wutcha think?
  24. I'll post a pic in the next day or so of some flys im gonna make up to experiment with this year in HOPES to be more of a "steelhead" series of flys. Thinking I might have to make them around 3-31/2 inches for length, just a little larger than a coho fly yet shorter than a standard fly... Appreciate all the help this far on getting me started.
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