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  1. I have an older GPSMAP and it has been a great unit so far. I think its a 231??? Anyhow, here is a site that I have heard good things about, however I have never actually dealt with them myself. Its called www.thenerds.net They seem to have pretty good prices.
  2. I recently installed an 8ft. Shakespeare Galaxy 6db antenna on an older'ish radio and I have been extremely happy with it. I was very careful to cut the antenna to the proper length. I have heard that this step is very important. Do a search and you will find the formula for cutting it to the proper length. I have been able to transmit and receive up to 7 or 8 miles with it so far. I think I paid $110.00 delivered, from ebay.
  3. I have no actual experience with any of the above...however, from what I have read a through hull is very good. Just remember there is a difference between a "shoot-through hull" and a "through-hull". The former is not as well liked and from what I hear does not work well on Aluminum boats. Basically you mount(glue) it to the bottom of the hull and it shoots the beam through the hull. The latter supposedly works well, however you have to cut a hole in the boat to mount it. Like I originally said, please take my advice with a grain of salt.
  4. Thanks fella's, I am now pretty sure that I am running the boards too close and then when I turn it gets tangled. I am going to try all your suggestions next week.
  5. They look to be about 30 feet from the boat. I have been using my thumb to let them out? I wonder if I have been taking the turns too sharp?
  6. Hey guys, I am trying to run Dipsy's and all I ever end up getting is a big tangled mess. WTF!!!! I am running lead on inline boards and every time I throw a Dipsy in it gets tangled with my lead. My inner boards (closest to boat) are 6 or 7 core and my dipseys are set to #2 either left or right depending on what side I put them out of. I have tried a #0 and #1 diver and it makes no difference. Just yesterday I put the big one out and let out 150 ft of line, it should get down to 60 feet. I dunno maybe it does, but when I reel it in; sure as sh1t, it is all wrapped up around my lead. How far to the sides do these things travel? Maybe they are getting tangled as I let them out by running into the lead before they get to max depth. In case it matters I am using 50 pound Power Pro, and generally I am going about 2.4 SOG. Another possible cause is when I let out the lead after checking the lines, I generally let them out straight off the stern, so I suppose its possible to have the lead cross the dipsy line, but I thought the dipsey line would be too deep for that to happen? Any thoughts, pointers or detailed methods of running DD's would be very much appreciated.
  7. Thanks for the reports Ken. I follow them quite closely because I am going to up there July 24th to Aug. 1st with my Dad and brother. We have never been up there before so I am looking for some pointers.
  8. I would like to say thanks to Phil and Adam for taking Katie and myself out yesterday. We had a nice day on the water and I learned a few things. Unfortunately it cost me 1500 dollars because I now want an autopilot. Thanks guys.
  9. I tend to agree. The 3-M 4200 I spoke of is supposed to be removable (Although I have never tried) and the 5200 is the non-removable and takes a while to cure. For what its worth, my friend owns a Marina and his mechanic highly suggested the 4200, they use it for all of their thru-hull fittings. I got mine from West Marine, but I am sure there are other Marina supply stores that carry it. I would advise against silicone because it is not rated for under the waterline usage. The 2 above adhesive/sealants are. They are not cheap either, about 15 buck for a small tube.
  10. I am not sure I fully understand what you are trying to do, but it sounds like 3-M 4200 or 5200 is in order. They are both rated for below the water line adhesives.
  11. A little late for the report, but we did ok. Not too much for size (2-7 lbs) but we went 7 for 10. Greens or Blue and chrome seemed to get most of them. Got them 30 feet down over 150 fow at 2.4mph at the ball. We would have gotton more, but we had 2 shakers on for who knows how long:D Thanks for all your help, and a special thanks to Phil for giving me some direction. We had a good time, especially for an inexperienced crew and captain. I sure wish we had the number of Kings in Huron that you all have. Leaving at 0200 and coming back the same day makes for a very long day. I tried a dipsy with a Dodger, but it got tangled fast so I decided to stick with lead. P.S. I hate reeling in 10 color, I am going to try and find some other way to get the line down:o 4,5,and 6 colors were ok to reel in, but more than that was too much work. I really enjoy getting them off the rigger, that seems to be my favorite.
  12. Thanks. I went put and got a couple glow Bloody nose's in reg and Mag and a couple of Mag Monkey pukes.
  13. I suppose I will have to go with the Moonshine then, because I doubt I will be able to find anything open when I roll through. Any thoughts on size?
  14. I am headed out to pick up a few spoons in a few hours, so do you all suggest Mags, or regulars? I have quite a few regulars but only a few Mags.
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