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    We don't have a huge boat (a 19 ft. Lund), but we enjoy fishing for the big fish.
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    Cedar Springs
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    hunting, fishing, spending time w/the family
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    Client Service Manager/planning assistant

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  1. First trip of the year. We started around 7:30 and pulled lines around 12. Ended up with 2 for 3, one steelhead and one coho. Both caught about a half mile south of pier, in around 20 ft water. The red thin fin with black stripes got a few hits and the other pole had a coho flasher and fly. It was a beautiful day to be out.
  2. Nice job Matt!!! I hope to be out there Saturday morning and do as good as you.
  3. It is rare to see women out there. I go out with my husband, and sometimes our kids (if the waves are okay). How is the fishing up there?

  4. It is so nice to see other women that enjoy salmon fishing as much as I do. We too have a smaller boat (that thinks it is a BIG boat.) We ususally fish Grand Traverse Bay(s) or even out of Frankfort when the weather is stable. Hope we can chat more. Good luck, Rebecca.

  5. Jeff, thanks! It's nice to know that my post helped somebody.
  6. Unfortunately, I can't be there Monday....my job interferes with my personal life.
  7. Went 3 for 3 this morning a 10,14 and 18# king all fish were caught between 65 and 70 fow. All were caught on ss spoons, two fish on NBK and one on the kavorkian. Sounds like they were doing better out deep.
  8. Hello everyone, trying to figure out a good speed to have at the ball. Usually we fish 2.2-2.7 on the gps and the sub troll reads around 1.5 is this to slow? I have to kick the speed up to around 3.5 on the gps to reach over 2 at the ball. This just doesn't seem right. Headed out of muskegon in the morning and headed north so any help would be great, mark
  9. Good job on the fish. I have yet to catch a steelhead and can't wait for that. And any fish is better than none. We're headed out there tomorrow. Hopefully we can catch a few.
  10. Nice job Kevin! What baits were you using, how deep did you go, and how fast? I'm hoping to head out this weekend, so any information would be appreciated.
  11. Nice job Mike. Looks like I'll be heading down there next weekend.
  12. Wow...I am very jealous. Good job Terry!!! I guess we were going to slow this morning. Maybe one day I'll catch a steelhead. Is that speed too fast for dipsys?
  13. Nice job Jeff. Thanks for the advice. I'll try it out next time I go out.
  14. Well, finally made it out again. We really didn't know where to start, so we decided to go west, straight out from the piers. We set lines at 140 fow. Nothing until we hit 189 fow, and got a 5 lb coho. That was on a downrigger, set at 50, with a hawg wild spoon. Then went out to 240 and stopped marking fish, so we turned back around. We had another hit ,but lost it on a dipsy, that was set at 150, with a pickled sunshine fly and mountain dew sd. About half hour later, we got another coho at 190 fow, with the same fly combo. We were about to pull lines when the pickled sunshine fly went again but lost it before we got it out of the rod holder. We kept our speed around 3.5-3.8 on the GPS. Ended the morning 2 for 4. Is there a secret for getting steelhead this time of the year? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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