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  1. Just placed this in general discussion. Is there a problem with installation of the X4D transducer between two 300 merc’s on the lower transom. Also is there an extension for the wire. The one with the transducer will not reach the location on the helm. thanks for any info on this subject.
  2. Can the transducer be placed between dual 300 merc’s. Also where can you find an exstension for the cable.
  3. Thanks Ed for the info on the web cams.
  4. Fished just south of port Sheldon. South troll. 130 fow. 2kings, one coho,one laker. The laker came on Carmel dolphin 45ft down on rigger. The coho on 6 color in line green meat rig. One King on green meat 55 ft on rigger. One on rigger swr 65 down. On a purple meat rig. Funny thing was started out at 0630 and had all action between 1330 and 1500 hrs.
  5. Anyone have a listings of web cams on the mich. side of the lake.?
  6. Looking for info on placement of the wire stops. Before,on or after magnets. If in inches how many. thanks for your input
  7. I am a little apprehensive about going out in the AM but the crew is ready so we will be in.
  8. All the fish were from 8-19 lb range. They were all caught on Blood run copper 40-50 down except for one while scraping the bottom with a meat rig..
  9. Fished from 145 to 200 finding 145 to 160 fow being the best. East or West troll didn't matter UV Mongolian Beef on 200 and 250 blood run copper took all fish except one, Went 7 for 11 all Kings Good day.
  10. I would be interested in participating in a league this summer. Sounds like a good time. Hank
  11. First the docks are not in yet at the DNR ramp. So went across the river and launched in St Joe..Not being familiar with this port. I promptly ended up stuck in shallow water. Thanks to the guys who tossed me a line and pulled me out.(May the fish Gods smile on you). Ended up with five coho, fish from the port to the cook plant..20 fow. All on Brads orange/black thin fin. It, was after all was said and done, a great day on the water..
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