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  1. Fishwhisperer


  2. Fishwhisperer

    South haven 6-6 morning

    Great job and welcome to the site.!
  3. Fishwhisperer

    1978 22ft starcraft holiday

    This for sale post is 3 years old.
  4. Good to see someone find some silver out there.
  5. Fishwhisperer

    AM tournements

    If a lower entry fee is the answer, why don't more teams fish the league tournaments? Better yet, why don't they fish multiple leagues?
  6. Fishwhisperer

    AM tournements

    For the Saugatuck tournament, you can enter only the BIG FISH and still fish the tournament.
  7. Fishwhisperer

    Holland This Sat

    Sure it wasn't a ship wreck bouy?
  8. Fishwhisperer

    Sh 8/20

    2nd pictured fish was tanned up pretty good. No bites before sun up. (6-11, 6 rod spread) Night bite didn't kick in until sunset. (7-??, 12 rod spread)
  9. Fishwhisperer

    Hook ups

    I belive the fish are hitting the bait from the side. The hooks then end up on the outside of the mouth. Try speeding up.
  10. Fishwhisperer

    Suggestions for holland area auto repair?

    Been to Maplewood. I have no complaints with the work done.
  11. Fishwhisperer

    Another new guy

    Welcome to the the site. Pick and choose your days on the big pond snd you will do just fine.
  12. Fishwhisperer

    Best Fishing songs

    Especially in Michigan -Red Hot Chili Peppers
  13. Fishwhisperer

    Tackle Names

    I picked up the catalogs for Dream Weaver, Stinger, Warior, And Silver Streak. With the exception of Moon Shine, North Ports and Pro King, that covers most of the spoons that I have. As metioned before... catch a fish on a bait and you will remember the name.
  14. Fishwhisperer

    Port Sheldon 6/11 PM

    Welcome to GLF and thanks for the report.
  15. Fishwhisperer

    Saug. piers

    Park at Oval Beach and walk, for the south. North, take a boat or kayak.