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  1. Took Bruce, son Caleb, and neighbor Bob out today. Ended up 17- for Im not gona tell you guys, but it was bonkers. With two greasers throwed back. Fished 70fow out to 130fow and from 40 to 70 down. Cant list everything we took fish on, or had hits on but mainly greens. What was hottest was the dark green and glo spin doctor (almost pickled sunshine lookin) with the strong fly from the dreamweaver event on a dipsey set on 2 out 90 early in the mornin, then out 150 in the afternoon as the fish moved deeper. Second was a white/green glo squid with similiar spin doctor on same dipsey settings, and third was a siggs custom green dolphin 11" paddle with a big weenie proctologist on rigger down 69 and back 10'.
  2. Noooo Randy, Although I have not been able to go much this year, four times so far is all. In about two more weeks I plan on hitting it hard. Just needed some cash so trying to sell some things that I rarely use, have extras of, and can do without is all.
  3. Frankly... I gotta agree with Frank. Church boards have the word "Walleye" directly on them... The tx-22 is a decent board. I like them for the fact you can switch them to run on either side. For salmon i have run Offshores, church tx-22s, z-boards, and orange church "walleye" boards and like them in that order. With a few minor adjustments/improvements on every board.
  4. Tote um Pole fishing rod holder carrier. Holds 5 rods. One left.- $15
  5. Ten Jplugs size 4. Just the bodies- $20 Ten Moonshine spoons-$30 Penn 209 level wind reel-$20 12lb. unpainted pancake weight- $15 15lb. Mi. Stinger weight-$20
  6. Gander Competitor planer board rod- 8'6" med. action. line wgt.6-20lbs. $20 Okuma blue diamond wire line roller rod 8'6" MH. line wght.15-30lbs. Used twice, in great condition. $50 St. Croix Avid Fly Rod,Two piece, AF906, 9',6wt. Comes with St. Croix travel/carrying case. $180
  7. Whats it gonna take for one of you to show me a Brown caught THIS year? Are you all waiting for Big Daddy to show you how to git r done? Its gonna be a week or god forbid two weeks until that happens.... I've seen the coho yeah nice, one BEAUtifull Steel, but no Browns yet. After last years much improved Brown fishing compaired to the years ive been fishing, I was for certain this year there would be alot of nice ones taken. I was even dreaming of seeing the majority of them over 5lbs. Not looking for info. or anything just want to see a picture. So the first one of you that can show me a pic. of a Brown taken this year in this thread gets a ^5 and an atta boy.
  8. Nice Steelie Ryan. Cant get much prettier than that.
  9. Yep you can also set a Church board to release, and yep the rear clip off your z-board will work fine. I have no idea what they are called or really how to explain them good...but i used a metal screw type deal that has a enclosed circle on the opposite end of the screw. They are used for hanging stuff primarily. Anyways screw that into the back of the Church board then attach the or-16 to that using a large split ring or key ring. What you dont want to do is add a swivel inbetween the metal screw and split ring so it spins..I did this thinking now after I release this it will come back and be able to spin and not cause any drag..Wrong..thing was like dragging a helicopter blade through water. Live n learn.
  10. Yep..I swap out the back one for a red or-16 (it has a pin in the middle of it to keep it from coming off the line, just make sure you clip the line past that pin) and keep the front one the orange clip. Your boards will release this way under heavy tension but not slide down the line. I like mine to release, some dont.
  11. I like the Offshores over the Churches...(Line Dancin made me say that ) You might have to move the weight, but when you have a lighter presentation like a clean spoon I dont think it matters much. It should still track good enough no matter where the weight is.
  12. Sigh.......Now dont get me involved in this mess you started Aaron! :lol: I was seriously starting to think the "blood run" boys might not have liked my comments and were about to get upset over this and start a lynch mob. I have seen people (fisherman) getting mad and start acting weird towards one another over much less than opinions/views on wire or braid for dipseys. Thats why I find it best to just poke at the bees nest and then run my arse off.
  13. I honestly have noticed many more short strikes and fish lost on wire dipsey set ups than any other. Maybe its just a fluke as its sounding, maybe im the only one that has noticed, or can admit it. Of course your going to hear more "I caught tons of fish using this or that, I allways catch tons of fish, and if your not using it and chewing big red then screw you". I understand and agree and even will go as far I love the fight and feel you get out of a fish on wire. But to think or say "Now I can go out and get my limit everytime and catch tons more fish everyday than the next guy because im using wire line instead of braid for dipseys" is something that is gonna take more proof not words for me to buy into. I also think im starting to see this might be a touchy subject for some and dont want to step on the toes of anyone that works for, sells, is sponsored by, friends with, or personally knows a wire line manufacturer. So im bowing out even tho I could go on a little more, to each their own again. Interesting topic.
  14. But...Everyone knows you cant catch a King reelin like a little girl. Says the guy thats been known to take up to an hour to reel in a 2lb. coho. Still not a fan of either and doubt any words are going to change my mind, will stick to the "traditional" ways of catching fish myself and to each their own.
  15. I dont and wont use wire on my boat, and I Guess I'll be the one oddball that has NOT noticed wire being any better than PPro or braid when it comes to getting a fish to strike. I probably can say that ive seen more of the bigger fish of a days catch taken on a wire dipsey tho and it is fun to catch fish on. However what I have also noticed is alot more LOST fish on wire than on braid and alot more (Uht theres a fish,Nope its off). A perfect more on the lose than tight set drag is a must. It will take some getting used to for sure. While we are on the subject of metal lines..Im not a big fan of copper either. I know im crazy..but you just dont get or feel much of a fight out of fish on copper, one or two runs (if your lucky) then have fun reeling in dead weight. Dont get me started on how often it gets tangled up in something and how long it can take to deploy. Your metal line h8ter, Mikey
  16. One problem ive had with TDR's is they have a double ring set up on the line guides (least the ones I own do). The inner rings seem to pop out ALOT. To solve that I been putting super glue around each ring and knock on wood so far so good. In any event if those do pop out and you happen to lose one or even break a rod Shimano has a very good warranty and return policy. That is what sold me on getting Shimano rods as I happen to have the luck of alot of my things breaking.
  17. Heres a few links on tieing snelled knots. On the last link if you look to the right it gives a bunch more videos. I use a palomar knot on the end or last hook like Jim stated also. http://www.animatedknots.com/snell/index.php?LogoImage=LogoGrog.jpg&Website=www.animatedknots.com#Overhand http://www.threeguysfishing.com/html/how_to_snell_hooks.html http://www.wonderhowto.com/how-to-snell-fishing-hook-218837/
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