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  1. Any more Thanks or Nice jobs should go to John V.. I was just along for the ride. Made the post for him cause he doesnt like to talk. Least he didnt until yesterday.
  2. Yep yep. Man that wind played hell with us tryin to dock.
  3. Nice Job Terry Phil and Killer, good seein you guys. The magic Picnic Table still works!
  4. Good to hear everything went well. Dont feel bad Jon, Ive fished P.S. twice so far and been skunked both times.
  5. Fished aboard the "Johnnie V. Brownski" with two young up and comers this morning. From TOO early to 3 ish. Went 17 for who knows with 4 browns, rest coho. Big brown was around 5-6 lb. Brads thin Fish did the most damage, red gander stinger took a few, blue/green dolphin, and some secret spoons of Jon's. High lines,1 and 2 color cores and riggers w/spoons 23 back 8-10 down. Fished 8 to 30 fow. Had a blast watching his grandkids reel in ALOT of fish. Thanks for the trip John,Tyler and Zach!
  6. Who forgets to buy a fishing license? I did last year for the first time ever, and got caught to. Was able to use my wit and charm to get out of a ticket tho.
  7. Nice Job Randy. Thanks for report. BTF= Brads thin fish/fin,.. whatever....i think
  8. Nice Job again Jeff! Yes that was me at the launch. Kinda crazy to, I usually run two- 1 color rods. Only one of them has taken hits this year. Same set ups same lures etc. I think i need to check the leader lenghts and see if they are the same. Seems they definatly like that set up over the other. Good luck this year. Nice meeting you to! Im Sure you'll see me around.
  9. TY Matt. Lot murkier an a tad warmer than last week over at p.s.. Temps were 40 for most part. Think highest I noticed was 41.6. Waves foot er less.
  10. I love that hat. I bet it would look stunning on me. Gotta get one.
  11. Lookin guuud Terry! Good luck in St. Joe. Go get em.
  12. Went 3 for 5. Fished from 4 to 8ish with Rdfishin and Capt. Cam Man. 16-26 fow,1 and 2 color cores. Orange black stripie thin fin and blue/green dolphin silver streak. Couple hits on a Red Gander stinger spoon. The kid and Roger both showed me up. 2 steelhead caught by the kid and a laker caught by Rog. All i could muster was about a 2 gallon ice cream bucket hooked right in the middle of the handle (it fought good). Ran 7 rods cause i forgot my left side planer boards at home.. Capt. Cam's fish
  13. Here is something I learned just last year. If by some chance I happen to go overboard or if someone goes overboard. Dont just throw your throwable at them and call it good. Throw everything in the boat that floats at them. A small head in water is hard to see. The more stuff floating around the easier it will be to find said person, like a trail of breadcrumbs. If anyone who fishes with me reads this I give you full permission to throw all my stuff onboard at me in the event i go over, and i will do the same in return. Also have your life jackets sitting out or on you. Not stored away in a compartment. You wont have long should you go in. Every second counts. Whats the going rate on epirbs?
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