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  1. I would like to buy two of the 7'mh ugly sticks. I live in the wyoming/byron center mi. area ill pm you my number, call me if able to sell and lemme kno where youd like to meet up.
  2. Hey thanks alot guys.Last year we lost id bet well over 50% of our fish we hooked on our downriggers.We were using 9'6" heartlands and 8 lb. weights the beginning of the year.Caz advised i switch the weights to 10 or 12 pound (i went with 12) wich did make a improvement imo but we were still losin quite a few just after the initial release from the downrigger, you would see the pole release and bob a lil and a little drag takes off but then no one home.So yesterday i tell my partner im gonna get (2) 7' mh ugly sticks and try them for our downriggers.My reasoning being ugly sticks are little more limber at the tips yet strong at the base.He says hes not real sure about that and doesnt want me to get them, and then tries to razz me saying things like "why not get snoopy poles"... and "have fun trying to catch a 20 pounder". I remind him that last year we used a 7' LITE action ugly stick with 4 color core straight out the back and we caught alot and probably most of our bigger fish on that set up and it was a very fun rod.He was the one that originally bought that pole and set it up to use on l.mich in the first place.So it was kinda hard for me to see his reasonings as to why we should not get them, wich brought me here. I cannot wait to show him the replies ive got thus far.Paulywood your post is probably gonna sink his battleship, and i to am also going try this setup this year.thanks again.-Mike
  3. I was reading an article or post awhile back talking about using shorter downrigger rods.I have since then forgot where i was reading this and how to find it again.The guy writing it said he used his short bass rods as downrigger rods with good success.Do any of you use shorter rods on your downriggers?Say 6'-7' ers.What are the advantages of this?
  4. Went fishing with my son yest. scouted a few small streams, sand creek,buck creek and rogue.Buck was way to high and drowned at the mouth.Sand creek in ottawa co. off l. mich. drive near amen park had right water levels lil dirty but nice flow.No shiny gravel as of yet, and saw no fish.Saw one guy catch a small brown.We then headed to rockford one guy there had caught 2 nice males both over 30" that i seen.
  5. heh Nope.We discussed it on the phone at about 11am a little more and thats as far as we got.
  6. i looked all over for that thing the next day sayin no way did i leave without my jacket, for some reason i never even noticed it was cold. i had BV insulation.ill get it back from you whenever no biggie.thanks also to you tim for running and setting this up.
  7. Thanks for havin us over to play.Congrats to the winners. Raise blinds next time? or start at 2?..
  8. Im still in for the 13th. Dont kno what im going to bring for food yet. My brother in law (Chris) would like to play to.Hes not officially signed up on here under his own name or anything cuz we share the name and are 50/50 partners on our boat.He fished in the tournaments with me last year and is planning on doing everyone next year.So hope he can come play.I talked to rich and he said it was ok with him.So lemme kno the deal on that, and if we dont get enough or need more players jus lemme kno.
  9. Jan.13th works for me. My brother in law (chris- the other member of team sea-mac) would like to play and our other buddy mike might also want to play.We could play at his house in byron center if richs place doesnt work out.He has tournaments there quite frequently nice table n everything.So theres that.Im kinda worried about the newbie players hard to tell what they r goin on.Last night at poker stars i played in a .25 tourney with 2226 players and i came in 10th so close to the final table.So look out my game is hot.on the down side it was a .25 tourney and i only got $3.40 for over 5 hours of playing.First woulda won $112.For those that dont kno the game whoever said to learn or practice online is prolly the best way to learn the game and its free.Im sure i can find a few more players if i need to, lemme kno how many we r at now and how many rich wants at his house, and rich ill buy those pole holders off you at this time or pay your entry fee to the poker tournament for them.I want some venison steaks from you to cus im the buckless yooper.
  10. I was gonna make this suggestion but you beat me to it.Count me in.
  11. Went 6-8 all kings, from 6-noon.Fished 90 to 130fow- 90-110fow south of pier being most productive for us.6 and 7 color leadcore w/,Mongoose J-plug,Green Dolphin glow back,Green Dolphin silver back, and Gander Mountain Flamethrower each took one fish.17#king on the j-plug and a 15# on the flamethrower (double header).Took two small kings on a stinger bloody nose dalmation as free slider with rigger set at 55.Lost one on Blue Bubble Spin Doc./Blue Bubble glow fly on dipsy set 2 @ 120 back and forget what we lost the other on.
  12. I hope all that read this are wearing their waders cus its starting to get deep.
  13. Thank you Caznik for taking me along i had a great time.Glad to hear you made it home without any more blow outs.I still owe you a dollar for that 40 pounder.Nice meeting you Nate and a Big thank you again to Sarah C.
  14. I have a link for the dipsy diver chart here. http://www.luhrjensen.com/techreports/12DipsyDiver.pdf ...This is for the size 1 dipsy.When you buy a dipsy a depth chart is usually included.I cover these charts with clear tape on the top of my tackle boxes so they are in easy view.
  15. We got 2 kings on the Michigan Blueberry on a small glow dipsy set 3- 157 back before the sun came up.Later in the day we switched that lure to the downrigger and i had one on it after releasing the rubber band then letting it float to the top as i reeled in the downrigger cable, never boated this fish tho. Took another king on the Habanero off the downrigger 50 down 50 feet back (surprised to catch one on this lure cus ive had the regular one in my box and used it a few times before with no results they must jus like the mag size er something).Then we got the steelhead on the Full Nelson (lemon ice looking one) on a small chrome dipsy set 3-157 back.All fish were in 80-95 fow wich is where we spent all our time north but jus slightly north.Had one rip a few feet of line off on the Blue Bubble/Spin doc. large chrome dipsy set 2-120 back.We also lost our Last Nights Bait lure (silver/green/black strip)due to not closing the swivel after putting it on the downrigger line as a free slider.Seems to be alot of that goin around.Voted for the Michigan Blueberry.Had a good time thanks Caznik and Dreamweaver.
  16. Well fishing for as you put it once "trash bass" the past 15 years or more I didnt think id be doing much lake michigan fishing compared to bass fishing.But somehow i got hooked on the big lake "really bad".My 3 times bass fishing to my well over 20 times on the big lake so far this year is why i now think im great lakes fishing material.I understand you saying that for any would be hesitant members to join , jus stating my case.N e ways im in for the July 15th tournament really looking forward to it and meeting some of you.I also liked the fast response i got from Caznik and GLF on helping me get signed up and answering my Questions.-sea-mac
  17. Found it in the winter months just randomly searching for fishing tips.Started fishing Lake Michign last fall,would have joined sooner but wasnt sure if i was great lakes fisherman material.Ive been doing pretty good and gone consistently 2-3 times week since march. i cant promise a report everytime i go out but will do my best to keep you guys informed of whats working like you have done for me. Thanks again.
  18. Want to thank everyone for all of the tips/information Ive received on this site and for the laughs Ive got from reading some of your posts.We fish mostly out of Holland and Port Sheldon in a 17' Lowe. Best fish for us so far this year has been a 32 inch 8.9 pound walleye (getting mounted/picture of it is in my profile i believe) and a 36 inch 14.9 pound steel head (also getting mounted-will post a picture when i figure out how)both fish caught from Holland.Would like to sign up for the tournament July 15th out of Port Sheldon if you still have an opening, if someone could send me a pm or e-mail on what i need to do to sign up for this event it would be appreciated. Thanks again to everyone involved with this site-Sea-Mac.
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