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  1. Benvenido a casa Senor Dirty. Nice pics! Where are my moo-hairs?
  2. Fished around the bubbla @ p.sheldon this am. Had 1 short rip on a one color w/small stinger red head/glo butt spoon. Was a little bit of ice left out there early this morn., just enough to take one of my planer boards and a good lure. Clear water is no joke. We could see bottom plain as day out to 25fow. Looking back I think 10lb. test woulda done us a little better, and one less banana. Everything worked fine boat wise, and very nice to get on some semi- soft water.
  3. Looks Nice Jon. You know who to get ahold of when those other guys have to work.
  4. Ended last year for us, and started this year. Nice Job. Thanks for the report
  5. If anyone has used owner trebles that they were gonna throw out because they became dull I will gladly take them. PM please. Thanks!
  6. Like Father, Like son. RD Fish On! Left one is steel Da-Anvil
  7. Heh I know Chaznik used to rock that pink line..it works.
  8. I also recommend putting a new tip on. Very easy and inexpensive to do. You could also try checking with the manufacturer to see if they have replacement rings available. I use super glue around every eyelet on every rod to help keep them from falling out.
  9. I own a Cannon speed and temp. and very rarely feel the need to use it. One of the nicest things i think about the cannon is it also gives you light density. It helps to remind when the sun is being blocked by clouds or stained water. This is a signal to switch the bright lures to more natural colors. Looking back now, I woulda went with whatever brand had the cheapest probe.
  10. Hey Frank, ditto on the early spring fishing. I have more than a few clown body baits of all brands. Tho none that have worked for me as good as the old berkley's on one INLAND lake inparticular (wich is really the reason im looking for these). stinks they quit making them.
  11. I am looking for any of the "deep diving" older berkley frenzy minnows in CLOWN color. Name your price. (here is pic of what i am looking for, cept in the deep diver version with the big bill)
  12. Cool Vid Jim. 80% sure I know the guy in the blue shirt. PM sent
  13. I like to throw a little chum down there every so often to keep them around and try an get that feeding frenzy going if not alots happenin. I hate drillin holes, cold, and any kind of work.
  14. Pretty cool Mike. I bet if you made some of these with a bit of an angle towards the tail ends they would also work to help carry the weights off to the side a little.
  15. Have a couple..I'll say they have their times as well.
  16. Diggin that paper clip idea Jim..Pretty slick
  17. It's Called a Plug-Mate 44... I can get "36" size 5 jplugs in this hawk... and 8 more of the smaller ones. For the hooks issue I just hang em on the edges. Got it for $25-30 at Da Outdoorsman. Jim, All you would need to do to get rid of that bag a mess is drape a set of hooks into that slot on each one. Then you have a hook set up and a jplug ready to go in a snap. Martha Stewart style.
  18. I found a special box just for plugs about 2-3 years ago at the Outdoorsman in Jenison. I havent seen them anywhere else online or otherwise since. Forget the name of it and what it says on the side of the box, its in my boat and I wont be over that way till tomorrow but I will grab it an find out the name and take a pic of what it looks like for yah. Its really a neat lil set-up.
  19. How about a Boating Safety Forum? Things you should know and do in case of any on water emergencies. How about a "Fishing Tips,Tricks,Tactics" forum? Making/Modifying Lures, Tackle Tips, Equiptment Tips, How to, Helpfull Inventions,.. etc.
  20. Don't normally partake in these kinda posts as my favorites and what works changes like the wind but SINCE it's for Xmas... Moonshine: Blue Flounder, Cyclonite, Hi-NRG, Brooke Trout Fuzzy Bear: Modified Green Dolphin, Mod. Blue Dolphin, Smashmouth, Flea for All Silver Streak: Green Dolphin /Glo Back, U of M Froggie, Super Screw, Blue Huckleberry, Jerry Lee Stinger's: Holo Blue Monkey Puke, Sea-Sick, Freakin Blue Veggies, Cory's Bait, "Nitro" Area 51, Craig's Xmas's Dreamweavers: Steelie Cane, Magic Man, Golden Yellow Jacket (had its day), Super Glo Lemon Icicle, Michigan Blueberry Big White Fishscale Paddle w/ a Big Weenie "Homo sayz wut" tournament fly.
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