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  1. 3 for 6 today and should have done much better. Started in 20 FOW and circled the pier heads for 45 minutes without a bump. Trolled out to 80 FOW and fished 80 to 90 FOW for a couple of hours going 3 for 4 out there. All 3 came on full core, 2 on blue splatter Js and 1 on green splatter J. The one we missed out there came on rigger down 75 and was a green ladder back J. Talked to someone trolling the pierheads and they were 7 for 11 so we head in and worked that area for a couple of hours. Had 2 hits on Js behind in-line boards back 100' and lost both of them. Should have stuck with it first thing in the AM I guess. Great day to be on the lake. Lake temp was 54-57 and river plume was 64. Duane
  2. Had 8 lines set at 7 AM in 40 FOW. Took first fish in 45 FOW on spinny/fly down 40' a 5# king. Trolled west to 80 FOW and then south. Took the next fish on Green Splatter J plug on full core. Next two came as a double, one on the full core green splatter J and the other on green glow J down 60' on rigger. So, 4 for 4 with the biggest at 17.8# and two at 14.5#. Pulled lines at 10:45 to get out of the wind and rain moving in. Great day to fish. Marked lots of fish in 30-40 FOW and quite a few in the 80-85' range, lots of large marks down 75-80 but could not get any of those to go. Weather permitting will be back out there Monday AM Duane
  3. Got all 8 lines in the water at 8 AM in 75 FOW. Took first fish in 85 FOW 70 down with a Pro-KIng orange crush. Trolled NW to 135' where we marked a lot of fish. Nada! Got back to 90' and got some hits but had an awful time hooking up. Picked up one more 10.4# king on a free slider carmel dolphin with the rigger down 90'. 2 for about 10! No hits on half cores, no hits on full core, 1 rip on a dipsy bacl 200'. Most all hits came on riggers down 40-130'. Great day on the lake for fishing, we just were not very good at catching today. Duane
  4. Thanks Dave, info is much appreciated. May be giving you a call, boat name is TIKI III. Duane
  5. Planning on fishing Saugatuck tomorrow. First time there this year. Thought we might start at about 90 FOW and troll west, NW. Any info on about where we might find some decent kings would be appreciated. Thanks Duane
  6. Set line in 173 FOW. Trolled west. Went 11 for 12. 3 coho on 1/2 core with spinny/fly, 3 coho on other half core with pro-troll/fly, 1 laker down 140 on rigger with Carmel Dolphin, 1 6# king on wire diver back 200 with Carmel Dolphin, 2 small kings on double orange crush Pro-King spoon down 30' and another 5# king on a green dolphin down 90 on rigger. Couldn't find the good size kings today. Went out to 205 and maybe should have worked shallower. Duane
  7. 10 fish in the box in 2 hours with a 20#er!! That is about is good as it gets! Way to go. Duane
  8. Set lines at 110 FOW and started trolling west. Took fish steadily, like 2 or three a hour, all the way to 195 FOW. Turned and trolled in to 155 FOW. Went 14 for about 18 with the hot rod and lure on rigger down 130'. Dreamweaver Carmel dolphin took 7 fish at that setting. 1/2 core with paddle and fly took 4 coho. Green spinny/green fly took 11# laker down 90 of rigger. 5 of the kings ran between 9# and 11# with the rest about 5#. 180-185 FOW seemed best. Water temp was 43 degrees on the surface at 180 FOW. Not a fishing boat on sight all day! Duane
  9. Set lines at 9 AM in 70 FOW. Only a few trailer and trucks in parking lot, and no boats in sight when we set up. Ran 1 full core, 1 three color, and 1 five color plus riggers at 70, 60, 45 and 35. Went 9 for 12 with l laker, 1 coho and the rest kings from 8# to 12 1/4#. 2 fish came on 70' rigger with magnum green dolphin, 2 came on magnum carmel dolphin bown 60, 2 came on full core with bloody-nose blue whale magnum, 2 came on double orange crush down 35' and one came on 3 color with a double orange crush. Never saw another boat fishing. Stayed in 70 to 85 FOW with best at 78'. Had 7 in the box by noon and then things slowed up although we were marking a lot of fish yet. Great day weather wise on the lake with not a drop of rain. Duane
  10. Set lines just outside the piers at 9 this morning. Wanted to go out to 100FOW but with that strong E wind blowing did not want to battle our way back in after we were done fishing. Ended up 12 for 12 mainly fishing the muddy water from 25 FOW to 35 FOW. 1 nice king of 11# off DR down 25 with a double orange crush pro-King spoon. That spoon also took a small brown and 3 coho. 3 othe coho came on Thinfish, red/black and gold/black on flatlines back 199'. Rest of the fish came off riggers set from 30' to 15' with a variety of magnum spoons, all with a touch of orange or red on them. Quiy at 1 PM because my son had to get back to call MARVIN. Nothing came real fast but it was a steady 2 or 3 and hour.. Fished only as far south as the pumping station. Hoping to get back out Thursday. Duane
  11. Flat mono lines back 40 to 100' with Brad Thinfins will fill your box if the fish the fish are there. Nice to use planer boards to get more spread, or a planer board mast, but many times not nessecary to do that. Red/black tiger strip thinfins or gold/black back have produced well for us over the years. 8 FOW to 25 Fow is usually the best depth. Most of the time the fish will be in the top 10' of water. Good luck. Duane
  12. I have about 30 smelt froze up in 6 packs if any one wants to try them as meat rigs. Pick them up and they are yours free. Duane
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