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South Haven 8-9-17 PM

I over slept by 2 hrs so I kissed off an AM run.  Cleared the river at 1530hrs headed West.  Marked a lot of fish in 85fow so I made a big loop and started my 3 rod spread with nothing to show for it. At 1730hrs in 158fow my big white paddle w/ an old unknown grn&blue fly, 30b x100dwn rips off. Boxed a nice 17.5# She-King. East bound at 1800hrs in 160fow my Mountain Dew Spinnie w/ an old Howie green crinkle on  the other DR 20b x 90 dwn got slammed resulting in a 15# King in the box.  It only took about one minute after the re-set for it to buck again.  Damn it, should have checked the 50# fly harness, it broke about half way down.  West bound in 172fow at 1915hrs the Mountain Dew spinnie w/ a green glow squid 15b x 90dwn got smashed.  One thing about a 24.5# King salmon, she goes anywhere she damn well pleases. Now I have 250x45# worth on CU mangled up on the floor of the boat.  At 2010hrs and 2030hrs I finally box two medium weight Greasers making it 5 for 6, one on the big paddle and 1 on the spinnie. Stopped at the migrant camp down the road and donated the 2 lakers, they think I's Santa.  

Since I’m real hard of hearing I broke out 2 OLD reels w/ very loud bait clickers for the DR’s since I was fishing solo. Yep all 5 of these fish were fought and landed with Old Penn 209’s.


100_0189 - Copy.JPG

100_0191 - Copy.JPG

100_0192 - Copy.JPG

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