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  1. Since Eleanor has passed after 10 years of faithful service, I don't need the whole brined ale's I have in the freezer. Just checked and there is 5.6# of natural and green color. Good scale and color retention even after 3hr trolling. I'm in the Hartford area, just East of S.J./B.H.
  2. Martin1950

    Lake Trout Leaders?????

    JDH, Thanks for your time and trouble but you are correct, "Probably not what you're looking for though." What I saw was like a long fly leader w/ teasers but the teaser flies were replaced w/ several sections of U.V or Glo beads. Martin
  3. A few years back I read an article and watched a video on trolling for Lakers using a long “beaded” leader. I’ll be dog-gone if I can find it now. Anyone else remember it or was this ole man just dreaming? Martin
  4. Happy to see ya made it out & back with some fish in between.
  5. South Haven 8/14 AM Boy, I made a few mistakes yesterday! 1st. the flag at the beach was blowing from the E/SE. meaning the further out we go the bumpier it’s going to be. Eleanor’s haul design does not like bumpy water. 2nd. I went the wrong direction. Yep, went N/W to my favorite area, should have gone S/W. 3rd. I had my camera on the boat, that’s never good!!!!! Cleared the river around 0530 and powered to 70, check the scope, powered to 80 and started lay-out. Started with 4 assorted CU’s w/ SD’s and flies and spoons on the higher lines, and DR’s with 11” chart. glow paddle minus the E-chip with a A-Tom fly that’s been good and a Mountain Dew spinnie/green glow squid. 1st. 5# King hit the F/F in about 115. Then in about 125 the 250x30 CU w/ a Mx Veggie sounds off but won’t clear the inside board so I told my guest just to hold him until he does. Meanwhile the DR w/ the spinnie fires and my other guest grabs the rod and boats a nice little 10-12#er while a small chrome is jumping outside the boards. At least we landed the King. During the course of the short morning we had 2 board hits, no fish, 2 paddles hits, 1 greaser, and 4 spinnie hits for 2 kings. When the waves started coming over the closed transom it was time to call it and limp slowly limp toward my waypoint into the wind/waves. Thanks Jim and Rick for the company and putting up with me. I told ya about the curse of the guests on Eleanor. Sorry, maybe next time! Martin
  6. Martin1950

    Open Seat

    This offer is closed. the seat is filled.
  7. Open Seat 3rd seat is open for an AM run out of South Haven on Monday with flat seas and light breeze. PM if interested.
  8. Nice catch, any eggs for bait?
  9. South Haven 8-9-17 PM I over slept by 2 hrs so I kissed off an AM run. Cleared the river at 1530hrs headed West. Marked a lot of fish in 85fow so I made a big loop and started my 3 rod spread with nothing to show for it. At 1730hrs in 158fow my big white paddle w/ an old unknown grn&blue fly, 30b x100dwn rips off. Boxed a nice 17.5# She-King. East bound at 1800hrs in 160fow my Mountain Dew Spinnie w/ an old Howie green crinkle on the other DR 20b x 90 dwn got slammed resulting in a 15# King in the box. It only took about one minute after the re-set for it to buck again. Damn it, should have checked the 50# fly harness, it broke about half way down. West bound in 172fow at 1915hrs the Mountain Dew spinnie w/ a green glow squid 15b x 90dwn got smashed. One thing about a 24.5# King salmon, she goes anywhere she damn well pleases. Now I have 250x45# worth on CU mangled up on the floor of the boat. At 2010hrs and 2030hrs I finally box two medium weight Greasers making it 5 for 6, one on the big paddle and 1 on the spinnie. Stopped at the migrant camp down the road and donated the 2 lakers, they think I's Santa. Since I’m real hard of hearing I broke out 2 OLD reels w/ very loud bait clickers for the DR’s since I was fishing solo. Yep all 5 of these fish were fought and landed with Old Penn 209’s. Martin
  10. Ouch. I took a hook pointer past the barb this spring. It caused one heck of an infection and I know better. People, if ya get stuck, take care of it properly.!!!!!
  11. Great job there Tom. Looks like that one King got hit by a lamprey. Martin
  12. "D", how the heck do ya keep all that info in your head? I can't keep it straight even with a note book. Not that I'll ever fish up there but thanks for the pic's. Martin
  13. Martin1950

    where to start after a big storm?

    I generally wait 3 days after a big blow and then follow the buoy strings. if all else fails, I'll power out to 115 and go w/ heavy CU's, deep DR's and super slide divers on braid/wire. I'm already planning on Wed even if I can't find a crew. Martin
  14. Dinner and a show, can't beat that. Martin
  15. Martin1950

    SoHa 8/2

    Thanks for the report Dan. Sorry about so much grease. the Lake has warmed up again dog-gone-it. Good luck up North. Martin