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  1. That's some of the best news I've heard this week, "in close", other than becoming a grandpa again plus a great-grandpa again. Reel nice box of fish, Thanks for the fish-porn. Martin
  2. In all my years of fishing out of there I've only used that cleaning station once. We had a "long distance" seat filler AND I wanted to show off that 24+pounder I caught 2 years ago. One of the many benny's of living only 14 miles from the launch. Martin
  3. Cook and South Haven Buoys Yep, they are up-n-running. So between them, wave forecast and several different radar sites, it should be a lot easier to plan your fishing trips. Martin
  4. Dan, glad ya had a good day out deep, great report. That's a little farther than I like to go solo in my little 16 footer for some peace and quiet. Gee, look's like a bomb went off at the launch site. Martin
  5. South Haven,4/12, SKUNKED!!!! Boy does my boat stink. As badly as I needed some time alone, the company of a fish or two would have been nice. Trolled for 4 hrs between 40-70fow w/ Thin Fins, Rapalas, spoons and dodger/fly combos, even drug the bottom. Trolled 2.3-2.7, H2O temp 41.7* Could have counted all the arches on two hands. Rods used; 1 DR, 2&3 color, braided diver, 150 & 200x30# CU. Well at least I'll admit it. But what a great day on the water, alone!!!!! Martin
  6. Dan, I'll be out there SOLO in the morning. Not that I have too but after the week I've had I just want to get away by my self!!!!!!! If ya see a little 16 ft'er w/ an arch and trees, give me a horn blast and wave. I'll be zig-zagging 40fow. straight out. Martin
  7. Thanks for that report Dan. I'm going to try a sneak out Wed AM in S/H after dropping off my better half. Martin
  8. Thanks for the great report and fish porn. Welcome to the "Madness" Martin
  9. St, Joe Solo, 4/3 When ya wake up at 0330hrs and there’s no rain or wind ya go fishing, right? Set my waypoint out from the piers and turned South heading toward the water plant and laid out 3 rattling Thin Fins, 2 red squiggles and a gold and orange are my start off go to lures. Zig zag trolled the 1st trough off the shoreline all the way to the WALL and picked up 2 Ho’s about 2 miles down and that was it. Trolled back in 30-40fow, nada. At the launch the “scale counter” told me I was the 1st boat with any fish. The 2 other boats I talked to said that they were 0/0. The poor fishies aren’t going to have too much pressure during the next week with all the weather that’s coming. I’ll take my two and be happy. Martin
  10. Thanks for that report. Every little bit helps. Martin
  11. My boat runs on gas, not thank you's.

  12. Dan, this over rigged 16 footer is Eleanor, my baby for the last 8 years. She's a lot easier to handle by myself and a whole lot cheaper to run then my 20fter. Martin
  13. Great looking FISH there Ed. Martin
  14. Dan, real nice report. Good to see everyone is finding fish by different means. Must have just missed ya at the launch in and out. Martin