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  1. Soha 6/21 Pm

    The steelie action wasn't bad yesterday, even saw two working the surface out deep. Martin
  2. fishing out of South Haven yesterday morning. So with great reluctance I grabbed Eleanor and went for a short drive to the launch, 13 miles. Powered to 80fow, pointed her W/NW, deployed DR. w/slider, 250X30 CU and a 250x45 CU., nothing but spoons. After a long boat ride at 160fow, the 250x30 Cu dragging a Mx. Veggie, rewarded my patience with a nice little 5# steelie. At 180fow. I pulled a U-Turn and headed in at a roaring 2.5sog. At 130fow that 250x30 burps and nothing, then it burps again, still nothing. I waited a couple of minutes and reeled it in to check the spoon for line rap after two Hit-n-Spits and I was glad I did. Redeployed and went back to killing flies. At 126fow that same Cu burps again and then the board got turned in to a bobber as the drag screamed. After 20 min. of long runs and bobbering the board several times and numerous head shakes, I boated the feistiest 9# steelie I’ve ever caught, I would have sworn it was a King, it never jumped and stayed deep. My next trip out I have to remember my Colombia fishing shirt and the bug spray, and yes, the water fleas were a problem on the DR lines. Martin
  3. SoHa 5/31

    Dan, Neil and I snuck out for a short run Thurs. AM and went 4-6 on our only loop between 60-120, 2 kings & 2 Ho's. Nothing over 6#. Missed one on a DR right off the bat and off a braided diver. Got the better 4# Ho and a free sider, 6* King on a 250#45 CU., smaller Ho an the same rig, and the smaller King on a diver. Mixed Veggies got hit 3 times, orange/green crush 2 times and green Dolphin once. Time limited us to just 1 loop, but we had to try. Better luck next time! Martin
  4. Hey "D", great chatting w/ ya. I get ya up this way so you can catch your own back-up bait when ya can't buy store bought. A lot of people have seen this post on brining whole Ales for meatheads before so I'll just post the link. Chat w/ ya latter, Martin
  5. Not a bad report and pictures ya Ole Fart. But I had to laugh when I saw your "track", what, you have a drunken sailor at the helm? Great report and ya had a lot of fun. Welcome to the East side of the pond. Maybe next time. Martin
  6. SoHa 5 15

    Thanks for the report. those dinky Kings are hungry this year.
  7. "Variety is the spice of life", at least that's what my father use to say. Nice catch. Martin
  8. Hey "D", that doesn't always work, I've already been SKUNKED once this year out there solo. Martin
  9. Dozer, that sunshine shut us down in close but once it clouded over the bite started in that 100-115fow. "D" Good luck tomorrow and knock'm dead. Martin
  10. South Haven, 5/13, Heavy Crew Don’t like fishing 4 in the boat but when my recently married fishing partner, Neil, asked about taking out his 16 year old step-daughter and her boyfriend I said OK. About 0700 we powered out to 60fow, turned North and started the lay-out and then turned West, [email protected], [email protected] Divers and 4 assorted Copper. Green and Orange Crush free slider took most of the fish with the balls down 55 + 65. DR w/Green Dolphin got one, diver out 150 w/ a watermelon scored, and the other diver out 165 w/ a mixed veggie scored. The only action on Copper was when we were clearing lines and speed reeling, 2 more “Ho’s”. ALL these fish were boxed under the clouds, not a single hit in the sun shine. Best water 110’-115’, East/West troll at 2.3-2.5 sog. Ending 9 for 11 w/ 2 Kings, one throw back, 2 Greasers and the rest were “Ho’s” And we let the kids land all the fish. I think we tired them out. Martin
  11. L.O.L. Thanks Tom!!!!!!!!
  12. Tom, good to see ya put the hammer to them. But a little FISH PORN would have been Martin
  13. Dan, I'll be up your way again Sat. AM. even though I HATE weekend fishing One of my normal fishing partners is a new husband AGAIN and his new teenage step-daughter and her boyfriend want to go out for their 1st. time on the Big Pond, this ought to be interesting!!!!!!! Just wish I had a good vid. camera. Martin
  14. South Haven, 5/10/17, AM So much for “Best Laid Plans” for today, so I made the best of it by going fishing for the 1st. time in quite a while. Straight out the river and dropped in at 60fow. DR down 50’ w/ free slider, 250x30 CU and 200x45 CU, all with spoons. Crossed 70fow and the DR blows, nice little 15# King on Orange/Green free slider. Reached 90fow and turned around. At 85fow the 250 CU runs, netted nice little 8# King on a Mixed Veggie. Turned back out at 60 and banged a 17# Greaser at 75fow on the DR w/ a Green Dolphin down 50’. Turned again at 120 for home and hit a much smaller Greaser on the 200 CU w/ a Purple Smurf at 70fow. Hated to pulled lines and head in. E/W troll at 2.5 sog cross current. The fishfinder screen was pretty quiet, just a few bottom huggers and nothing mid column. All 4 fish were packed full of Ales. Sorry Greek, didn’t think to call ya at 0500hrs. Mr. Easy, nice meeting ya, better luck next time. Martin
  15. Sure am glad I never got into chasing Yellow Bellies, I don't need no stinkin minnies. But thanks Dan for the heads up on MEAT. I checked my bait freezer and I've still got about 9#s of brined Ales in assorted colors so I'm good to go on meat!!!!! Martin