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  1. Weather keeping the boat in storage longer than most years. Normally out 2nd week of March. Fishing by first of April this year probably be 2nd week of April. Start out on the beach and work your way out.
  2. Wouldn't be a bad spot to try. Coho and small kings be about 200 foot to 300 foot. Steelhead could be anywhere from 200plus to 30 foot just depends when there ready to hit the river. Browns should be inside to if you can find them.
  3. Not sure if it's to late just seen this post. Biggest complaints of plastic would be balloons. I think in total we landed 6 balloons on are line this season with others that missed the line. As stated above we also fish out of Holland mi. And this was a very bad fall. We never got one salmon inside a 100 foot of water.
  4. Try out deep for young kings and coho. Steelhead are moving in run bright colors.
  5. https://photos.app.goo.gl/RCC94GRuPHQBFRAW7Fished 225-250. 3-6 1 steelhead 200 copper and 2 shakers.
  6. Some more should show up. This August has been bad. Lot of east wind this spring not much since.
  7. 2 throw back kings and lost 4 fish. Holland 94-97 foot of water.
  8. Nice we fished Holland never found the fish. Marked a lot. 2 lakers. A screamer on a 300 copper that let go before we even grabbed the rod. Lakers came 130 foot of water. Only rip was on east troll heading in. At 110. Worked 130-160 most of the morning.
  9. Worked 110-135 Friday morning 1 coho 1 king and 4 lakers . Had a small tournament Saturday out of Holland fishing wasn't as good for us in the size of fish. Picked up 5 lakers and one steelhead. Biggest laker was only 10.2 pounds steelhead was nice fish 8.7 pounds. Nitro Pox on 300 copper took 5 fish between the 2 days. 11'' paddle and one of my flies I made up took 6 fish on the deep downrigger.
  10. There regular diet if they don't fall apart think they would work good.
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