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  1. 0-0 last 2 trips nothing to post
  2. Some more should show up. This August has been bad. Lot of east wind this spring not much since.
  3. 2 throw back kings and lost 4 fish. Holland 94-97 foot of water.
  4. village

    PS 8/3 AM

    Nice we fished Holland never found the fish. Marked a lot. 2 lakers. A screamer on a 300 copper that let go before we even grabbed the rod. Lakers came 130 foot of water. Only rip was on east troll heading in. At 110. Worked 130-160 most of the morning.
  5. Worked 110-135 Friday morning 1 coho 1 king and 4 lakers . Had a small tournament Saturday out of Holland fishing wasn't as good for us in the size of fish. Picked up 5 lakers and one steelhead. Biggest laker was only 10.2 pounds steelhead was nice fish 8.7 pounds. Nitro Pox on 300 copper took 5 fish between the 2 days. 11'' paddle and one of my flies I made up took 6 fish on the deep downrigger.
  6. That sucks but glad to hear you got it out.
  7. village

    Meat rigs

    There regular diet if they don't fall apart think they would work good.
  8. village

    6/15 SoHa Slow

    Pic not working? 2 steelies a king and 2 lakers
  9. village

    6/15 SoHa Slow

    https://photos.app.goo.gl/D3P8waRoc6fA3pSg9 Saturday fished from 7-9:15am before the storm came in. 5-5 70-80 foot with 74 foot taking 3 fish. 4 fish on coppers 150 and 225 and 300 went. Rigger took the small laker not sure how long it was dragging but was enough help us win the tournament by 2 points.
  10. Me and Little boat said the same thing yesterday way past the end docks now. Going to suck if foggy they don't line up with the GPS now.
  11. village

    Holland 5/29

    Nice king we went 1-2 270 copper 15.7 pound king and a break off on a 210. No dipsy or riggers went.
  12. Yea was tough for us this morning out of Holland. 1-2 15.7 pound king 270 copper Lemmon Barry and a break off on a 210