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  1. Good deal. Glad you found a couple. Definitely was a ghost town outside of 60.
  2. Were you the boat I was talking to Saturday? I was out on Doghouse.
  3. Yea weather not looking good Kings showing up we got 4 nice ones Saturday saint Joe.
  4. No worries figured that head been discounted for a while.
  5. Old post but is # 90 available still
  6. We were there last Tuesday morning. We trolled between 2.5-3.2. We ended 10-11 with 2 of us. Fish came from 11:10-11:45 am.
  7. 1-1 08-20 AM. 62 Fow 150 copper luck flounder Mag. 3 marks all morning.
  8. Jdh how long did you guys fish till? Did you hit some quick fish or pick them away going from 4-7 to 7-11.
  9. We fished 160-170 most of the morning. 4-4. All on riggers. 73 83 and 100 down. Meat twice one fly one spoon got bite.
  10. Glad you got on a couple hopefully you can get the motor fixed soon.
  11. We were out Holland 7-17am. Also very few marks. Doubled on the kings 170 heading west turned around hit the steelhead 170. Nothing else went.
  12. I believe only registered company in Michigan for cut bait Herring is lucky 7s.
  13. Not to many silvers around right now. Plenty of lakers on the bottom. 120-140 fow. People are picking up some steelhead.
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