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  1. Thanks for the website info Three Dogs. I donated.
  2. Hoping for the best...it has a chance to be very disruptive for many anglers. Sent from my SM-G991U using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  3. My main long lines are 100, 200, 250 and 300 coppers. If I need them to dive deeper, I add Michigan Stinger Dive Bombs to the line between the board and the copper. The dive bombs come in sizes one to twelve ounces, but I only have the one through four ounce size.
  4. Nice to get a report from up north! I'll be out tomorrow too. Good luck. I was never a fan of the Sam's Pro releases. The release would trip, but the board just pulled under water for me. I found it harder to pull the board in, especially on big fish. Hopefully you get some hits tomorrow to try things out. Sent from my SM-G991U using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  5. Ahhh...the John King Ghostbuster. I haven't run that in a bit, but it's an older favorite. Sometimes I get distracted by all the shiny new colors and baits and then wonder why I stopped using ones that worked so well. Thanks for the report Dan.
  6. Last weekend the king fishing was really good out of Muskegon and Montague. Based on previous years of studying the king migration up the coast in the spring, they seemed to travel about 7 miles per day. That would put them in or near Pentwater around Wednesday and Thursday. With a favorable forecast on Thursday, I decided to slip my boat Wednesday night through Saturday. I didn't get out of work in time to fish Wednesday night. With fuel prices the way they are, I can't justify a long distance but short duration trip with my boat. So, my son dock fished in the evening, and I read the message boards and Facebook posts about how great the fishing is in the Grand Haven: "On fire" "The best king fishing in 20 years" "Limit catches" "We kept 25, but caught more" And I'm sitting in boat at the slip thinking, "What am I doing in Pentwater?" I couldn't reach anyone fishing on the radio for a fishing report and my normal local contacts either had no information or were in Grand Haven prefishing for the tournament. So we had to decide if we were going to pull the boat out and run south to Muskegon (I didn't want to run to Grand Haven - I hate fishing in a crowd), or if we'll get some sleep and hit Pentwater early in the morning. Partly because I wanted the sleep and partly because I didn't want to pay the gas bill to haul the boat to Muskegon, we decided to get some sleep and fish out of Pentwater in the morning. If the fish from Montague had moved north, they would likely be around the structure off the dunes and Little Point Sable. So we ran further South to setup than we normally do. I was afraid I might have to travel a ways South of the point to find fish, so I didn't set lines as far north as I normally do. We had scouted for a bit, but didn't find much on the sonar. Based on our early start, I figured we'd be OK setting up inside the North edge of the Dunes and working South. If we didn't find them off the dunes, we should find them off the point and still get in on the morning bite. If we didn't find them south of the point, we should probably pull the boat out and fish another port that evening. We started setting our 6-rod spread at 5:15 am. It was a strictly King program, with nothing targeting steelhead, coho or lakers. I'm a bit stubborn that way. We ran two riggers, two wire divers and a 250 and 300 Cu. We didn't find any fish off the dunes, which really made me rethink the strategy of not driving South for the morning. In two hours of prime, early morning trolling we covered water 100 to 180 ft deep and had no hits. As we were getting close to the lighthouse 7:10 am we had our fist hit. It was a decent King on a free slider. For the next hour we were busy going 4 for 5 with 3 kings and a laker. The fish we missed was likely a king. Then it started to slow down and we had to hunt for them. We got three more kings over the next hour and half. Then just before noon we put a fat steelhead in the box. This gave us 8 fish for the morning. We were two away from our limit. We had four hours go by where we tried different baits and water depths. We fished as far South as Stoney Lake. At this point I was really tempted to throw a line out for steelhead as we found some dramatic temperature breaks around 200 - 220 FOW. I was cool limiting with a steelhead and laker at this point, but my son wanted to remain focused on Kings. It turns out that he hoped to still be fishing at 9 PM when his favorite basketball team played in the finals so he could watch the game from my phone. Dude. Come on. Let's get two fish and get home to catch up on our sleep. Just as I was rigging up the steelhead line, the 250 Cu with the RV Bloody Nose got hit for the fourth time of the day. Another king. Now we're one fishing away from out limit so we stuck with the King program. Then we headed back to the water that was so productive in the morning and picked up our final and smallest king at 6:55 PM on a big Yeck Wart Frong on a 300 Cu. We thought about throwing it back. We likely could have picked up a bigger one but it was a long trip back to the port, a long trip home and I had 10 fishing to clean. So we kept it and pulled lines. We finished 10 for 11, with 8 kings, a steelhead and laker. We covered a lot of water and tried a lot of different baits combinations. It's wasn't one of those limit trips where we couldn't keep the poles in the water. We swapped out a lot of baits, changed leader lengths, speed, troll direction. water depth and locations. We worked for them. We marked some, but I wouldn't say we marked a lot of fish. That was my first time limiting with my son and he was excited about that. I had pulled him out of school because his class was doing a rafting trip down the Muskegon river and he decided he rather go fishing. [emoji4] On the way home is was able to watch the first half of the game from my phone, so he was happy about that too. I had a buddy fishing the same waters I did, but he was about two hours behind me. He fished from 7:00 until 6:30 PM and ended up 2 for 4. So, I think we found the right water at the right time. I've been on trips before where you limit out in the morning and can't keep the rods in the water and every line takes a hit. That sounds like what Grand Haven has been like. This wasn't a trip like that. The fishing was great for an hour, but it wasn't like the reports I'm hearing further south. The good news is I only saw four other boats the entire day. So we got our limit, avoided the crowd, and didn't have to spend the extra money on gas. The biggest kings were 16 and 17 pounds. Enjoy the pictures. I try to take them with the lures in the mouth so I have record of what was working. One other thing to note, in all of our travels, we didn't find much bait. I heard from another boat they found bait further north in 60 to 70 FOW, but didn't catch anything while fishing there. The only thing I didn't try was meat. My buddy's boat had one out and it didn't get touched. We tried a lot of flasher flies too, with no bites there. Wire slide diver leads are 25 feet of Gamma fluorocarbon. I go from the wire, to braid to the fluorocarbon to make that work. Downrigger leads varied from 30 feet to 100 ft. The 250 and 300 Cu that took fish did not have two colors of lead on the end. They went right from the Cu to the fluorocarbon leader. Here's the text version of the catch log because it reads better on a computer: Time Speed FOW Toll Fish Bait Pole 7:10 AM 2.6 161 SW King Small, blue & silver skinny spoon Free slider on a rigger down 80' 7:22 AM 2.4 168 SW Miss Bloody Nose RV 250 Cu 7:50 AM 2.4 161 S King Bloody Nose RV 250 Cu 7:55 AM 2.4 160 S Laker Small, blue & silver skinny spoon Free slider on a rigger down 80' 8:05 AM 2.4 156 S King Mongolian Beef 300 Cu 8:58 AM 2.2 157 S King Bloody Nose Heavy wire slide diver, 2 setting, out 100' 9:58 AM 2.7 160 NW King Five Eyes Heavy wire slide diver, 2 setting, out 100' 10:23 AM 2.3 160 NE King Bloody Nose Heavy wire slide diver, 2 setting, out 100' 11:47 AM 2.2 225 WSW Steelhead Bloody Nose RV 250 Cu 4:05 PM 2.6 200 NE King Bloody Nose RV 250 Cu 6:55 PM 2.3 182 NE King Yeck Wart Frog 300 Cu And the image version because it reads better on the app. And the hit time / FOW chart. It was a slow start, a great next hour and good next hour and a half. Then it really slowed down. I can't figure out how to rotate the pictures, so just suffer through them. This is the lure I used as the slider that took two fish: This big Yeck Wart Frog took our final and smallest king: The hot bait was the bloody nose RV taking 4 hits on the 250 Cu: The Moonshine Mongolian Beef took the biggest king at 17#s: This is a great bait last summer for me. It has been slow out of the gate this year, but Five Eyes RV finally took a fish: This Bloody nose was on the wire diver and took two kings: This was our biggest king at 17 pounds:
  7. It helps when I have a couple other adults on the boat, as long as my driver stays awake. [emoji28] When it is just me and the kids, it is more challenging. I need to teach one of them to do the logging for me. Sent from my SM-G991U using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  8. It's just an Excel file. I have an idea for an app, but I haven't made time to develop it yet. Sent from my SM-G991U using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  9. She got her personal best today, which was a 16-pound King. She turns 7 in August and loves to fish with me on the big lake.
  10. Can you provide a little more information? Boom length, power cord length, and motor speed?
  11. There were a lot of boats fishing Pentwater today. We ended up motoring out near the front of the pack, but setting up outside of them in 140 FOW. Most of the boats where in 80 to 100 FOW. We had a busy half hour where we took 5 hits and boated 4. I wanted to spin around and go back through that area but there were a ton of boats behind us and we were running a lot of lines and decided to keep heading S. We tried a few different angles and depths but couldn't get anything else to fire to the South. With the boats scattering, we spun it around and picked up our last fish which was a Coho. We started setting lines at 6:30 and pulled them at noon. Based on the radio chatter and some people I talked to at the dock, it was a slow day. Many boats had 1 or no hits. I did reach out to a charter buddy and he got 11, but he excels at getting lakers for his clients. I didn't ask what kind of fish he got but I'm pretty sure he could pull 11 lakers off the moon. Knowing him though, he probably got a mixed bag. We ended up going as deep as 215 and as shallow as 135. We only marked a single fish all day. Time FOW Toll Fish Bait Pole 7:10 AM 165 SW King Bloody Nose RV spoon (mag) Rigger stack, down about 40' 7:20 AM 169 SW Steelhead Orange micro spin doctor & green/gold fly 100 Cu 7:23 AM 170 SW Miss Bad Toad RV spoon (mag) Heavy Slide Diver, #2 setting, out 100' 7:28 AM 170 S King White Spin Doctor w/ Pickled Sunshine fly 300 Cu 7:39 AM 167 S King Green Jeans (normal size) Rigger down 80' 10:29 AM 173 NW Coho Orange micro spin doctor & green/gold fly 3 Color The table above won't show up in the app very well so here's and image:
  12. I should add...on that day we caught most of our fish in a patch of water about 5 acres in size. Sent from my SM-G991U using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  13. For me, it seems like the kast couple of years the fish are more concentrated in schools. If you can find the school and stay on them, you do well. If not, you don't get much. Last year we got a two man limit (which could have been a 3 man if we had another person in the boat, the fishing was crazy good.) I talked to another fisherman at the cleaning station. They were 2 for 4, fishing the same FOW with more poles than us, but they were couple of miles north. Sent from my SM-G991U using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  14. Nice trip! Sent from my SM-G991U using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  15. Nice job! No kings in 5 trips out of St. Joseph for me. Mainly coho and lakers. Smart Troll is on my wish list. I think they would be awesome on the diver rods. Sent from my SM-G991U using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  16. One laker shy of a grand slam! Sent from my SM-G991U using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  17. 2 cohos and a laker. Cohos hit on a 3 color and a 100 Cu. Both were on tiny orange spin doctors with a green peanut fly. The laker came on a rigger down 115 ft on a white spin doctor and mirage fly. Fish were taken in 150ish FOW. Had a miss on a green hulk spoon on a 200 Cu. I think it was a coho. Plenty of bait out there on bottom. Had a few suspended arches, but not many. We spent most of our time between 140 and 155. Went as deep as 167. Set lines in 120. Took hits on SE and SW trolls at 2.3 mph at the ball. 42 degree water 40 feet down. A guy at the fish cleaning station went 1 for 3, with the one being a 12# king in 84 FOW. He had two quick downrigger hits in 110 fow that seemed like small fish he said. We pulled lines before 8 as the kids have school in the morning. We'll be back out tomorrow. Sent from my SM-G991U using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  18. Thanks for the report. I'll be down in that area later this week for the first trip of the year.
  19. Great looking fish! I think I'll be out next week sometime for the first trip of the year. Sent from my SM-G991U using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  20. Thanks for the link Sent from my SM-G991U using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  21. I would agree that seems warm, especially for the recent cold spell.
  22. Beautiful fish! Nice job. Sent from my SM-G991U using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  23. What a massive laker! Sent from my SM-G991U using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  24. This was an evening trip. I wanted to run offshore but some of the crew started to get nervous in water over 200 feet deep so I throttled it down in 250 FOW and worker back in. We got a small King on a green and gold flasher with a green crinkle Howie fly in 240 FOW. It hit a rigger down 90. Missed a likely Coho on a five eyes spoon on a high diver out 200 in 228 fow. We decided to run in closed and try and find some mature kings. We should have stayed out deep. Inside we worked 150 to 120 fow. We got a 12 pound King on a double glow plug down 80. Not our best night, but we didn't get skunked. Sent from my SM-G991U using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
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