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  1. Last trip out for us we fish 160 210 most of the fish were deep 450 copper downrigger down 112 Dipsy mag was back 230 feet
  2. Good deal. Glad you found a couple. Definitely was a ghost town outside of 60.
  3. Were you the boat I was talking to Saturday? I was out on Doghouse.
  4. Yea weather not looking good Kings showing up we got 4 nice ones Saturday saint Joe.
  5. No worries figured that head been discounted for a while.
  6. Old post but is # 90 available still
  7. We were there last Tuesday morning. We trolled between 2.5-3.2. We ended 10-11 with 2 of us. Fish came from 11:10-11:45 am.
  8. 1-1 08-20 AM. 62 Fow 150 copper luck flounder Mag. 3 marks all morning.
  9. Jdh how long did you guys fish till? Did you hit some quick fish or pick them away going from 4-7 to 7-11.
  10. We fished 160-170 most of the morning. 4-4. All on riggers. 73 83 and 100 down. Meat twice one fly one spoon got bite.
  11. Glad you got on a couple hopefully you can get the motor fixed soon.
  12. We were out Holland 7-17am. Also very few marks. Doubled on the kings 170 heading west turned around hit the steelhead 170. Nothing else went.
  13. I believe only registered company in Michigan for cut bait Herring is lucky 7s.
  14. Not to many silvers around right now. Plenty of lakers on the bottom. 120-140 fow. People are picking up some steelhead.
  15. Worked mostly 70-90 spoons and thin fins. Lost one steelhead on a meat rig.
  16. How were the marks in 120? We fished Soho Tuesday 120-135 was lots of marks. Pulled 6 lakers and 1 king in that water.
  17. Only Mark's we seen were in 130 than about 80 when we finished pulling lines.
  18. 1-2 this morning. Fished 90-140. Laker came about 90 fow 81 down shoot rigger
  19. Nice work Ed. We also ran deep this morning. one little jack on a moonshine honey pot 200 copper. Also had a short hit on a 300 copper. Was definitely a bouncy morning out deep.
  20. We fished 205-220 Fow. Went 5-9. Green was the color of the day for us. Fake meat on wire dippsy high diver back 89 took 4 hits. Rigger down 53-57 down went twice one fish came off the main line other off the free slider. Both lakers came off of the 300 coppers.
  21. Marked alot of fish between 50-80FOW just nothing to show. No Mark's outside of 90fow of water for us today.
  22. DNR is launch at your own risk. Just be careful its slippery.
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