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  1. Sassy Sharon

    Muskegon 9/19 pm

    I looked at the buoy last night about 6 O'clock and I read .8 too. I turned to the webcam for the channel and the big lake looked fairly calm. I've done that before and got out there and it was a little rough. I guess we can't always believe what we see.
  2. Sassy Sharon

    Holland 9/15

    Fished out of Muskegon this weekend. Sunday about 5:00pm boated a Coho between 8 to 10 lbs. 117fow on 235 Copper and Wonderbread JPlug. At least no Skunk
  3. Sassy Sharon

    Ludington 8/10

    Sure wish we could get some action like that in Muskegon. Nice Catch
  4. Mary Gail, I'm not trying to tell you how to fish but how do you know those were trout on the bottom, Kings like the bottom to
  5. Sassy Sharon

    Whitehall 8/11 am 2 for 3

    WhiteLake Runner Did you see any nets around Duck Lake area. Any information would sure help Thanks
  6. They could be almost anything this time of year
  7. Sassy Sharon

    Whitehall 8/4 AM

    In 60 feet of water they could be anything, Carp, Perch, anything this time of year
  8. Sassy Sharon

    Muskegon 3-4 7/28 pm

    Thanks for the info. Tight Lines
  9. Sassy Sharon

    Muskegon 3-4 7/28 pm

    Little Red Tracker, when you run meat rigs behind your downrigger, how far back to you go before you clip to your release. Thanks for the help
  10. Sassy Sharon

    Muskegon 7-28 p.m.

    Homebrew87 Nice catch. I fish out of Muskegon on the Sassy Sharon boat. Were you straight out or N or S and what speed
  11. Lef T Thanks for catching that date, he fooled the rest of us
  12. Sassy Sharon

    Bait Report?

    We were out of Muskegon last Thursday Night. About 9:00 PM, On the way back in front of the channel, any where from 50 fow to about 30 fow it was wall to wall bait fish. They went from about 10 feet down to about 30 feet. My screen is 5 inch by 7 inch and it was all bait fish
  13. If your looking for a Good Launch out of Muskegon try Grand Trunk in the Lakeside area. It's at the end of McCracken St. The Lake Express Ferry comes in and out of there, so it's nice and deep. Lots of parking
  14. Sassy Sharon

    Holland am, 10-26-17

    I winterized mine last weekend , just waiting to put it in inside storage
  15. Nice catch Bobr, we're going to go out for a while tomorrow afternoon. Butting bat away in 2 more weeks. What about you?