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  1. Thanks a lot, I going out sometime today. I have 2 of them , I'll give it a try. I'll let you know what happens
  2. Lunker, can I ask what was the setting on your Dipsey ? with or without a ring
  3. How you been doing. We've been out a lot during the week but have been fishing the weekends pretty heavy to. My wife's retired now and I'm half retired. I'll listen for you on the radio. Keep your lines tight
  4. Nice Fish, do you know which RV Spoon you caught it on?
  5. SoHa, what port are you talking about? Muskegon. Are the perch on Hamilton Reef?
  6. mines not for sale BGHook49 had one for sale. You could try him
  7. Thanks for the info. Happy New Year and good luck fishing in 2020
  8. Did you ever have any problems with the battery making a connection in the prob
  9. Where can I buy your style of weight. I live in Muskegon
  10. I have a Depth Raider Temp Probe and every time I turn it on I have to remove the battery and bend the connector tabs out and reinstall the battery to get it to turn on. How do I fix it. I've even lost the probe and replaced it and that didn't help.
  11. That sounds a lot different, I'll have to give them a try
  12. I have talked to a few guys that use torpedo weights a they say they wonder all over the place
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