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  1. The Greek

    Trolling at night lights on or off.

    RED. Any stern lights are good as long as they are red. You don't lose your night vision, you can see the gear, and it doesn't make the fish go wild when they come to the transom for netting. Best source of boat LED's is Superbright LED's in St. Louis, MO: https://www.superbrightleds.com/moreinfo/specialty-high-power-led-spot-lights/25-square-12-watt-led-mini-auxiliary-hunting-and-camping-light-30-degree-red/3462/4566/ One thing to be aware of is that very few companies provide tinned wire with their "marine" lighting, so it's best to cut the wiring provided off close to the fixture and start your own wire run with tinned wire. Good heat shrink tubing impregnated with glue will always make a watertight connection. Good luck with your decision .
  2. The Greek

    wanted Fish hawk display

    Don't be afraid to contact the company. They are EXTREMELY helpful, cooperative, and do all they can to help their customers. The receptionist will, in many cases, transfer you to the owner of the company for help.
  3. This is a great 1985 era C Dory 16 Angler model ready for someone who needs a great fishing and/or family boat. These fabulous boats are built in Seattle, WA to withstand the heavy swells of the Pacific and are right at home in large or small bodies of water. She is a great fishing platform and has helped me to harvest huge numbers of salmonids around the great lakes. She is in Springfield, Illinois, and includes the following features: 1. Two comfy removable pedestal seats on sturdy mushroom bases. 2. Baystar hydraulic steering system. 3. Master battery switch. 4. Two batteries: one for starting (conventional); one house battery (blue top AGM – 55Ah) for running autopilots, sonar, and other necessary toys. Batteries are linked to a Blue Sea automatic charging relay which charges the battery that needs it the most. 5. Two onboard battery chargers. 6. Motor trim gauge. 7. Tachometer 8. FELL electronic remote kill switch that eliminates the use of a physical tether (see photos). a. FOB device which can be worn like a wrist watch or hung on a lanyard. b. Device will shut the motor off electronically if you fall overboard; or c. Walk away from the boat; and/or d. Locks the boat key out if you walk away to get your tow vehicle. e. Boat can’t be started without the FOB being activated by you. More information at: https://buy.fellmarine.com/mob-basepack.html 9. Uniden ship to shore radio with distress button, and high mounted antennae. 10. Lowrance Elite-5 sonar unit with CHIRP and benthic (underwater) charts. 11.. LED spot light on bow for night time navigation around ports. 13.. Electric windshield wipers (2). 14. Master electrical panel at the helm, secondary bus bar panel under motor well (at the stern) for additional toys. 15. Bilge pump (800 GPH). 16. Three 12V auxiliary plug connections: 2 at helm and 1 at stern to keep your devices charged. 17. Stainless steel steering wheel. 18. Cockpit curtain (AKA Alaskan Curtain) made of clear heavy-duty marine vinyl and two-sided zippers. Curtain provides great protection from the elements and rolls up in the center to allow easy access to cockpit. 19. Water/fuel separator. 20. Six-gallon portable fuel tank (the boat is not rated for built in tanks) 21. Honda BF50; 4 stroke outboard (2008) with 600 hrs. a. Quiet and fuel efficient. Average day of trolling for six hours: 4-5 gallons. b. Delivers 17 amps/hr of charging to the batteries. c. 3 blade 10”X14 pitch prop (extra prop included). d. Anodes (2) have been kept clean; no external corrosion. e. Hydrofoil. f. Meticulously maintained and serviced since owned by me in 2013. 22. Newly painted inside and out with Top Secret Coatings enamel. This paint has greatly improved both the speed of the boat and increased the fuel savings. This is the paint used by the US Navy on their fleet, and feels like glass, even without waxing. More info at: https://www.topsecretcoatings.com/ 23. Large (16”X16”) storage area in from of first mate’s seat. Hatch has slots that allow for 5 standard #3700 size lure storage trays. 24. Sealed flotation compartments: 1 on each side of stern work area provides approximately 8 CF of closed cell foam. 25. Covered (LED illuminated) storage under stern motor well. Vinyl cover keeps the area tidy. 26. Large (LED illuminated) storage area under the helm for equipment, and access to boat electrical connections. 27. Sliding windows on starboard and port. 28. Pacific Trailer: all steel galvanized with guide-ons, bunkers, and a spare tire with cover. 29. USCG approved marine fire extinguisher. 30. Safety checked and passed by USCG Auxiliary (2016). 31. Both boat and trailer currently titled and licensed in Illinois and taxes paid. Boat has been garage stored since 2013 when I acquired her. Motor has been exercised and is not winterized, so a sea trial is possible when you are ready to check her out. Price: $15,000 OBO.
  4. The Greek

    Do you catch fish close to your boat?

    OUTSTANDING POST. I lived on the west coast and fished for decades outta Bodega Bay (north of San Francisco), for salmon and rock-fish, and also inland lakes for kokanee and Chinooks. I understand the electrolysis issues your are talking about and found the electrolysis situation on every boat I fished to be super critical. My boats were always either neutral or positive, and I always ran a Scotty Black Box "just in case" I had unforeseen problems. Keeping that black box on the right voltage was my secret weapon. Whenever I have discussed the issue of electrolysis with other fisherman, they look at me like I was speaking some off world language. 99% are convinced that I'm full of shit with the electrolysis thing and it has nothing to do with their boat. Even when I check their boat with my voltmeter and tell them that they have a problem, they ignore it a continue to slog away hoping for the best instead of fixing the issue. Some guys don't even know that they have anodes and need to clean them. I ran into one guy on L. Michigan that had a ginormous 20 ft aluminum boat. His boat was set up so well electrically, that fish would be instantly attracted to the boat, and we would get hits from coho as soon as we dropped the lures over the side! Lakers would hit his coho lures right in the propwash. Never have seen anything like it in my life except in the Gulf of Mexico where Remora's would attack our lures and baits as soon as we dropped them into the water. Thank you for your post.
  5. The Greek

    SoHa 3/28

    Lots of Coho hitting down around Portage. But, all were dinkers and I had to keep shaking them off. Winner of the day was Captain John Kings Alewife SUV. With every trip, we learn something new. Today was one of those epiphany days. Saw some dudes casting jigs in an area that I will not disclose. These bad asses were catching HUGE Coho that looked every bit the size of small King's. I'm going back to that spot soon, figure out which jigs to use, and hit that honey hole hard. At one point, all three of those dudes had nice Coho on......by casting jigs. Tight lines.....
  6. BRAVO Cappy Dan and mates. Another great outing for team Reel Woman. Sounds like a great time. Thanks for the great report.
  7. keep at it....you'll find the fish.
  8. That's how you do it. BRAVO, boys.
  9. Great day. Thanks for posting the good news. Good luck with the rest of your season.
  10. Awsome report for a great day. Interesting how you were able to mix your meat rigs in with your other lures and still manage to get hits. I always have trouble mixing the two as meat is trolled slower than spoons or flies. Good show, BRAVO.
  11. I do what I can to share info to help all. I keep my info in a notebook out on the boat so that I can make a good post later. One for all and all for one!
  12. GREAT! We are so busy setting gear and all that, that we forget to look up at the real reason we go fishing: to be out...