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  1. Good job Tarrey. Your doctored spoons worked well. I’ll have to get some more stick paint n doctor up some of my NBKs like yours. When we were fishing next to you we were getting frustrated with no hits but as soon as we passed u in 111 we got one on and we worked 121’ area as well. We are doing St Joe again early next week. Get ‘em Saturday! Lost a few spoons yesterday, so just replenished them with an order to Capt John King.
  2. Went 5 for 7; all kings 8-18lbs. 1 in 86’, 2 in 111’ and 2 in 121’. 1st was on rigger 47’ back n 47’ down on CJKing Gold Or Crush. Dipsey on 3 out 150’ and 10C same spoon. Rigger down 50’ 50 lead GOC spoon again. 300 copper w/2color swr with mag nbk gr/spoon took one. lot of nice fish at fish cleaning station!
  3. I agree with Mega Byte, not sure why you would put a dipsey on a board and not sure a board could handle the force. Dipsey holder should be parralell to the water. I don't have them, but the holders you can ratchet up before you remove remove the dipsey rod are awesome. Rod trees are the greatest invention since sliced bread. For up to 300' of copper and full core I use standard Off Shore boards. They track just fine. My friend even uses the Church walleye board for up to 300 copper and full core n they surprisingly track well; he did move the weight all the way back though. Your setup looks real good. Enjoy!!!!!!
  4. Heard of 2 South Haven reports today: One guy got 12 kings in 130-160fow. Another got 2 kings, a steelie n 5 lakers in 180-190 fow. No other details. We are still doing St Joe tomorrow and SoHa next week. Tomorrow we'll get to 75' and set lines with SW heading.
  5. Yep, charter captain last Monday, stopped catching at 19 lakers in 152fow.
  6. Hmmmm. Guess Tuesday we try 80-100 and if no go go deep to 150. Thks for the report! Good job!
  7. Good job; we'll be out Tuesday, also. Last week we got into some nice kings also, 18, 19 & 21lbs.
  8. Only 1 for 4; lost 2 kings at the boat; Capt Dan needs to practice his netting skills. Lost a laker who hit the UV Skinny Minney spoon ( one with fish on it) as I was tripping the SB rigger to change the spoon; Capt John Gold Orange Crush took all 3 kings; 2 on same port rigger down 29' with 65' leads. SB rigger was originally 55' lead length but went to 65' after first king. Other king on port black dipsey on 2.5 out 100'. Started dipseys at 55 & 65' with mo hits; so after first fish went to 100' and 120'. Speed was 2.4-3.0. All fish caught in 60fow running in cleaner water next to very dirty water; the very dirty water was out to at least 59'; have never seen that before. Caught fish up hill and downhill. Pretty much straight out from the pierheads. Water temp was 44-45 degrees. Waves lazy 2-3s that later build up to choppier 2-3s/2-4s when we pulled lines at 1:45.
  9. Got final design from Kate; 6 stations on each table; each table has a grinder/disposal and two gfci receptacles hanging from the ceiling. And, like St Joe a descaler machine in tbe corner for pan fish.
  10. Yes, didn’t realize the fat belly until I put it on the cleaning table. Was in a hurry cleaning the fish and should have slowed down and cut open it’s stomach. It was a planted fish, aka adipose fin had neen clipped.
  11. Good job, 5/5 last year we got a 20lber in SoHa.
  12. Here’s preliminary design; 4 stations on each table with disposal on each table; back table also has a 5th handicap accessable station. Basically same as St Joe except twice as many tables. St Joe was similar to Holland and SoHa is very similar.
  13. At the SoHa lake house again this weekend and see they just broke ground for the new fish cleaning station that should be done sometime in July; Again it will be a public cleaning station for paid to launch or non paid to launch people.
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