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  1. Me and most of my mates are retired and we don’t fish weekends. I’m playing hockey Friday night in Jackson ( friend’s 70th birthday skate) and will be returning back here to SoHa Saturday morning. To start I would work that 50-55’ of water from piers south for kings n then work out for lakers n further out for HOs. Good luck and have fun!
  2. 5 for 5, 4 coho and 7lb 8 oz laker. Laker on 3 color on Dreamweaver SS red pepper spoon in 77 fow. 2 coho on 100’ copper on DW SS Gold Rasta Goose spoon, 1 coho on rigger slider (main at 32’) on DW SS Silver Rasta Goose spoon and 1 coho on DW SS Silver Rasta Goose spoon on 150’ copper. All coho caught between 120 and 150fow. SOG 2.4-3.1, waves 2-4s in rain at 1:30 that settled down to 1s around 5. Fished 1:30-6:30. No kings. But guys that came in behind us got a nice king, a steelie and 2 lakers. King was in 50fow down by Palisades. 50-55 fow is where the kings hang out when they first come in here.
  3. Went 3 for 4, 2 lakers and coho jack. All hits in 67fow trolling downhill, south. 1 laker on dipsey on 3 out 110’ on Warrior Whammy spoon, coho in 150’ copper on green glo frog w/wh back and laker on rigger down 64’ with Dreamweaver Blueberry Whirly Gig and chrome flasher. Got short hit on same, broke both rubber bands but no one home. 1-3s out of northwest were supposed to calm down to 1-2s but when we pulled lines at 1:45 2-4s were building to 3-5s. Speed 2.3 to 3sog. Water surface temp was 45.
  4. Went 4 for 4, 3 Coho and I laker. Got all fish in 17-20’ by Palisades Plant, Coho on firetiger thin fin around 60’ back and laker on 3 colors on uv Dreamweaver SS Rasta Goose spoon. Beautiful day, 1’ sw waves, speed around 2.5sog. Coho came on uphill, south troll; laker downhill.
  5. PS: Deep Bandits are worth it; they catch a lot of eyes.
  6. Colors look very good. That’s very good price for customs. I’ve paid like $14 for some custom ones.
  7. Heard some guys have been getting limits of Coho Jacks in St Joe River near pierheads. Here in SoHa in Black River few days ago friend got a brown by launch area and nice female farther up river at Stealheaders Park. Today is slow with no bites. Would like to be fishin Black bank right now but am on crutches until 3/24 with slight fracture at end of femur at my knee, torn meniscus also. End of the month I’ll be out in St Joe cruising 12-30fow south for Coho Jacks.
  8. Doesn’t seam to be many lakers left at the river “corner”! just in front of the city south marina. On the pier still getting whitefish the past week. Sunday me and Bill caught 22” ers, and Mark got a big one after I left; Bill didn’t text me back on how big it was; probably bigger than 24”; Lance caught a 22” burbot and another guy caught at least a 15lb channel cat. About 10 days ago Bill got 2 24” whiteys. No steelhead yet on the pier or in the river. We are using single spawn eggs on two single hooks on each pole; one tied to the end of the line and a 2-3” dropper tied a foot of so above the bottom hook.. Whitefish Guru Bill swears by his single hook setup with fluoro line and even gave me a setup he made, but caught mine on my reg mono leader w/singles on a treble hook. Yesterday I did make up 2 fluoro rigs and one regular mono to see if there is any difference in catch rates. We expect steelies any minute! Happy Thanking! Capt Dan
  9. Quite a few lakers in the river just up from north n south city marinas. I foul hooked one on spawn and returned it to the river. Heard a few whitefish have also been caught. Another month or so when water cools down we should be getting some steelies.
  10. I am a retiree that has been fishing Lac Mich for a long time and moved to SoHa end of April. Most of the time we fish St Joe and SoHa. Would love to get a list of fisherman in the SJoe, SoHa, Paw Paw, Holland, etc area that would be available next season to fish. For worker bees will go out on weekends before Memorial Day and after Labor Day. For us retiress, we go out during the week. If interested please text me at 517 750-7452. Thanks. P.S. Putting the boat up Thursday until first week in March when I get her ready for SJoe Coho Jacks late March/early April.
  11. Moonshine, especially the RVs. But, Capt John Kings plastic Salmon Buster spoons are a very close second.
  12. Will have to try it. Sounds a lot better than my sea salt and brown sugar brine. thks
  13. Fished 40-75’. Got skunked with 6 lines out. Small laker on rigger down 73’ bouncing off the bottom got off after a short while. Hit blue dolphin spin n glo 42” behind chrome SD w/green reflective tape on one side. As predicted 3-5s had built up by noon so we pulled lines..Got in 3 1/2 hrs like we thought. Oldest son was in town so we planned a day off from helping us move in to our new house..
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