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  1. thanks for detailed report.
  2. Was previous trip same depth as above?
  3. dan agnello

    Port Sheldon 7/7 am

    good job, thks gor report!
  4. dan agnello

    7/7 Muskegon

    Great job, some nice fat kings
  5. Yes, great job, but what depth? Assume u were out deep 150, 180, 200-220? Thks
  6. dan agnello

    St Joe 6/28

    Insurance adjuster was over this morning around $4200 damage. We guessed about $4500. Boat damage was outer edge of one of side scuppers cracked. $26 fix for me, $6 scupper n $20 for Adhesive 4200. Tight area to work in in the access panel behind the port built in cooler but got er done. Didn’t claim boat damage, too small n it would have been 3rd claim in a month, aka stolen large walleye gear box at Sterling State Park. Doing eyes out of Bolles Harbor, Thursday or Friday. Don’t dare do Sterling SP during long holiday week. Retrieving boat at launch would take a very long time. Thinking about trying for Holland again next week. Thks
  7. dan agnello

    Looking for rod holders

    I bought triple rod trees from Mads docks in Harrison, Mi. The triple starts at $65 each. They are advertised as poor mans rod tree. I ordered triples with extra cost for removable tree and rotating base w/cinch pin; 4 rubber boots for each plus shipping total was under $300. http://www.madsdocks.com/shop/Item/pmpoletree
  8. We were supposed to fish in my boat in Holland but around 630am we hit a deer on I 94 just west of Battle Creek. Damage not bad at all, could have been a lot worse; left front qtr panel n drivers door dented n broke scupper on boat port side. Since scupper may have leaked into boat Sea Eagle Tarry graciously offered to use his boat in Paw Paw. Left my boat n car in his driveway and went to ST Joe instead. Fished 125-225’. Most hits in 180-225, all spoons; nothing on meat; temp at ball 80’ down was 43.5, speed at ball 2.2, sog around 2.7. Slider spoons on 70’n 80’riggers got hits, both 200 coppers n 1 of 300’ copper, also. 8” tin can dodger with green tape on one side with silver and green spin n glo took a few. They hit awful light, ended up 2 for 7, all Hos. Water was like glass all over. Want to thank Tarry again for “saving the day”. Didn’t set lines till 10 n pulled them at 2. Beatiful day on Lac Michigan But had our friends with us: black flies, no seums n skeeters.
  9. Liove to but I live in Jackson. When r the meetings? If we r at SoHa family lake house at the right time this sumner, i could attend. thks
  10. Yep, that is a mixed veggie crush. Only had MV out once this year; Will have to put a couple out on my regular spread . thanks.
  11. The disposal at the fish cleaning station is now practically useless for cleaning salmon, last few years no carcasses and now no skins, etc. It’s only good for perch n pan fish. A city worker that does a great job cleaning docks, cleaning station etc said the only way to get improvements is to contact the city. They have a fourth new skid pier allocated in 2018/19 budget. I sent an email to the city manager , Harbormaster/asst city manager, city engr, rec dept and the city council. Instead of replacing a skid pier I would like to see them replace the fish cleaning disposal with a new larger one. The existing skids are in pretty good shape and they could wait a few more years for replacement. They replaced 3 last year. Also, two very inexpensive upgrades: 1. For you lazy guys that use electric knives, lol, hang 4 GFCI 120vac outlets from the ceiling (like St Joe city launch fish cleaning station). 2. Change incandescent light with a new LED light fixture. I would encourage fisherman/rec users to also send letters, emails or call the city to express your concerns. They gave a great online directory that lists each person’s name, phone number and email address. Thanks
  12. good job! Steelhead - orange, pink or red Coho spoons? Thanks for report!
  13. dan agnello

    6/15 SoHa Slow

    Good job. What were other 4 fish? Coho, kings, steelies?