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  1. Thanks Dennis. Fish cleaning station was awesome. We were hoping we’d get a chance to use it.
  2. 4 for 4, 3 lakers and coho. Oldest son flew in from Colorado so we could stay at the SoHa lake house.and fish. Blown off yesterday, set lines 9 today, 124-134’ all the hits; 2 lakers on CJ GOC reg size spoon on rigger down 61, coho on rv Moonshine flounder pounder glow spoon on dipsey out 160’, 13lb 13oz laker on 300 copper on green reg Moonshine glow spoon. Speed 2.5-3.Sog; all hits nw troll. Nice lazy 1-3s.
  3. I use standard Off Shore boards but change the release to an R18 and I use a snap swivel in the. back release. I pull full core and 300’ copper w/ no problems. My friend uses Church Walleye boards and I was surprised that they work so well for full core and 300’ copper. But, he did move the weights all the way back to help them track better.
  4. Yep, Crazy. I’m a min of 2 hrs to St Joe or SoHa and a little longer to Holland, GH, and Muskegon. And, some mates are 1/2hr from my house. So even if we leave at 0500 we don’t set lines until 7:30 or 8. But, in St Joe it didn’t matter; the bait fish weren’t thick yet, and kings were on the hunt all day. Monroe Brest Bay Erie walleye Tuesday ( 1 1/2hrs only from Jackson), week in Co to visit oldest son n his family and back to Erie for crew that won a fishing trip on my boat during a charity auction. Then salmon 1st week in July. SoHa? Maybe Holland or
  5. Tarry I think you are correct; get out early before that eat too much bait and have lockjaw.
  6. Good job. Bet boys had a ball. Looks like we were fishing way too shallow yesterday morning. Deepest we went out was 140’. Going out Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning. Will have to watch reports. Day before they were in 80-120. You never know.
  7. The black n white kitty is still stinking up the boat. Fished 70’-140’ no hits, no runs no errors. Had eight lines out including 1 meat rig (CJ King glo frog) and dragon slayer flasher and bull frog Howie fly, and no hits. About 25 boats out with us most of the morning n heard of only one steelie caught in 120’ and didn’t see any nets get wet. Guy at launch had 1 laker and 1 king they caught in 140’. Beatiful day on kake Michigan!
  8. Hmmmm crazy fish; in St Joe mags worked better. Maybe smaller alewives in GR.
  9. Thks, how long a wait to retrieve your boat with all rec people coming out?
  10. Great job n great report. Regular Moonshine spoons or UV and RV? .Your neighbor Tarrey sai you were out yesterday. Was launch criweded when you retreived? How is water level at city launch docks. It’s been going up n down lately. We are goin out Friday.
  11. I have had one for a few years, but never hooked it up; it just looked like a pain; so Josh said he had two that he brought. Most of the morning he had a 100’ lead; about 11:30 I asked him to shorten it to about 50’.Shortly threafter we caught a nice king. Think I’ll hook mine up! We had no rain yesterday which surprised me from what I saw on the radar at 0500 on TV in Jackson.
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