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  1. Just found out from the Harbor master that the new station will be in the southeast corner of the south lot behind the existing station (In the corner between the paying and non paying lots). Perfect spot!
  2. Just saw in South Haven Tribune that they rec’d $150,000 grant from Great Lakes Fishery Trust Fund and city will match it with another $150,000 from our launch fees, etc. New cleaning station will be located where you don’t need to pay launch fee (by the new BR fishing pier). Not sure where that is. By kayak launch? Station will include: 8 cleaning tables with an ACA accessible table, cooler washing station, commercial sprayers, draining racks, LED lighting and cutting boards. Vending machines with ice and bait. Supposed to be complete by end of July.
  3. dan agnello

    downrigger to spoon length?

    Usually the deeper you fish the shorter the lead. If you are fishing say 60' down around 20'-25' lead; say 100' around 10'. My 2 cents worth, and some days you can throw this out the window. But, like fishing bud Sea Eagle says with SWR riggers you have to let out the lead before you connect the release to the line. So no matter what depth you would be at least 20' back for 2 color SWR and 30' for 3 colors. Have a great 2019 season.
  4. dan agnello

    trolling rods

    I use 8’-6” Wilderness medium action rods for my riggers. For dipseys 9’-6” Okuma medium heavy action. For lead and copper Wilderness and other rods with medium heavy action. 8’ up to 10’-6” (10’ & 10’-6” are old dipsey rods. Use braid on dipseys and braid with mono leader on riggers. Braid on riggers (and super thin SS rigger cable) reduces water drag and blow back when fishing deep. At Ultimate Fishing Show in Novi last Friday, got 2 8’-6” Wilderness medium heavy action rods for $25. Had to get them. Franks Outdoors always has good deals at the show. Used one to replace medium action rod for 200’ copper.
  5. See my above post, I use snubbers.
  6. Got skunked. Since lake had turned over we worked skinny water in front of pier heads. No hits for us and didn’t see a wet net for dozen or so boats with us. Worked out to 100’. Water was like glass. Beautiful day on the lake.
  7. Just read the SoHa Tribune and the city has applied for a grant for a new fish cleaning station. They will know by November if they get it. The station would be similar to the nice one in St Joe. Details later!
  8. dan agnello

    Muskegon 8/17 am

    Good job. In Frankfort, were fighting 3-5s Friday afternoon n figured it pushed fish to Muskegon. Lost big king at the net n that was it.
  9. Frankfort:Friday night/Sat morning: 3-5s from NW; lost big king at net Friday night n that was it. Just a few short rips. Fished Friday night straight out n to the point; same short rips Sat am: Herring Hole to the point. Sat pm Manistee; 100’-250; still 3-5s that started coming down at dusk. Fished 13s to 16s. At dusk big rip on dipsey that broke line at lure. Sun am in Manistee; fog n cool until around 9:30; sun came out n 10:30 to 1pm; 7 &18lb king and 7lb laker all on CJ Ghostbuster BTI meat rigs. 53 n 57’ down on rigger n 141 on a Dipsey. Riggers about 40’ off ball. All fish caught in 153’ to174’ with south troll; 2.5-3.0SOG.Fished 13s-14s. We came in at nine last night n only ones retrieving with no one at fish cleaning.Kind of sad. Lot of boats out this am and very few catching. One other guy with small king when we were cleaning. We had spoons, flashers/flys, meat out and all hits came either on CJohns meat rigs or spoons. Green frog bti is usually as hot as Ghostbuster but no hits. I’m low on Ghostbuster bti’s n meat rigs n will have to re-order; broke a hook off twice, tangles with copper, etc messed them up. Great trip with my mates n special friend Stan in Frankfort. We always have fun! Lake has settled down n tonight n tomorrow should be good fishin. But, according to Windfinder.com and iwinsurf.comTuesday through Sunday next week all windy, except Thursday. Good luck all you hog chasers. In Manistee, heard on radio Cowboy got 3 (2kings, 1steelie) in 14s in 110' n 1 of kings was 30lbs. Meat saved our day, n CJohn's is always our go to meat.
  10. I use braided line on my divers. Usually black one and lime green. Not sure if color matters. I use usually an 8’ and 10’ 30# mono leader with a Capt John King shock chord. We get our share of hits on rhe dipseys;; not sure if longer length helps! Have seen captains use real long leaders on Salmon Showdown and handline them in.
  11. Heading up to Manistee and Frankfort for our annual 3 day trip sometime during that week. Weather will determine which 3 days, of course. We fish an afternoon early night and morning fish in each port. If u r planning on going up during that time, let me know n we can compare reports/notes. Text me at 517-750-7452. Thanks!
  12. 0 for 1; lost nice steelie in 97fow on dipsey on Warrior Whammy spoon on SB sipsey out 160’ on 3. Got into 8color and full core n got off. Nice 1-2s built up to 1-3s. Nice day on the lake.
  13. thanks for detailed report.
  14. Was previous trip same depth as above?
  15. dan agnello

    Port Sheldon 7/7 am

    good job, thks gor report!