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  1. Now those are some nice perch. There were 20 boats out mid morning; from pier south. Over a dozen at or around the rock pile a mile south. At least couple dozen trailers at the launch. All 5 docks at the launch are above water, but you have to wade thru a few inches of water on the aprons to use the 3 western docks. The eastern 2 are usually completely dry. The fish cleaning station is still open. Has 2 tables with disposer and 4 stations at each table.
  2. We used to take our dog to that dog beach but no beach left. So we go a little farther south to Pilgrim Haven just north of Van Buren State Park. Good luck rest of season. May do a few more trips here in SoHa then mid August a couple trips out of Frankfort. Will take friend and green horn wife out.
  3. Unless there are 2 Deerlick Creeks, isn’t Deerlick Creek 6 or so miles South of South Haven pier. Where the old dog beach is.
  4. Thks. Fishing that shallow I’d have thought at least 30’. U never know.
  5. Thks for the report. Would have thought catching was hot with all the boats out. According to pier guys as we were headed out, they have been getting a few steelies. Assume they were skamania.
  6. Great. Thanks for update there too. Maybe I should start perch fishing this time of the yr for a month or so until we hit Manistee or Frankfort in August. Used to fish Erie June n half July for eyes, but now that we're in SoHa a long haul there. When perchin I would actually see what my anchor looks like. Lol. Never have a need to open the anchor hatch. Need to check the chain and rope.
  7. For those asking earlier about perch, by the looks of boats in the lake I’d have to say perch must be in. Over dozen boats at the rock pile about mile south of the pier and few more scattered in the same area. Boat traffic there has been picking more each day for about a week.
  8. Capt John King’s spoons. But, Moonshines are a very close 2nd.
  9. Nice. Curious as to how long you ran your rigger leads. Thks
  10. Good job. I thought that might be you. I wasn’t that close to you. Gave you plenty of room. Lol. I assume you were bouncing off the bottom for lakers in that 85’ of water area. Have never caught a brown here. Caught 3 quite a few years In St Joe. We decided to go deeper to see if a few kings may be still hanging around and maybe catch a steelie or 2.
  11. Got skunked for first time this season. Had nice fish on in 117’ and he kept taking the board under. Got unhooked after 10 minutes. Fished 80’-130’. SoG 2.3-3.2. 2-4s most of the day.
  12. Doing any good? Probably launch at 8 when my guys get here from Jackson
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