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  1. tying 2 colors of lead to copper

    I use double Uni-knot. Adding lead on the end before the leader gives spoons more action. Seams to work pretty good since I added it a while ago!!! I have it on n my 150, 225 n 300.
  2. Good job, thks for report!
  3. Muskegon 8-13 p.m.

    Good job; thanks for report!
  4. Good job Martin
  5. Mid July fishing action

    Nice: Thanks!
  6. Ditto on report Martin!
  7. Great job Greek; see ya up there in a few weeks.
  8. How does wind effect fishing?

    With a north blow only the fish scatter n fishing usually tough. An east wind, if fish r there, will bring them in.
  9. How does wind effect fishing?

    A few days of decent WSW wind should stack up the warm water n setup thermocline for fishing in deeper water. Right now in Manistee there has been a north n east blow n cold water is in now near shore n big kings r stacking up in shallows. I prefer west or SW wind. Makes things easier.Don't like hassle of doing harbor patrol when there r a lot of boats there. Hope this helps!
  10. SoHa 8/2

    Thks, yep thats what I heard from my neighbor who was up there until Tues n said they were in 02s south of Ludville before north blow!
  11. SoHa 8/2

    Thks, greay day though!
  12. SoHa 8/2 3 for 5, all lakers in 112-120'; most on north troll. 2 for 3 on 300' copper with added lead on the end on double or crush spoon. 1 for 2 on port rigger; main was down 77' n laker on CJ Or Crush spoon on slider. Not hits on dipseys, 10 colors or 150' copper! 1-3s, then lazy 2-3s with occasional 4 later on. Beatiful day on Lac Mich. Done fishin SLM. Next, our annual Manistee/Frankfort trip in a few weeks. Can't wait!
  13. just saying hi

    Welcone Dwayne!
  14. Good job; we r heading put there tomorrow morning. Thanks for the report!
  15. Holland - 7/31 PM

    Sounds like good time with the kids. Release might have to be a little tighter. I use black releases n rubber bands on lines n seams to get better hookups. 1 band for spoons; 2 for flashers? Sounds like some new fishermen joining the ranks!