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  1. Great job, thks for report!!!!
  2. SoHa 5 14 5 for 5, 7lb king. 2 small coho n 2 king dinks. 120-140 fow, riggers 3 hits down 63, 57 main lines n 1slider on 59' main. Jagger bombs, n mixed veggies. 1 coho 3 colors on jagger bomb. 225 copper 1 dink. Mixed veggie.
  3. How deep were u fishing dozer? Dipsey length, rigger depth, ft of copper, colors of lead. Thks.
  4. South Haven Fish Cleaning Station Open
  5. Lol, good luck. Post a good report like u always do so we have a place to start Monday am. After the owners (my oldest son & wife) and my granddogs leave tomorrow morning to return to Colorado, we have to finish cleanup of their house on 312 Clinton to get ready for first renters of the season on 19th. It's rented most of the summer so won't be able to spend many days here this summer.
  6. Hi Capt Dan.

    My son Nik and I will be driving up with OPA on Sunday and staying at the Van Buren Campground. Hope to "team" up with ya'll on Mon out on the water and work the same areas and share info on the fly out on the water. Will you be staying at your son's "new and improved" place? Hope so. Gotta pick the fruits of your labor putting together that little old fishing shack.  Hope we can chat over the weekend. I'll be officiating a track meet all day Fri/Sat in Illinois and won't be able to answer the phone during the day, but I'll call you or call you back in the evening.  

    We plan to fish on Tues as well.  Looks like the wind will kick up on Tues. However, if it's bad up in SoHa, sometimes the wind lays down at Michigan City, so we may end up driving to Indiana Dunes for the night and fishing MC on Tues.  We'll see........

    Cheers,  D 

  7. Nice job Martin. thks for report! Been in SoHa since last Fri n leave this Sat; working on son's house with him. This morning Katn n I walked the dog by south beach n saw dozen or so boats out. Boy was I jealous. Looked like they were working 50' or so area. We r planning on going out Monday. Will run like last time but will set in 50 n head SW.
  8. I couldn't have said it better Dimitri! Amen!
  9. Amen! Doesn't get any better than that!
  10. Great job, thks for report!
  11. Nice job! Thks for report!
  12. I checked out Kal Haven Bait n Tackle this am, nice. Has a little of everything. i had heard this from someone here before but owner said he will have minnows available via vending machine very soon. City is setting him up with a place n power for the machine. I assume it will be at the restroom building. In SoHa all week but working on son's house. City Eng said as soon as they can get water n sewer hooked up fish cleaning station will be open. In the meantime you can use city's northside marina cleaning station. Just call the manager and she will unlock it for you! Will provide an update when I get a chance to go over there!
  13. Hi Captn Dan:

    You still planning on fishing Monday May 15?  The lake conditions are looking good.  If the wind/wave prediction holds, I'm planning on coming up on Sunday with my boy, and fishing outta OPA on both Mon May 15 and Tues May 16. Would be cool if we both worked the same area and kinda carpeted the area with gear and made a go of it, double dog-on-it style. What do you think?