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  1. Jmohuts: yep, LMAO. landed some kings by myself a long time ago, but not with long leads!?
  2. Yep, 4 is ideal, but we almost always just fish with 3.
  3. 1H14X Thanks, When we have 3 in the boat guy steering boat keeping fish in center knows he has to hand line the long leaded dipseys line into the net. Its especially fun when you have flashers and meat rigs which add another 4' or 5' of length. Plannng on hitting St Joe or So Haven next week.
  4. New Salmon Showdown Season 7 As of last Friday new season is showing. However, it is no longer available on the Pursuit Channel or later on Youtube. But, it will be on Carbontv. You can also view it directly from the Toutnament Trail website, tournamenttrail.net. Last week was Grand Rapids weigh in 1 and next week will be weigh in 2. A new episode will be posted every Friday morning (According to Scotty Mac). Enjoy!
  5. coralee, rhanks for comment. I always emptied filter in the fall, put new dry filter on in the spring, squeeze primer bulb until stiff and she starts right up Easy to winterize: ran gas out of system, drained the above filter and drained engine gas vaporizer (per manual), fogged cylinders and Stabil in gas tank. Last fall had oil and lower unit oil changed by marina so had them winterize it at the same time. Should have said I have 130HP Honda 4 stoke outboard not an I/O which may require a lot more cranking!
  6. Winterizing Boat - Fuel/Wtr Filter Just changed out my fuel/water separator filter on my boat and it was full of gas. Marina winterized my boat for the first time last fall. When I winterized it I would always drain gas n water from the filter. Haven't had a chance to call marina today. What is the standard practice? Thanks!!!
  7. F & Stream does have worms/nite crawlers in the fridge but that's all I remember!!
  8. No, don't think so; a lot like Gander Mtn, Cabelas n Dicks. But, D & R Sports is just a few miles from there; take M43 west out of town (131 Exit 38) west about 3 miles west of 131 on north side. They have all kinds of live bait and great tackle.
  9. Kazoo Field & Stream Store Just picked up grandkids in Lazoo n finally had a chace to stop there (BL94 just east next to Costco, can see it from 131 North). Good fishing n hunting depts. Has quite a bit of salmon and walleye stuff. Been to the one by Oakland Mall but the Kazoo one is better. Bought 10 colors of Suffix lead on clearance for $12 and some nice boxes for spoons.
  10. Yeah last summer our Jackson store size increased like 6 times bigger then the old store and has a decent fishing dept n now they r closing. I'm bummed!!!! No great sales yet!
  11. Try Walmart, too. I have always been able to get new ones with proper dates at our Walmart in Jackson. Paid around $23 the other day.
  12. Safety Flares Don't forget to check the expiration date of your boat flares; they expire every 42 months
  13. Dipsey Long Leads? I use 8-10' leads, what do you use? is there an advantage with long leads? I personally don't think so! See lot of boats on Salmon Showdown use long leads and have to handline fish to net! Thanks!
  14. Perchers in SoHa need minnows!!!!
  15. IF city can get access to the launch they may get docks in earlier than 4/15. Also, sometime this summer they will replace two docks.