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  1. Nailer: which one is pickled sunshine? thks
  2. Look like killer spoons. Hope the king population is much bigger than last year!!!
  3. Forsythias Bloom = Kings The forsythias r in bloom so get your king gear ready!!!!
  4. We had heard reports in Holland of 90-100 and 190-200. So Wed, 4/12 in SoHa we set lines in 80' n headed SW, we got a coho in 64' last Sat. But it was crazy, 150-170 from just little south of the piers to almost Palisades was hot. I've fished for spring cohos for a long time n never fished deeper than 35'. 80-100, 150-170 n 200-220+ are usually great places to setup for kings. Crazy.
  5. Greak Lakes Buoys Read forum faster on mobile. Get the Free Tapatalk app? FREE - on Google Play VIEW mAuthor Topic: Great Lakes Buoys (Read 1 times) dan agnello Link for great lakes buoys is " greatlakesbuoys.org". It gives you a summary of all buoys and most recent observations for each buoy. Cooke n SoHa buoys were deployed this week. Click on the buoy of choice to receive recent wind/wave/air n water temps. The newer Uglos buoys have thermisters on the anchor chains that give you temp at various deaths to bottom. Nothing like realtime data. Dan Agnello, Hockey Puck, on the Reel Woman! Kings Coho 18 Steelies Lakers 1 Jump to: => Fishing Info Quick Reply
  6. Good jib Bob, they r still in deep water. Happy Easter!
  7. Nice pics n great job!!! Detailed report?
  8. I'm jealous u r so close to Lac Mich. Yep, in St Joe I have key to fish cleaning station at Pier 1000 where my son slips his boat. I'll se d rnail to SoHa harbormaster and city eng to see if cleacning station will open Sat. Meant to ask guy sweeping docks yesterday. Had to double up on hangers at the sign cause they only have 10. I'll take that problem anytime. Happy Easter to all!!!!
  9. Yeah Martin, understand! When I used to go solo a few times a long time ago it was at most 3-4 miles out. Important thing is u got out n relaxed on a super day! Pelican texted me last night so I called him n gave him a report! He may be going today. He didn't want to solo yesterday. Happy Easter. Yeah launch is a mess, but it's open n free. But, fish cleaning is still closed. Reg opening time is 4/15, so maybe it will open Sat. City engineer told me sometime this summer they will replace 2 docks with new ones! St Joe DNR launch, DNR repainted metal on docks and put all new 6x6 frames and decks! Dnr on the ball? Scarry!!!
  10. Bummer; see my report; we got into them good in 150-170'.
  11. SoHA 4/12 Time fished: 830-230 Area fished (GPS lat/lons 0ptional): 2 miles south of piers heads to 6 miles south Most productive troll direction: E/W Depth of hits:30', 60' Rigger lead lengths: 15-20' Number of fishermen aboard: 4 Best lures & colors: or n red spoons, lemon with red dot spoon, reg n mag gold/bk w/red lip hot n tot. Surface temp: 38-39 Down temp for hits (if known): Troll speed: 2.5 - 2.8 Number and kind of fish caught: 13 for 20 coho. Rest of Story. Set lines in 80 fow n trolled out to 180; best 150-160; dipseys out 100-110; riggers down 61 n 63, 3 n 5 1/2 colors took fish, high line out 100' w/mag hot n tot above; everything took fish except Reel high jointed rapala and thin fin and nothing on 150 and 225 copper with spoons. riggers probably took last 6-7 fish; around 12:30 seemed like when we turned outside rigger would go off, aka need to speed up. Great day on the water, 0-1s all day. Happer Easter to all. Besides one of my reg mates had Bob T and Truman S out with us. great guys; glad were couild share Pure Michigan with you. PS: Limnotech was at launch and deployed the SoHA buoy; yesterday they deployed Cooke buoy. Dan Agnello, Hockey Puck, on the Reel Woman! Kings Coho 18 Steelies Lakers 1 0shares
  12. Seat Available Wed 4/12 South Haven Could use a 2nd mate; we drive over from Jackson, so u don't have to be at the city launch until 745 or 8am. If available call or text me at 517-750-7452. Thanks