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  1. IMG_0713.MOV 3 for 4. 8:40, 103’ west troll 1/2 mi north of piers on 280cu 14lb king on reg size gold orange crush. 9am 103’ dipsey on 3,out 180’ on kevin’s girlfriend SD and pickled sunshine fly on east troll. 2pm, westctroll in 122’ 5lb steelie on dipsey on 3 out 185’ on Capt John King Smurf UV Flasher and meat rig. Lazy 1-3s w/4-5secind swells all day. NW wind; speed 2.3-3-3sog
  2. You now that you mentioned it I looked at my photos again to see whiter top n bottom gums. Si I agree a Ho. They are sooo close. Remember a few years ago when guy had a state record record size Coho and it took MDNR like a mobth with scale samples, etc to finally determine it was a Ho. Same here, so what do I know FBD. Next trip scheduled for next Wednesday; If fish are still here will be SoHa, otherwise Holland.
  3. Btw: we fished a little north of piers: 26.4 north area.
  4. No. We set lines around 7:30 or so in about 90’. There were two boats out there but we just kept trolling out because at buoy there was no thermo and we had no marks. Tuesday morning we had heard a lot of bait n fish were in 80-100’. . When we were out in 140 talked to a guy on the radio who said they had done well in 120-130 earlier and there were 3 or 4 boats circling that area, we we didn’t see any nets gets wet.By then he had said it slowed down. For SoHa had quite a few marks in 133-155 area. Were very consistent around 75’ down and 110’ down. And, we had a lot of lookers at the meat, aka the graph mark heading up as screen moves. In 120’ it was 68 in top and 58 at 90! down, still not much of a thermo.
  5. 10:15 SB rip on meat rig down 94’ on rigger. Capt John King ’Ghostbuster Flasher/meat rig alewife Strip Teaser. Popped it off n one home; west troll, uphill. 11.00 huge 24.9# king on smurf suv rig w/real meat on rigger down 94’; 149’ sw uphil, 2.7 12:00 6-7 lb king on Capt John King green frog glo meat rig on dipsey out 256’. SE troll, downhill. Same smurf rig 10 lb king on rigger down 98’ in 155 fow, trolling downhill. Waves 1-3s out of Sw, sog usual 2.3-3.2.
  6. Thks. Saw great reports past two days in SoHa so we are doing it tomorrow, instead.
  7. Heading out there tomorrow, Holland; thks for report.
  8. Oooppps see i forgot species: Nice 5-6 pd steelie and 2 around 7-8lb kings.
  9. 3 for 3 10:30: 178’ on 200 cu, 2.6-2.8 sog, on rv fld pdr trolling ne, uphill. 12:50: 76’ 300’ cu mag modified gr dolphin, downhill just north of condos. 1:10: 74’ 2.7 sog downhill 200’ cu on Rv flounder pounder. 2-4s down to 1-3s out of nw as predicted. Sog: usual 2.2-3.1.
  10. Yep you have a perfect location. I’m 25 from SJoe and Holland and 75 to Muskegon but from where I fish late August, Manistee and Frankfort, 3 1/2 and 4 hrs away.
  11. Thanks. Next week probably Holland, friend did well in 170’ there yesterday afternoon. Have to start following the fishies north. When I lived in Jackson and we got the sloooow fishin here July was walleye month out of Monroe and east fishin for eyes. Same fishin as for coho jacks in skinny water in late March n April here n SJoe. Not sure where charters fish here. Probably 60-80’ for lakers or way out in middle of the lake. Haven’t heard of many kings caught here at all. Think we’ve gotten 2. No fish in shallow water in May like usual; think because we had no spring rain. All, have a great Independence Day weekend and be safe. And, if you are out on the water with all the weekend boaters/fisherman be especially watchful.
  12. D Big Lake Cold Water Fishing Reports SoHa 6/30 Jump to LatestUnfollow 1 - 1 of 1 Posts D Daniel Agnello 1-1, small Coho in 190fow around 10:30am. Trolling northwest on rigger down 89’ on Capt John King 10” BTI Glo Frog Flasher and meat rig w/herring strip. Fished 7:30-1:30 from 90-200’ half mile north to 3 miles north. 1’ sw waves, SOG 2.4 -3.1. Around noon it really got foggy. Had 9 lines out, spoons on 100’, 200’, 225’ and 300’ copper and 4 3/4C and meat rig herring strip on rigger down 95; Capt John new strip teaser herring strips on meat rigs on dipseys on 3 out 178 and 212. Think storms scattered the already scattered fish. 11 mo ago
  13. In SoHa this spring very few kings; none in 55’ in May. But, 115-170’ we are knocking off some nice size Coho n Steelies.
  14. Good job; agree on cottonwoods, see my 6/11 report about losing a fish due to having to clear them.
  15. 2,for 3, fished 7:45 to 1:45, had 9 lines out; 2-dipseys, 2.riggers, 100, 200, 300 copper and 3 & 8 colors. Later changed to 5 1/2 n 12 colors and no hits on lead; 90-180’, 1 mile to 3 miles north of pier heads; 25.8 to 27s. 9:30 in 142 trolling west ’ 7lb Coho on 150 copper on carmel dolphin with red at hook end and pink back. 9:50 in 157’ trolling south hit CJKing Ghostbuster meat rig on dipsey out 150’; had to stop reeling to clear cottonwoods off and then no one home. 10:53 in 167’ trolling SW small king on 300 copper on gold double orange crush. no wind, dead calm and quite hot. speed same usual 2.4-3.2.
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