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  1. SoHa 6/16

    Yeah, when we got our first king about 6 weeks ago I forgot how fiesty spring kings are. About 3 weeks ago we had that king that broke slider n tripped other rigger n got into copper. But, we got him because broken line on slider got tangled in copper. What's odds of that. The small king we got last Friday did similar, cranked copper as fast as I could to keep up as he headed for the boat, he finally slowed down. That's how king u lost got so big, smart. In addition to smiling as he went by did he wave a fin at u too. Lol!
  2. SoHa 6/16

    Yeah dketyd2 we had none of the colors u had down, except jagger bomb which is close to mixed veggie u r showing. Since wives were there n they were on the feed looks like it didn't matter what we put down.
  3. SoHa 6/16

    Good job dirtyd2. Yep, think we would have filled the box too if we could have stayed out.
  4. SoHa 6/16

    Whatahoot: For some reason double orange crush on 300' cu does very well. I almost always put out a silver double orange crush on that deep copper!
  5. Time fished: 815 -1135Area fished (GPS lat/lons 0ptional): straight out to 3 miles northBest depth of water to be over: 120-138'Most productive troll direction: N/aDepth of hits: 40-50'Rigger lead lengths: 20'Number of fishermen aboard: 3Best lures & colors: see belowSurface temp: 65Down temp for hits (if known): Troll speed: 2.5 - 3Number and kind of fish caught: f for 6; 2 kings, laker, coho n steelie815 lost steelie on uv spoon on slider with main SUV alewife down 57',845 steelie 120fow, 8 colors , red or silv spoon 910, coho, 120fow, rigger, 63', SUV Alewife10;15, 34" king, 128', dipsey on 3 141' out; Gr Frog BTI n meat rig10;45; small coho 300' copper on double or spoon11;15 131fow, small king, 300' copper; ghostbuster BTI n meat rig.Were knocking them off pretty steady doing circles in the 128'-138' area. then motor died and could not get it started.Boat Us came out n towed us in. Need some serious work done on the 130HP 4 stroke Honda; getting plenty of gas; could be ethanol clogged up injectors n fuel rack or electrical problem.Beautiful nice cloudy day; little choppy early then lazy 1-2' swells after that.Had to bring boat home instead of at storage barn in SoHa. Will take to Jackson marina Monday. Report to moderator (?) Dan Agnello, Hockey Puck, on the Reel Woman!Kings 11Coho 24Steelies 1Lakers 5
  6. SoHa 6/8 1/3, coho in 176' on double or crush on 300 copper. worked 100-200 fow; not many marks. Coho, she was loaded with alewives. Had small eggs. No fin clip! Beautiful day on the lake! Guy at launch fished by us was 4-7, but morning bite, 630-8.
  7. SoHa 5/31

    Ed B! Hope u r wrong about cottonwood jinx!!! Lol
  8. SoHa 5/31

    Thks, good job! Going out probably Wed with group that is new n need to find them fish. Send me a text if u get any reports Mon or Tues! Thks Dan 517-750-7452
  9. SoHa 5/31

    Wind wasn't a problem: lack of fish was!!! Normally SW wind is ideal. We'll get em next week!!!
  10. SoHa 5/31 First skunk of the season; had small coho on in 175fow but got off quickly; probably on slider. Had two other trips on riggers with no one home! Fished 85-195'. 1-3s settled down to nice lazy 1-2s. Surface temp was 54 all the way to 195. In 194 fiw checked water did find 46 degree water 95' down; set lines down there n still no hits. Very few marks. Beautiful day on the lake!!
  11. That's a big Steelie Bob. I'm not surprised it tore up your copper; even a smaller steelie will dance on the water into everything! Great job! We r headed to SoHa Wed n have yet to tie into a steelie; n none of SoHa reports I've seen so far have mentioned any steelies. Can't believe they r way out in the lake rhis time of the year.
  12. Cisco Rid Holder System

    Cisco Rid Holder System Anyone have any experience with Cisco rod holders. Would appreciate reviews/comments. thks
  13. Holland 5-26 AM

    Good job! thks for report
  14. SoHa 5 24 3 for 4; Fished 40'-130'; small king, coho n laker. 104' rigger down 57' red purple uv spoon, laker 65' rigger bouncing bottom small tin can dodger glo green spin n glo king 114' dipsey on 3 out 121' on jagger bomb spoon speed a little hot 2.5-3 sog 1_3s building to 2-3s; nice day out there,