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  1. Large Salmon Catch in Great Lakes

    Nice hogs
  2. Large Salmon Catch in Great Lakes

    Not sure how much those big fish weighed; probably mid to upper 20s. On solar eclipse day we caught nice 22lb king in Frankfort. Biggest king on my Grady White in past 6 years. Ended up 4 for 5 that morning. In my old 12’ boat, my biggest fish was in early 80s, a 30lb king in Manistee Lake near the Stonach launch by the Little Manistee River.
  3. flourocarbon leaders

    Thanks, I will experiment with same baits on mono vs fluori leaders n see if it makes any difference!
  4. Power Winches

    Great! Thanks! I’ll check them out! And, Merry Christmas!
  5. Power Winches

  6. Power Winches

    In January finally going to put power winch on my boat trailer. Need at least 2500lb, nothing fancy, just need local control in device without remotes etc. Any suggestions, recommendations? Will fit in my tandem axle Trailmaster trailer! Thanks, And, Merry Christmas
  7. Braid

    Cortland Black Spot is Bk/White and I also use Suffux green. At least 35lb.
  8. Good job Nice temp differential
  9. Holland am, 9-21

    Good job. Out of my spread of 6 or 8 rods I usually put meat on 2 or 3 rods, especially riggers. In late August, our 22# king in Frankfort came on Capt John King Ghostbuster flasher and meat rig.
  10. Braid

    For my dipseys, backing on rigger reels with mono leader, n copper n core backing 35# Cortland Spectron Black Spot braid.
  11. Salmon Jerky

    Thanks for sharing. Brine is similar to what I use!!!! I'll have to try it with my smoker.