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  1. Braid

    Cortland Black Spot is Bk/White and I also use Suffux green. At least 35lb.
  2. Good job Nice temp differential
  3. Holland am, 9-21

    Good job. Out of my spread of 6 or 8 rods I usually put meat on 2 or 3 rods, especially riggers. In late August, our 22# king in Frankfort came on Capt John King Ghostbuster flasher and meat rig.
  4. Braid

    For my dipseys, backing on rigger reels with mono leader, n copper n core backing 35# Cortland Spectron Black Spot braid.
  5. Salmon Jerky

    Thanks for sharing. Brine is similar to what I use!!!! I'll have to try it with my smoker.
  6. I don't by that crap about the bigger boats can make wake due to steerage. My middle son has a 37' Twin engine Silverton in St Joe n he has no problem observing the no wake rules. The law should apply to all! The problem is some boat operators (notice I didn't say captains) just don't care about others and some don't think. The other main problem is you don't need a license to pilot a boat and this time of year many of them prove it. More than once past few weeks had to tell people to not cut off my back lines and run parralel until we can all clear lines! Not sure if they know what copper and lead lines are either.
  7. That's what I was hoping for when I hand lined it in.
  8. Wasn't 400' of copper. Did have small amount of yellow braid backing and a faded orange walleye board!
  9. PS: While pulling in dipsey, we found n old copper line n inline board attached to it. If you know anyone that lost one, let me know and I'll mail it to them.