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  1. Man there is just no pattern as of late. Appreciate the honest reports as much if not more than the hero shots. Note hero reference not pointed at Dan Agnello's post as he reports straight up and deserved that beat down in GH a few weeks ago.
  2. No, city launch on Harbor Island currently being updated and may or may not be open.
  3. One I cleaned yesterday had two spines and two partially digested 5-6” fish in it, round cross section not flat I’m pretty sure they were smelt.
  4. Trying to sort out some issues with the boat. Trolled out front for half an hour before it died, again. Pulled lines got it fired back up and got back into Mac. Swapped out a few things trolled in there for an hour and a half (motor purred like a kitten) with constant marks with the downriggers bumping fish but never a hook up. Was a perfect night but just like every other year forces conspire against me to catch kings in the spring. It's kinda funny to a point...
  5. Lake Ontario spoon wasn’t it? Kind of like NK great spoon but didn’t get far beyond its home lake…
  6. We were 4/7 south of Saugatuck bite got better as the day went on. Fished 10am to 1:30. Had to find pockets of the cleanest water available in one case we had our outer board 50’ from the beach boat sitting on the first sand bar in 2.5’ of water. Two of our fish were as small of not smaller than the one you got. We ran 2.5-3.1 as the motor ran better north bound in the tail wind with a little extra throttle after sitting idle for six months.
  7. Those Thin Fins have seen some stuff...
  8. I recall stories of when the bubbler wasn’t there and you waded as close as you dared to the drop off where the hot water was pumped across the beach.
  9. So when they close the plant can we plan on the channel filling up?
  10. Never seen it less than 7’ deep through there but the lake can move a lot of sand in a hurry.
  11. Thanks for the update. Be careful on the slime around those docks - member at another site I regular took a spill last fall and it ended up becoming fatal.
  12. Standard green flounder pounder is a steady producer for me. Tried many others this one just keeps working.
  13. Should be some steelhead trickling into the river by then. Little early for lakers or whitefish around the piers as the lake will likely be a little too warm yet. Little too late for kings in close and St. Joe doesn't get too many of those any more. But casting any bright spoons around the piers or in the river channel should stand a decent chance of finding a silver bullet.
  14. FBD

    twisted mono

    Not sure how to prevent it, but to remove it cut the lure / swivel off, trail the line out behind the boat and let it drag for a while. It will un-twist itself. Is it with the same lure every time? Could be something is out of tune...
  15. Not sure if one's better than the other, but I like fighting fish on wire a whole lot more. Braid may be better if you have a lot of newbies on board though. Wire is pretty unforgiving.
  16. Cool. Have yet to see them down here but one was taken in Muskegon this summer. Michigan DNR forever "there is no natural salmon reproduction" then they were like "there may be a little salmon reproduction" and now it's like "about 75% of the kings are naturally reproduced". In the mean time this little plant of pinks slowly expands across the great lakes...
  17. No worries. It's frustrating but fun when it works, and the fish are usually really nice. Forgot to add that I roll right along at 2.5mph give or take, which scares the crap out of the guys drowning worms.
  18. Yep, planers and cranks. Just when you think you know what kind and color they want, another one becomes the hot bait, so I shotgun each trip based on conditions and then try to dial in color / type / depth if I get enough hits to make a pattern. Try to play chicken with the drop offs as the fish like to hold against them. My biggest walleyes have come on J-plugs looking for kings though. Which is weird as if they are targeting big lures, I also run a lot of deep thundersticks for kings and have never had a walleye hit one of those.
  19. "My dad and I see tons of guys slow trolling the drop offs in the summer and they few guys I hear from say you'll pick some up but you'll also be dealing with catfish and sheephead left and right" And sailboat races, and ignorant power boaters, and territorial so called walleye charters that will run you over when you're the only other boat fishing. I swear though it's about 10 sheep per walleye, and one cat fish per walleye. At least the sheep are easy to tell as they hit and fight hard and tend to head up to the top. The cats stay down and head shake and every one makes you think it's a 30" walleye until it isn't.
  20. Fished Holland Harbor Friday night and did my part to help strain the weeds out of the channel and lake. Cycling through rods non-stop to keep them clean. No marks at all out front in the 54 degree water so didn't waste time in there. In two passes down the channel didn't see much to stay in there either, so went into Mac. Had one big rip in there, missed one hit, and caught three (3) small sheep. Pulling lines in the near dark looked over and one rod tapped a couple times like a perch hitting a minnow, but the board didn't move. Looked suspicious so we pulled that one next and found a 21" walleye hanging out. Mac has walleye but it's a tough nut to crack. I fished it six times this year and caught walleye twice. Granted, when I do catch them, they are very nice, healthy fish. I crack up when I clean the walleye we catch on the bay - a 20" walleye in the bay barely cracks 3# but the same fish from Mac is usually 4#+.
  21. What river south of the Pere Marquette pumps any kings back into the lake? Saugatuck should be increased by 100% getting all the Holland plants. These fish don't only support 1 or 2 days of harbor fishing 2-3 years after they are planted, the support the local fishery for the 2-3 years until they run.
  22. I'll take them out on any of their 2' wave forecast in my 14'. After that, they'll be motivated to get it right,
  23. My 87 year old father in law watched me throw back a 14" coho in disgust. Product of the depression and ate a lot of sucker paddies as a wee lad. From now on he has my wife make sure that all legal coho and walleye are steered his way. "Release to grease"
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