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  1. I know you just bought a boat so you’re used to spending $$$ but cannonball prices are stupid these days.
  2. 10-12 and those are on manuals. Anything lighter and you get a ton of blow back and poor hook up’s.
  3. Cool never heard of that one. Can you get more?
  4. Did you choose the pug life, or did the pug life choose you?
  5. Producer’s brand made a lot of knock offs in the day but they’ve been closed a while. I know they had a “banana” lure in their inventory.
  6. It could be a Flatfish, a Kwikfish, or a Mag Lips. I don’t think it’s a mag lips as they have more pronounced eyes. A flat fish should have a size number molded into it.
  7. Second Mystic. Did my 309’s myself. Also greased the drags. Back off the drags when storing the reels. Work over a cookie sheet. I remember an incredibly small spring and pawl falling out only way I knew where to put it back was the grime was missing where it was…
  8. Trolled the beach south of Holland this afternoon. Nothing from the piers to the dune climb. Slid out to 20’ after we turned around. Nothing there either. About a mile from the piers slid out to 27’ or so and had a pull back on a planer board we lost - 2 color orange edge flutter devle. Then the other two color went off green dolphin DW. Rigger down 23’ fifty pulls back went DW mag green dolphin. Ended up with a pair of nice lakers both fell off in the net so it seems they were not too aggressive. Fishing in January in hoodies and no gloves. Weird.
  9. $2 rectangular stone Because it works Hook needs to hang on a fingernail with no pressure applied
  10. Slid behind a freighter in Grand Haven once. Not sure what it pulled off the bottom but it mangled my prop.
  11. Seems to me the more the salmon are showing themselves the less likely I am to be hooking any. Frustrating.
  12. Cranks / spoons / sticks. I’ve caught a lot of really nice walleye on J plugs.
  13. I also need to run my Saugatuck spread in Tawas to show those Huron guys a few things. They seem to be stuck in a rut granted it works but I could leverage a paradigm shift and make it a win win synergy for all shareholders. Granted the Tawas guys are very good at finding fish - they have structure and currents and offshore winds and all kinds of things our 25’ a mile sand shelf doesn’t offer. Much more dynamic over there.
  14. 70’ of water mag moonshine 225’ copper. I’ve gotta run my Tawas spread down here sometime and see what I can do preferably under better conditions. I’ve taken quite a few in closer when conditions have been better but this was the deepest by about 35’.
  15. I have caught rainbows in tribs of the Grand and Kalamazoo where they are not planted so I know steel naturally reproduce down here. Whether they leave and run the gauntlet of everything that wants to eat them and make it to the big lake in any appreciable numbers I can’t say. When I trapped and there were way more salmon running I would find them in ag drains with their backs out of the water. I found a dead coho in a drainage ditch at the (Todd farm) Fennville farm unit. So we know the kings are making the effort down here just not sure if those creeks allow the parr enough resources to mature.
  16. Also I believe 2022 was the last king plant for Holland. I wish those fish were split up between Saugatuck and South Haven but I think they were allotted somewhere else.
  17. What I cannot find is proof the DNR clips all, or some, or none of the kings any longer. I thought they switched the CWT program over to steel and stopped clipping kings but I cannot prove that. I also thought the fish stock info had a column for tags / fin clips - I know it used to but now I don't see it. That said my results align with yours - a clipped king was a rare catch this year.
  18. Kind of surprised that wrapped up so quickly. Good for the family.
  19. At least the guy had a plan and let people know. Two guys went out of Port Sheldon a couple years ago and weren’t reported missing for 2 days. No sign of them or the boat ever found. We we’re out last night with 2md and sucked it up. One hit on a rigger in 50 down 42 solid fish crazy first run but ran the boat while I was taking off the fixed slider. Caught a 12” master angler white perch out front to avoid the skunk. Both on a standard flounder pounder.
  20. I’ve seen tan fish with orange meat. And silver fish that were hardly worth smoking.
  21. Looking at the buoy and the forecast not one bit has changed. Go back out do what you've been doing and I'd expect similar results.
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