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  1. Nets around Whitehall

    How much of that "vandalism" is from people running over or running gear into poorly marked nets? We ran down the markers one time, on the Badger of all things. Bounced them right down the side of the ship at 15 knots.
  2. Solid cooler and chunky coho.
  3. I helped validate two patents that ate used now industry wide on vehicle suspensions. Both started with a guy asking "what if we...". If you do the math, with standard rigger cable and especially coated cable, your cable at about 70' down has more surface area and thus causes more blowback than the cannonball. I got some thinner cable from McMaster Carr but with thin cable and 10# sharks my out downs got way in front of my 12# round ball coated cable probe trigger, so I went back to normal cable in those to keepp them all in a row. I'll bounce bottom in 140' with a 10# shark, in fact they're not 10# any more as the bottoms are ground flat.
  4. I'm an engineer. This is pretty cool.
  5. SoHa 7/3

    I'm sure that makes the op feel better. Care to share details?
  6. Fished that same water and ended up 3/4, two small kings and a 9# fall back steel. Went to the beach and broke off a brown. Had most my stuff 40' and higher, seems like I should gave fished deeper.
  7. That's the proper way. Hell of a fish. Did you get a weight?
  8. Holland 5-25pm Took my oldest out today, to get s brown for a year long derby we are in, before they dry up. Was not expecting heavy chop. I mean like we probably should not be out in 51 degree water in a 14'. And the wind never let up. Set up trolling with them and hit a 14" king setting lines, j11 silver rap off a bird. Missed a hit on a Jerry Lee mini streak one color, then took another punk king that smoked a f11 blue rap. Then a 4# laker on a mixed veggie mini streak on the other one color. All these fish went back. We had to stay out in 15-20' as the waves were breaking on the second sand bar. Being shoved sideways isn't fun. At this point she laid down on the floor to take a nap and I slugged into them. Boat control was a nightmare so I wasn't expecting much. Certainly wasn't expecting the blue rap bird rod to start screaming. Kicked Andrea awake and she got the rod and I crazy Ivan'ed the boat to get the poor man's auto pilot working (waves on stern) so I could clear lines as this fish was going where ever. Lines cleared I dropped it out of gear to slow it down, and we were still rolling 1.2mph just drifting. As usual Goof did just fine and I netted an 11#+ steel. Not the brown we were looking for but I'll take it. We quit since half the lines were in and it was now a cauldron for the row boat, and went and stopped for ice cream, as that's our thing. Just days ago it seemed she was too small to see out of the boat; next fall she starts high school.
  9. Great report by the way. Keep them coming for those if us trapped in our cubicles.
  10. Don't run it / sold all my meat gear. I have caught my own ales but they don't hold up as well as herring. Having been thrown off Captain King's site I was tongue in cheek joking about how he changes his spots depending on what he sells. Builds great stuff, I'll say that. But when I posted about running Michigan made Eppinger spoons for browns off in line planers I was a heretic, but now that he makes spoons you have to run them. I bet once he starts 3-d printing plugs those will be the only things that catch browns.
  11. I think this may be the first year they went to clipping steelhead and not kings any longer. I thought you had to run meat and those who stuck with spoons were idiots. I mean you have to run rapalas to catch browns too, right?
  12. Had a day on the Zoo where my wife's side of the boat had a Tadpolly, a WiggleWart, and a Hot and Tot to my mag lips. The good news is I got to fight a fish. Her side of the boat doubled.
  13. 3.0, 3.5, good colors. I fished them for an hour on a day I knew were on browns, in fact I experimented with a lot of stuff that day, and it was 3 fish to 8 on my side versus the proven side of the boat, mine coming on Shad raps and a Jr. Streak.
  14. Naked. I bought a pile this winter as they were God's gift to river steelhead fishing. After 17 hook ups on anything but mag lips to 0 hook ups on mag lips while running my proven stuff on one side and mag lips on the other, I returned all the unopened ones. Glad to see Great Lakes Angler has turned into a Mag Lips infomercial.
  15. Saugatuck 5-15 pm Took my dad and middle daughter out last night. Bait for the most part has jumped into the river. Good luck spawning guys. Herd of sheep at the piers. We fished 15-20' and were busy all night until the lightning chased us off. At one point 2 rods were in holders, and five hooked up. J-11 orange rapala on a one color was the only rod that never got bit. Took two on a paddle and fly. 3.5 mag lips off yellowbirds best.