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  1. Oh, one dock still in. Bet that changes with the forecast I'm seeing.
  2. Big log with rope off it floating where you turn west coming out of the launch. 2x10 stuck vertically in the sand where it opens up to the cove on the north. Huge log apparently stuck in the channel with about 6" above the surface, which did not move between going out and coming back in. That said, it started rough and only got more rough Saturday afternoon. We hooked and lost a nice laker setting up with the waves at the pier, on a silver blue edge flutter delve down 8 back 50. At the bubbler got about a 6# steel on a black silver J-11 rapala 40' off the outer bird. Pulling lines at the piers took a 2# brown on a gold red HB thin fish. Wind was raw and wicked. But I've been wanting to get out for a while so I scratched the itch. And after the beating we took, it may be a while before I get itchy again.
  3. 2017 Bigwater Catches

    I too will target the drum. Those are some hogs.
  4. Fall run

    Biked down there and ate lunch while watching the show. Saw one porpoise. Kids flossing in the chute lost one and caught a nasty looking male of about 8#. Lots of tourists taking pictures including a Corvette group. That is all...
  5. If it wasn't flat and sunny a map like that makes me want to be rolling yellow birds in 8'.
  6. Holland 9-30 pm Launched at the Tiara launch, by the time we hit the green can we had a 17# hen salmon and a 6# brown (that's new) in the cooler. Thought we had something going. Then nothing but sheep...
  7. I have 50' of mono over braid on my slide divers and run all of that out before snapping the diver in place on the line. Spoons also. Spinnies get about 20' leads to keep them from eating my other lines. Same leads on my riggers. Add a pair of planer boards with deep thundersticks or snap weights with spoons or J's and I can pull a mean spread off my 14'. A coupe years ago there was a guy in an old blue fin losing his mind as I had a pair of boards out like 15'. We were 5/6 that night with five hits on the boards. Next Saturday come out here's the same Blue Fin pulling two boards per side way out in the fog yelling at everyone to give him room. It was so foggy that day we skipped boards, but had a diver go off the find a nice king tangled up in our line towing a plug and a two color. Nothing like hearing people talk, hearing a drag light up on another boat, and not being able to see them.
  8. All reports have been bleak. Maybe time to look for steel half way to Wisconsin?
  9. I hate September about as much as June... Maybe more.
  10. Braid

    It's got a top shot of 30# mono on it for the slide diver to ride on that gets replaced a lot, and it's faded, but it still holds fine. And yes I'm cheap!
  11. Have to double check on the drowned river mouth lakes if we can jig the channel like I did, what, 30 years ago in Holland. Those were some cold bike rides. But the pier heads will certainly be open for jigging.
  12. Braid

    I've had the same 50# Spiderwire on my diver rods since 2003.
  13. Second week in October I've limited out on steel in 8' and steel 17 miles out over 330'. With Lakers open year round now I'm looking forward to targeting them as the season winds down, as we catch a lot in close up until ice forms.