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  1. Trolled the piers in the fog. Little bit creepy. Ended up 3/4 with 3 browns and a king, but only one worth keeping, which was a 6# brown that hit the second rod I set. Pier guys were plenty busy. Also caught three ales - we were checking lures constantly. Surprised no kings have found the piers yet.
  2. Pretty much your only option. Head straight out until you hit the river channel. The launch itself can be a bit of a trick to get to. $10 I believe.
  3. Dropped my daughter off at an overnight open house with a senior (grrr) in Glenn so it lined up well to hit South Haven. Took a kid from church that is cursed to catch big kings. Every other boat at the cleaning station will have a mature king or three and we have a bunch of 2#. We set up in 65' thinking we'd box a laker or two on the way out and I would not be worried if we didn't get a king until 120'. 200' copper takes off at 105' with a nice king (SS mag blue dolphin). Rigger pumps and pops no one home (SS mag green dolphin 65' down). Then the half core (glow edge mixed veggie nailer) digs in hard. After a tough fight I drop a fish on the floor and we just stare at it. The girth was insane. Scaled out at 23.12#. Copper goes again with a 9# king then the wire diver back 180' with a green glow spinny and green glow fly digs in, 14# king. It went again, 20# king, diver didn't trip. That was fun. Rigger misses again, so I tighten the release way down, and the next time it fires and takes off screaming. But a high teens king - it wasn't his day yet - and he ran into the diver and got loose. Decided to troll in at 8 and in 100' hit an 11# laker on the wire diver. Could not plane out with 100# of fish, water, and ice in the cooler on the bow.
  4. The five kings we had Saturday only one was planted. However, all had empty stomachs except one had one alewife in it that was mostly digested. The fish were fat and healthy and pulled like cold water kings should. How much must a salmon suck at being a salmon if they can't find an alewife right now?
  5. Current is a bit of a trick though.
  6. That current was crazy. I was at half throttle to hold steerage.
  7. Pulling lines at nine with lightning getting too close we had the inner board get ripped. Boxed a six pound brown with the spoon so far in its gills that the boat looked like a crime scene when we done.
  8. Dredge at channel. Would not be that bad if every buoy didn't have 30-40' of 1" poly trailing behind it waiting to eat a prop. Gonna happen. No bait at the piers. Currently in 4' off Tunnel park looking for browns and hotties on the beach. Conditions bot great for either.
  9. Three for three, but all in the last half hour. Threw back a small king and 14" Brown that favored a junior flutterdevle in mongoose off a one color core. Kept a 4# Brown that liked the monkey puke stinger off the other one color that's been hot as of late. Nothing in 15-30' on the south troll.
  10. Double digit on that bottom brown? That's a fatty.
  11. Went inside all the coho boats and worked the beach, got a nice brown in there. Then ran out to 60 and caught a nice steel and a nicer Laker. Then nothing for a long time, then another Laker. Gave up on that and hit the beach again, got one more brown to close out. Coho bite seemed really spotty but the Lakers were playing in 60-70'.
  12. Agreed. The walleye color shad rap looks exactly like a goby.
  13. Oh, one dock still in. Bet that changes with the forecast I'm seeing.
  14. Big log with rope off it floating where you turn west coming out of the launch. 2x10 stuck vertically in the sand where it opens up to the cove on the north. Huge log apparently stuck in the channel with about 6" above the surface, which did not move between going out and coming back in. That said, it started rough and only got more rough Saturday afternoon. We hooked and lost a nice laker setting up with the waves at the pier, on a silver blue edge flutter delve down 8 back 50. At the bubbler got about a 6# steel on a black silver J-11 rapala 40' off the outer bird. Pulling lines at the piers took a 2# brown on a gold red HB thin fish. Wind was raw and wicked. But I've been wanting to get out for a while so I scratched the itch. And after the beating we took, it may be a while before I get itchy again.
  15. FBD

    2017 Bigwater Catches

    I too will target the drum. Those are some hogs.