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  1. Seen fish like that, missing gill plates, spines with a kink or even bent into a "Z". Caught a brown with no lower jaw. All seemed fat and healthy. Great story on the rod.
  2. How did they figure out it was yours? Just curious. I've got my name in the container with all my gear but not on any one knife.
  3. Jeep Grand Cherokee is supposed to be able to Ford 24". Not sure I want to try...
  4. May I ask what port? Fishing the beach for steel a couple years ago and my guest's side of the boat is kicking my butt. Finally see a hit and the fish is right off the board. He was setting the plugs 10-15' back to my 50-75.
  5. FBD


    Airbags are probably not a fun way to wake up. If this happens to you, take as much of your gear off your boat as possible. Then demand that they tow it back to somewhere you have control of the situation. Too many stories of equipment and tools being taken from cars and boats that get impounded. When I balled up my car a few weeks ago, I waited until the cops left, then drove it home. Not really legal but I was getting calls from the company that wanted to buy it from me within four hours. And even after I signed the settlement and kept the car, they still call.
  6. "Action Stackers" Otherwise known as "Scooter Clips" Hopefully DW bought out the rights having learned from when they screwed over Bechold by making a direct copy of the Fishcatcher.
  7. Fished the shore to the south last night. Beautiful water, stain, nice chop, some clouds, 51-54 degrees. Had a good rip on a monkey puke stinger off a one color about a mile south but it got loose. Then we ran into cat tails and junk, at first so bad it was hard to troll, then so bad we could not even drive the boat. Had to pack up and run out to 25' to get clean enough water to troll back. Nothing out there.
  8. DNR stopped planting browns south of Pentwater last year. Never the less, we are going to try for them soon.
  9. I use 10# on my short cores for browns. I cut it off when the steelhead show up and also to use them as SWR's on the riggers. With all the variables that come into play, it's all but impossible to say that something works better than something else. If you think it helps, then it helps.
  10. I remember fishing some Stinger Tournament in Muskegon and coming into the channel at the same time as him, and thinking "man, that is one sweet boat". Then he made some comment about racing, and all I recall was I burned a pile of gas but was winching my boat up on the trailer when he pulled up to the dock at Fisherman's Landing. I hope he was thinking "man, that's one fast boat"
  11. Caught my first king in 1979 and have been running a boat since the late 80's before I had a driver's license. Back when you had to register your VHF and have a call sign to begin a transmission. 20# Big Game on my rigger rods, except my bottom pounding for lakers / meat rig rods. Those are 50# braid with a 25' top shot of 30# Ande.
  12. Probably the only time there won't be weeds there. DNR is going to have fun enforcing the new law about removing all weeds from your trailer at that launch.
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