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  1. I have 50' of mono over braid on my slide divers and run all of that out before snapping the diver in place on the line. Spoons also. Spinnies get about 20' leads to keep them from eating my other lines. Same leads on my riggers. Add a pair of planer boards with deep thundersticks or snap weights with spoons or J's and I can pull a mean spread off my 14'. A coupe years ago there was a guy in an old blue fin losing his mind as I had a pair of boards out like 15'. We were 5/6 that night with five hits on the boards. Next Saturday come out here's the same Blue Fin pulling two boards per side way out in the fog yelling at everyone to give him room. It was so foggy that day we skipped boards, but had a diver go off the find a nice king tangled up in our line towing a plug and a two color. Nothing like hearing people talk, hearing a drag light up on another boat, and not being able to see them.
  2. All reports have been bleak. Maybe time to look for steel half way to Wisconsin?
  3. I hate September about as much as June... Maybe more.
  4. Braid

    It's got a top shot of 30# mono on it for the slide diver to ride on that gets replaced a lot, and it's faded, but it still holds fine. And yes I'm cheap!
  5. Have to double check on the drowned river mouth lakes if we can jig the channel like I did, what, 30 years ago in Holland. Those were some cold bike rides. But the pier heads will certainly be open for jigging.
  6. Braid

    I've had the same 50# Spiderwire on my diver rods since 2003.
  7. Second week in October I've limited out on steel in 8' and steel 17 miles out over 330'. With Lakers open year round now I'm looking forward to targeting them as the season winds down, as we catch a lot in close up until ice forms.
  8. Camp Breakfast

    "Hearty". Understatement? That would be a one meal fir the day breakfast for me.
  9. Cooler 1 of 2. Cooler 2 of 2 in progress with a couple hogs in the mix. Silver red head size 5 J plugs, walleye bait of choice. 10# and didn't trip the rigger.
  10. More fun in the harbor: My last daughter was born the first week of October. We scheduled her weekly doctor's appointments leading up to her birth at 10am and I'd fish before them. If the fish were in, I'd miss them. Third kid wife didn't mind. My oldest and I were late to my middle daughter's birthday party as just as we were pulling lines on an afternoon trip we hit a double. I was at the Outdoorsman in Jenison buying replacement tackle from the trip the night before and grabbing lunch when my second daughter decided to be born much faster than expected in Zeeland after zero progress all morning. Remember that big bump on Chicago Drive in that area? You could launch a Grand Cherokee a long ways off it back then. I crossed lines with a kid throwing a Cleo, and I cut his line and told him to wait. When we came back around I threw it to him, but it hit the rail and fell into the channel. So I dug one out of my box and threw it way over him, where he spent a while digging it out of the sand. I chopped a fillet off a salmon in the channel and traded it for a hamburger someone was grilling at the state park. Finished out a trip with Dave Mull having an Ace Hi hanging off his thumb, as we were on fish. I've netted a fish for another boat while riding back in, a walleye guy jigging that took off chasing a surprise king across Mac. I've had a guest threaten to shoot a king that hung up just out of netting range (he was legal to carry, but we agreed that while Alaskans shoot halibut we probably should not shoot kings, especially in traffic). Back when I had two weeks vacation I took a week off each year just to fish harbors. Had a 500# week in the three fish era, picking up strangers on the pier to stay out fishing. I threw so many carcasses in the field next to my house that run that the cats and vermin could not keep up and my neighbor got an unwelcome surprise walking to his stand on opening day of bow season. We laugh about it now and he cuts through my lawn. Only guy in Saugatuck in the dark, setting the first rod in the release when a king ripped it from my fingers and somehow broke the line. Being a freshly charged J plug I followed him until it slid up the line and popped to the surface. We caught two fish that day with a CO's john boat tied off to my Four Winns and the CO helping to crew as he didn't have much choice at that point. Tried to send a fish with him but he didn't have a cooler. I miss those days.
  11. Labor Day 2011 my wife, buddy and I limited out with 12 kings, three coho, and a 10.4# walleye in the afternoon. A brutal cold north wind and 4-6' waves out front kept fishing and pleasure boat traffic to a minimum, and warm water and low current kept the fish piled up at Big Red. We did not want to quit, so we called my nephew to pick up our oldest daughter from the sitter, and another cooler, and caught 10 more kings after picking them up at the launch. If I can find it there is a picture of 15 fish in a cooler that won't close, sitting on the back seat of my friend's Oldsmobile. He drove around Mac to clean them at the cleaning station, but the DNR was there and he suddenly realized he had three limits and one license, so he took them home and brought them to the station five at a time. I caught more kings that afternoon than I have in the last three seasons combined.
  12. This is the first year in a long time I remembered the rocks stick out more than the break wall. First year I haven't stuck a diver firmly in the rocks on my first pass. We launch by the Tiara docks in the no wake zone. My record, back in the three king limit era, was 47 minutes dock to dock. We set up at the green can and were 4/4 by Big Red that night, went 6/10 by the time we were done.
  13. Was really hoping this was going to be the report where someone got into them. We had the same thing in Port Sheldon last Saturday, marks and bait, small balls, at 40 over 105'. Loose bait and hooks at 80 down. Hits came deep but the temp break was deeper that night.
  14. I was well outside of the channel, however, you are responsible for your wake. He could have waited 10 more seconds to open it up until he was last the couple boats working the piers. I'm sure this guy knew what kind of wake his boat threw and just didn't care. I got stopped for excessive wake going 4.3 mph in my 14' in the channel. While listening to the drivel from the sheriff we were rocked by the wakes of several 35-50' boats, but that was OK as they have to go that fast to maintain steerage per the sheriff.
  15. Three hours at the piers in perfect conditions yesterday morning. Even mark some bait and / or perch. Not a bump, didn't see any one else hook up, never saw anybody on the pier hook up. Went into Mac to look for walleye but within five minutes every rod was covered in salad. Back home sleeping at 9 am. On a bright note, I just about hit a Sea Ray with no nav lights on at 5:45, and had some monster of a boat try to plane out right next to me throw such a wake that it tripped both my riggers and divers and sent my front seat crew member to the floor. He thought he was going to fall out of the boat. I thought we were rolling over. At least a 4' breaking sheer wave that I had to spin and gun the throttle to take bow first or we would have rolled.