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  1. FBD

    I'm New Kind of..

    No one told him to buy three of everything, so if one gets hot you can load up?
  2. Targeted walleye last night. Got a 4# right away and then thought we were going to beat up on them, but maybe 8-10 sheep and a 6# pike until the traffic got to be too much and we gave up at 8:30. Clipped the gills on the walleye and while the inside of my cooler looks like a murder scene, I pulled a pair of the most beautiful fillets you'll ever see off that fish.
  3. Fished south of Holland, actually pretty close to Saugatuck last night in the 48 degree water on the beach. Found some gulls feeding in a small pocket of green water than had bait in it - we marked bait, could see bait, snagged some alewifes. And it was full of trout. Big, mean, hook and leader destroying steel and nice eater browns. We ended up 7/13 in two big hours, at one point with a quad on, just two guys in a 14' row boat. We lost one that may have been a king, broke off a master angler steel that ran the boat then did a 180 and tore off snapping a 12# leader like nothing. Broke 4 hooks yesterday, three on rapalas and one on a moonshine mag. Those were all steel as they were out of the water before you could get to the rod Moonshine magnum double trouble took 4 hits, as did a blue F11 rapala 60' off a yellow bird. Goldilocks Stinger took 2, the one each on a red thin fish, J11 silver black rapala, and a sliver black prism junior thunderstick. Browns were 3, 3, and 7#, steel we kept were 8.5, 9, and 12# and we flipped a 10-11# out of the net as not to be greedy as he was in good shape. The fish that broke off was 14+ easy, and two we lost were well into the double digits and just could not be stopped. Was a crazy time. Working in Indiana right now and seriously considering skipping lunch and commuting 2.5 hours back up to the lake for another shot.
  4. FBD


    Trolling bags are more versatile than a trolling plate, and will help "set" the boat down in the water better in any chop, but in particular in a crossing sea.
  5. FBD

    Slide divers breaking line

    Maybe a nick in a guide on the rod? I had that once and had 2-3 boards break off at the rod tip just trolling along. Q-tips are very handy for looking for sharp edges be it on guides or the divers themselves. I run heavy wall surgical tubing at the arm of the diver instead of the spring they used to provide, and maybe still do.
  6. Second that. Thanks for the report.
  7. Frank's and Northwoids are both hazardous to my wallet.
  8. Way to crap on my post. Just kidding! Knew I shouldn't have tried in close, I knew it... Great report.
  9. I second both that JDH posted and will add: Captain Chuck's in Ludington PM Expeditions a few miles south of Ludington has a pretty good selection of tackle as well. (And a great selection of booze and munchies)
  10. Wood TV says 54 on shore. I know of some steel taken on the piers. Set up at the piers and it was 65. Went 3/4 on sheep with a couple big ones that were fun. Marked lots of what looked like perch, some here and there and a huge school in 37' off the bath house. Well 65 works for browns, so down the beach we go. Got passed by a sweet old mahogany cruiser that had one of the nicest sounding v-8's I've heard in a while. Then about got ran over by a bunch of women that had 93 miles of lake to go around us but had to go in between us and the beach, and we were in 6' of water at the time. Found an ~8# dead walleye floating out there. Sad. It looked too far gone for tartar sauce to fix, not that you should put sauce on a walleye. At the dune climb at about 7:45 I recalled JDH's post about 95-100' so we ran out and set up in 95' even though we only had riggers and 1-2 colors. Put the cores up high and the riggers at 40 and 70, then noticed lots of hooks on the bottom. Dropped a green dolphin mag SS to the mud and it fired before I could sit down with a nicely colored 8# laker. Thought we had something, but as we trolled north and in the marks on the bottom dried up. Some marks and a huge bait ball in the top 40', but no takers on my high stuff. Packed up at 9 and my crew has to check into work at 5am.
  11. Best snow fence I've seen in a while. We got not one but two balloons on our last trip, but balloons are not snow fence.
  12. FBD

    Steelhead out deep

    Check the satellite maps. If you find a temp break of a couple degrees or more, go for it. Put some riggers down deep as you said lots of time kings are hiding under that break.
  13. FBD

    3 holes?

    Some Yeck and northport nailer spoojs had that.
  14. Hopefully they put them back in a v and not a straight line. I launch at a dead end by Eldean's and now it gets completely rocked by huge wakes.