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  1. I'm 4/6 on meetings this morning with a 10 am double on Ford Escape rear knuckle PPAP and GM C8 Corvette dimensional review. Missed the Daimler 8:20 and 9:30 You win.
  2. Trolling bags aren't drift socks aren't sea anchors. A trolling bag will typically be much heavier construction.
  3. I can get 2.7 without bags, 2.2 with small bags running 900 rpm's in a 260 Hp 350, on a 21' glass cuddy. You should be fine on one motor. Not sure if you'd have to run one bag to offset the power coming from off the center line of the boat.
  4. I messed up. Slide divers are modular with weights. Dipsies you get what you buy for weights and would have to swap stuff around. Probably not worth it. Both you can equip with standard and magnum rings.
  5. Yes, they will. I've run regular dipsies on M action Okumas and while they don't like it, they work. Adding a magnum weight to the diver will get some more depth without too much extra drag. The larger ring or mag diver will pull a lot harder, but get more depth too. I think magnum divers come with the heavier weight.
  6. Magnum dipsies make sure you have heavy action or dipsy specific rods. They pull hard. Good rod holders I.e. not plastic are a must.
  7. Sounds like you've done your research. I'd run the ones out the back at about a 0.5 setting and the ones off the side at about 1.5-2 to get some separation without sacrificing too much depth. Kings will destroy balsa baits.
  8. Improvise, Adapt, catch fish...
  9. Ten pounders are good, twelves are better. Shape is up for endless debate. I run 10# fish as they're easier to handle and store and don't roll around and track as well as 12# round balls. For spoons I like Offshore Medium tension downrigger releases. For attractors I run Blacks (actually Dubro brand's version) releases.
  10. No. It seems if they don't hit the beach, they scatter all over the place, or you need to head way out to where the thermocline didn't move.
  11. Broke yet? If not, try harder!
  12. Fish shallower, higher in the water column, in warmer water than you'd expect. I've never done well just after dark but have caught them as early as 1:30 am.
  13. I'll be there. April and November are my peak fishing months.
  14. More fun. I can't go to my cottage up north and take the kayak out of the garage and take it out on the lake via my private dock. I can put my kayak in my truck and drive to the launch down the road from my place up north and launch using the public dock. I can't drive to my cottage up north to do anything. I have a barn on ten acres across the way from the cottage. I can drive there as it's not a residence. I can drive to the barn, then the cottage, then the barn, then home, as it's not between residences.
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