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  1. Heck of a fish. I'd be careful posting about people fishing the harbor. There's room for one boat there, anything more and it becomes a mess. A couple springs ago we were quietly pulling fish out of there fishing spawn from kayaks, then someone caught a few in there trolling and bragged it all up and down the net. The next Saturday there were 11 boats all trying to run planer boards through the same 100 x 300 yard stretch, running over our lines (we were there before anybody) then running so close to me, when tucked up against the wall, that I could gave cracked them with my paddle. No one caught fish but a lot of tempers flared.
  2. Struggled 3-29 pm Decent conditions, clouds, some chop, a little stain in the water, 44 degrees. Trolled three miles without a bump. Let my nephew pick some lures out of his tray as mine were not doing it, and a well worn mini streak hooked up with a 15" coho. Trolled back to port and just about in the dark a board gets ripped. Huge brown, nope, little punk that got the second hook of a thunder stick stuck in his pectoral fin and came in sideways. Just beat the rain home.
  3. PSA from FBD Buddy was kind enough to point out our licenses expire on midnight on Friday. Fishing this weekend be sure to get a new one.
  4. Nephew got into them Saturday but had to slide out to 40' later in the day. Thanks for the details.
  5. From the pictures I'm not 100% sure myself. The poster is new to this and has caught very few browns, and struggled with fish ID in the past. Browns also come in lots of strains with different shapes and coloring, then throw in the river runners that color up as well. The little salmon I got Wednesday I'm not even sure it was a king or coho and really didn't even bother to try to figure out before throwing it back, trolling head long into chop that close to shore.
  6. Seen 200' out of Holland in mine. Trolled out from 60 hit 200' went yep, 200' and trolled back in. Flat calm warm Saturday night Fished 450-500' in Traverse Bay in the 14' what seemed to be about a solid 5 wood from shore. Structure, a concept growing up trolling around here, that I don't understand.
  7. Pretty fish. Hopefully the beach doesn't get too crowded. Someone post a report of coho in 230'!
  8. Not even sure I'll run the Four Winns this year, but it would have blocked the wind and laughed at that chop yesterday.
  9. Still got it, Wednesday PM Took my 13 year old out in the row boat after her ortho consultation. As I told her, we would gave to agree on what she wanted as it is my money but her teeth. Set up in ugly 2' chop but I'll take that over the dead calm east winds that were forecast. Water also had nice color and was above 40. We lost a nice brown to start the year, then cleaned off one side of the 14' in about 20 seconds landing a triple, all 3-4# browns. Trolled for 15 more minutes, turned around and hit a small 17" king and another brown. Kept the biggest brown for a coworker and let the rest go as they were not deeply hooked. Off the water by seven thoroughly cold and then she asked to stop for ice cream. Weird, but hey, my 13 year old said yes to fish in conditions most adults would not, then went 4/5 in conditikns where standing was a challenge.
  10. Ann's Custom Canvas. I think she offers a steelheaders discount.
  11. Pistols are easy, the hand held ones are a trick though. Glad I tried those before I had to learn while floating.
  12. Thanks to all who put this together, sold, and more importantly bought. I actually found both things I had to have and some stuff I didn't know I needed until I saw it, and still grossed over $150 after covering my tables. Maybe next year I'll be down to a table. Need to get my daughter and her kayak back to the river as someone cleaned out her experienced corkie stock.
  13. If coming from GR I think Dunesview Party store at exit 41 has minnows.
  14. Fished there plenty of other times later too. Point being they make it hard for me to fish when I want to fish, I'll renember that later in the year and choose my port accordingly. Also, besides the launch fee or lack there of, we tend to grab food, ice, and gas in the area. So maybe the city doesn't need my $7 but the places close by always seemed to like my cash.