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  1. My 100 coppers may have been in that range. The other baits would have been in 47 to 49ish. Sent from my SM-G970U using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  2. Motored out slowly through the cold water around 4 PM keeping an eye on the sonar for life. Found some bait in 50 FOW but kept heading SW. The water temp was 54.5 degrees right in front of the pier outside the river plume. Since we didn't mark anything in the cold water, we decided to fish the warm side of the cold water. We noticed the temps start to rise in 213 FOW. At 240 FOW we slowed it down and got set up on a SW troll. We ran a 6 rod spread tonight. Speeds were between 2.4 and 2.6. Water temp was 47.8 degrees 55 feet down. The key for us tonight was finding the right water temp and staying in it. For us, it was 57.7 degrees up to 60.5 degrees on the surface. All of the hits came in that range. We started pulling lines at 9 PM. Here's what worked: (If you're viewing this on the mobile app, this table will be a mess so see the image of it below.) Time FOW Toll Fish Bait Pole 5:10 PM 250 SW Steelhead Mag Rosta Goose 100 Cu 5:13 PM 252 SW 11# Coho Blue Flounder Braid SlideDiver w/ring, #3 setting out 120 5:37 PM 260 SW Coho Kevin's Girlfriend SpinDoc & Meat Braid SlideDiver w/ring, #3 setting out 160 5:55 PM 255 SE MISS Kevin's Girlfriend SpinDoc & Meat Braid SlideDiver w/ring, #3 setting out 160 6:27 PM 253 S MISS 8" Green paddle & green fly 250 Cu 7:09 PM 263 NE MISS Rosta Goose 100 Cu (May have been a King bite) 7:16 PM 259 NE Steelhead 8" Green paddle & green fly 250 Cu 8:10 PM 262 NE Steelhead Grn & Silver SpinDoc & fly 200 Cu 8:59 PM 256 NE Steelhead Rosta Goose 100 Cu
  3. Nice king! What did it weigh? Sent from my SM-G970U using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  4. Aren't those fun? I love it when you can set up right on top of the fish. I remember a trip where it took us 2 1/2 hours to get all 9 lines in the water because they kept getting hit. Lots of fun. Nice report.
  5. I'm glad it wasn't just me. It makes you wonder sometimes if you've forgotten how to fish or something. We had a couple of good days at the end of July. I took the kids up with me and we camped on the boat and fished. I didn't have free time to post as I was single-parenting the trips and when I wasn't doing something with the kids i was fixing gear damaged and tangled during the trip and trying to sleep. Looks like we'll be out again Wednesday and/or Thursday, depending on the weather.
  6. 8/1 AM 1 for 3 Fished the ladies classic with my daughter who is ten years old. Ladies had to reel and net the fish. We were 1 for 3. We lost 2 big kings in a 150' of water. Both were spoon bites are a high diver. A blue flounder and a green flounder. We did manage to boat a coho. There was one box of 9 fish that morning. But most people were in the 0 to 3 fish category. We did have a lot of great marks though. Lots of fish and the 130 to a 150' range. Here is the winning box. My daughter did win $20 for being the youngest captainette. 8/2 AM 1 for 1 This was a really slow morning for us. We got out very early and set lines before the sun even thought about rising. We never had a hit all morning. We fished a 6 rod spread until noon. When checking lines early we did pull in a small 3 pound king that wasn't able to trip the down rigger release. It hit on a paddle and fly down 35'. We safely released him. There was plenty of cold water. We had 45 to 47 degrees 40 feet down even in 50 FOW. In fact, the water was colder the closer you got to shore. Fished 50 to 180 FOW with only a few, midsized arches on the sonar. Boats were scattered. The charter captain that won the Ludington tournament is from Pentwater. He only got 4 fish this am. Based on the meat bags his customers were carrying i would guess 2 Lakers and 2 kings. Sent from my SM-G970U using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  7. Thanks for the heads up. That was nice of someone to flag it.
  8. Thanks for the board retrieval Ed! Sent from my LM-K500 using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  9. Does anyone know the secret formula for when the lake flips and if the fish will be in the cold water vs the warmer water? I've fished a flip before at the end of July and the kings were stacked in the cold water. I've also seen like Joel describes where the cold water isn't holding anything. Joel describes 50 degree surface temps. Is the bait looking for more like 55 degrees? Maybe the flip was too cold for them? Thoughts? Thanks for the report Joel.
  10. Cool picture and great memories. We're reminded that fishing is about so much more than the fish. When we motor in, my dad always grabs the comfy deck chair and sits back facing the wake. He will be 75 at the end of this month. He has survived 4 heart attacks. I have a great picture of him sitting there during one of our return trips. At some point, that picture and the memories will be all I have. Until then, I invite him out every chance I get. Sorry for your loss. Sent from my LM-K500 using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  11. Started setting lines at 5:30. Marked lots of bait (finally) in 45 - 55 fow. Fished that range all the way out to 170 fow. Maybe 1 hit on a 100 Cu, or it was a wave that pulled it under. Started the morning with 1 footers. Finished around 11:00 with 3 to 4s with the occasional 5. Had good water temps 45 to 60 feet down (temps in the 40s). The currents were brutal. Had to run shorter rigger leads or they would get into the wire divers. Watched waves breaking in two different directions at the same time. Because of the currents, I opted to pull the laker setup. I have had 3 skunks in the last two weeks out of Pentwater. I must be forgetting how to do this. Sheesh. At some point more fish will show up...right? [emoji1696] Sent from my LM-K500 using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
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