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  1. Great way to start of the year. Nice job. I hope to get out there this weekend as well.
  2. Had a fun trip with my son and my dad. Thanks Luke.
  3. I've always thought kings would only eat alewives. Then I stumbled across this article from 2010 where a "northwest Michigan fisheries supervisor" said they eat gobies as well: Any truth to this? Has anyone ever checked the stomach contents of a Chinook and found anything other than an alewife?
  4. I use thick rubber bands and wrap them to the poles. The dipsy divers wrap near the reel and the flashers are usually higher.
  5. The hot bait for us was a spotted dick meat rig, back 190' on a magnum dipsy diver dialed to 1.5 on a wire setup.. It took 4 fish between 131 and 141 fow. A white/glow paddle & pickled sunshine fly on a SWR (30 Cu) with the rigger ball down 75 took 1 in 138 fow. As did a glow plug with a blue ladder back on a high diver (Size #1) (braid) set on a 3 and back 200' in 121 fow. Misses were a blue glow moonshine spoon down 50 on a rigger (not sure of the fow). Missed twice on a glow plug, green ladder back down 75 in 149 fow and down 100 in 130 fow. After these boys went out on a charter last bumpy Saturday, in the rain, and got one fish, this is a pretty good haul. 4 kings and 2 Coho. The bigger kings were 18#, 14#, 14#. First fish was around 6:30 am I think. Last was around 9:30ish.
  6. Now that is an amazing catch! Wow. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G870A using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  7. I have seen that before where it is warm all the way down to the bottom 10' or so. Often it's this time of year after a west wind blows all the warm water to this side of the lake. Last weekend in Pentwater we had 42 - 44 degree water 50 feet down in 90 to 150 fow. So we didn't run into that scenario last weekend. Hopefully I can get out in the morning. I'll look for that. Thanks.
  8. What is a "ff"?
  9. GBTyeel, So I was telling my dad about your efforts and struggles to catch fish. He leans back and says in all seriousness, "Ahh, yes. He's not wetting the net. You've got to wet the net before the boat knows it's ready to catch fish. How many times has that worked for us? No fish for 3 hours, then we remember to wet the net and BAM, the fish start hitting." I laughed because that did happen a lot when I was a kid. So when all else fails, wet the net. Hopefully you can get out there this weekend and give us a good report.
  10. It turns out I have both of those. Looks like I need to get them into the water more often!
  11. Just wondering if some of you would be willing to share you "money" setups for this time of year. These are the go to setups you are confident will produce fish. If there is one or two setups that you just have to have in the water in August, what would they be? (Pictures would be great if you have them.) Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G870A using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  12. Great looking fish! Thanks for the pictures.
  13. We took our 3 youngest foster children out for a trip as the waves weren't bad at all. We ended 4 for 5 with the one we missed being a mechanical setup issue. Either the wire diver drag was too loose or the release pressure on the dipsy diver was was too strong, or a little of both. But we had a nice hit on that and fought a fish for a while, but it came off and the dipsy never released. We fished 95 - 150 fow with 115 - 125 being best. 250 Cu Blue Haze paddle & Meat rig - King 300 Cu Glow J Plug with a blue top and ladder back - King Wire Diver Setup, Magnum dipsy diver on 1.5 set back 140', spotted dick meat rig (Miss) Braid High Diver Setup, #1 sized dipsy diver on a 3 set back 130, glow J plug with a blue ladder back - King Wire Diver, Magnum dipsy diver on a 1.5 set back 155, blue spin doctor and a meet rig - Steelhead The steelhead was caught in 107 fow and the kings all between 115 and 125. The kings were a little smaller than our last trips and our youngest boy flipped the scale to measure in kilograms and could figure how to reset it. But based on the eye test they were 17#, 12# and 10# with the steelhead being 5#. Troll direction didn't seems to matter, but we did need more RPM when trolling north to keep the ball around 2.5 mph. We tried to keep it at 2.2 - 2.5 mph at the ball. No rigger hits. I run 45# copper lines.
  14. Fished Friday night off of Silver Lake and the point south of Pentwater. Was 1 - 2 in 150 fow including the biggest of the night which was a 22# king. We worked our way back in where we did better a few days early. Finished the night with a flurry of 5 fish on at the same time. I don't even know what that is called. There were only 4 of us in the boat and I don't have autopilot and someone had to net, so this was interesting. We were all fighting fish and no one was driving the boat and the 5th pole started screaming and we just looked at it, shook our heads and kept fighting our fish. We ended up with 5 kings (22#, 21#, 20#, 18#, 14#) and 2 smaller coho that were probably 4 pounds or so. Silver Horde glow plugs had many of the hits, with green and blue ladder backs doing well. Meet rigs behind a spotted dick paddle, a dark green paddle and blue spin doctor took fish as did a blue fly behind a blue spin doctor. Lines that took fish were wire poles with magnum dipsy divers set on a 1.5 and out 155' and 135'. 200 Cu, 250 Cu, 300 Cu, and riggers down 120 (for our big fish in 150 fow). When we moved in closer (95 - 115 fow) the riggers were set between 70 and 50 feet down and they both took fish. Trolling speed was 2.5 at the ball. As mentioned in a comment on another post, we also went over a bait ball so big my graph readjusted bottom from 117 fow to 20 fow. It stayed that way for about 30 yards as my rigger poles started shaking like crazy with all the fish hitting them. Once we got through the school, bottom readjusted back to 117'. I could see the leading and trailing edge of the school on the graph, but when it got thick, that is when the graph registered the top of the school as the bottom of the lake. We did not mark any big arches around the bait which was surprising.