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  1. Nice job Mike. You always seem to put your clients on fish. We sure had a good time learning from you last year. Thanks for the report.
  2. I ended up buying a new probe last summer when mine started malfunctioning. It wasn't consistently reading the temp and speed at the ball. I'm not sure the depth readout worked or not. Anyway, I think a new probe was a couple of hundred bucks. I'm assuming you've contacted FishHawk to trouble shoot this. They offered to take my probe back to work on it, but it was roughly the same cost as buying a new probe. I work in GR most Wednesdays and I'm planning to fish Pentwater this weekend. I can take your probe along and see how it runs with my set up if you want. If it doesn't work you'll know it's at least a probe issue. I'll know later today if I'll be in GR tomorrow. PM me if you want to set something up.
  3. Now that looks like fun! Thanks for the details.
  4. Throw this post in the classified section if you're selling something. I just bought 2 rail mount rod holders last week. I checked the classified listings here first and didn't see anything. Figures I'd find your post now.
  5. I just went back and checked the pictures of the kings we've gotten this year. For what it's worth, we have gotten 5 wild and 4 stocked kings.
  6. Nice! I think I need to make time to get out sometime during the week...
  7. I had one that had springs on it, that way I didn't have to remember to flip it up when motoring in and out. It worked great while trolling. I can't recall what it dropped my speed to. Steering was a little bit more difficult, but not too bad. The problem I had is the springs kept breaking. Apparently my 250 HP outboard was too much for it. I switched to trolling bags and those work well I use them when walleye fishing. I haven't needed them for salmon fishing. I agree that bags help the ride in rougher water.
  8. Dimitri, Try or
  9. Now that is a detailed post. Thanks for the info. I appreciate the lure pictures. It helps me get a good idea of what other guys are having success on.
  10. Are you running your mag lips naked or with meat attached? I've had some in the water for a couple of trips last year and twice this year and haven't had a bump on them. But, I didn't tie any herring to them either.
  11. They look nice and fat!
  12. Nice job Luke.
  13. Sounds like a lot of fun! Nice job.
  14. Yeah @The Greek, my little guy has trouble reeling in the bigger fish. So we were very content to catch the lakers and the smaller kings. He's not strong enough to pump the rod, so instead he walks backwards towards the helm and then reels in as he walks forward towards the stern. He tries his best the keep the pole upright during this process and it works pretty well for him. The kids had a blast, which is what this trip was all about.
  15. Fished 8:45 am to 4:45 pm. We lived in 40 - 50 fow. Best spot was about a quarter mile south of the north edge of the dunes and then go north 1.5 miles. I will get pictures of lures in here tomorrow. Gold and orange spoons did the most damage, plus a blue dolphin and a silver thin fin. 10 lakers, 6 kings and a small steelhead that some how ended up with two of our lures in its mouth. We had high lines with the thin fins, a SWR I threw out on a board instead of a rigger, 100 Cu, 200 Cu, and riggers down 25 and 35 all took fish. Speed at the ball averaged 2.7 mph. We had 4 doubles and were about 5 seconds away from a triple. It was a great day to take off work and pull my son out of school. First day on the water for me this year. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G870A using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App The spin doctor and fly was 1 for two, the large moonshine spoon (top left) was 0 for 2, The thin fin was 2 for 3. The others caught everything else.