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  1. Yes, that is biggest Steelie I’ve seen; good job n thanks for report.
  2. Ended up 2/4; 18 lb king on rigger slider spoon (similar to bl dolphin) w/main down 70’. 5 lb king on 300cu on jordo spoon All hits in 90-95’ fow of water about mile or two north n south of pier heads. Quite a few boats out in 85-110’; don’t know where rest of boats at launch went. Waves, dead calm, trolled 2.6-3.1Sog.
  3. 5/21 I was a pro observer for our tournament; 6 for 7, north in 27s, 100-160’, all 6-9lb kings. Then they went out 31 miles, yes no typo 31, to get some big lakers, 2-17, 16 and 15; of course they won 333. Finished 2nd in tournament pro division. 5/22 We fished straight out from piers to few miles north, 85-117’; 6 for 7, all kings; 2 on 300 cu on rv Moonshine blue jeans; riggers down 50 n 70, on wonder bread and rv WB, dipsey on 3 out 170’ on yellow bikini SD w/pickled sunshine fly. Speed 2.6-3.1Sog. 5/23 friends were 2 for 2, laker n king in 100’. 5/24 friends again were 3 for 3 in 120, but another boat got 10 in 220’.
  4. Don’t know but FBD said his was smelt. I didn’t check their guts. Sorry usually do.
  5. Oh forgot speed, run hot: 2.7-3.0 most of the time except for speed ticks. Do speed ticks (changes)up n down very often; got a lot of hits when we came down to around 2.5 for 10-15 seconds and then sped up to 3.0. I would also do my usual line ticks, aka while rods are in the holders grab the lines and make a few jerks on each line. When lines are at steady speeds the fish will follow them sometimes for miles. Ticks sometimes get them pissed off that their “food” is going to leave and they strike. Have fun, be safe, and good luck. Capt Dan
  6. You are welcome. Better get to the Harbor Island ramp very early. There is only 1 dock available for use and only on the west side. Will probably be a zoo Saturday. They have rebar in and are ready to pour new concrete ramps for docks 2,3, & 4. Good luck!
  7. Yes GH is hot; went 20 for 40 in 40-65; hits 20’ and 40-55’ down. In the mud +- 2 mile north n south of pier heads. Everything got fish except 150 copper n 2C, aka 3,5,7C; 50, 100, 150, 200 copper, a braid and a wire dipsey and 2 riggers. On rigger, 10’ from bottom, 11” white paddle w/wh or pickled sunshine fly took some. Got a few on j plugs. Most of fish on spoons. All reg size spoons; Rasp carbon (not shown), hulk, whammy, gr fldr pounder; uv jordo, carrot, gr/wh glo frog w/wh back, jagr bomb, mixed veggies, etc. Good luck!
  8. Just checked. Must give them credit card number. You get 1st 5 days free trial; then auto pay $39.99 each month.
  9. Thks. Didn’t think of that but I’ve read some good discussions on there before.
  10. Thought maybe someone could help. Had water pump on my 130hp Honda OB changed last fall; just put in a new thermostat; still over heating. Going to recheck water intake area and try and find a flush kit. The poppet valve is in line with the flush connection so maybe it is plugged up. Prior to 2011 it was an ocean boat. I’ve never flushed it after fishing in Lac Erie n Michigan. As far as I know these are the only 4 areas to check. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. The kings will be here any minute and I need to chase after them.
  11. Here in SoHa I was coming back from the store and saw the Limnotech boat being towed in front of me and a separate tow vehicle pulling the buoy trailer. Always a good sign that kings are close.
  12. The Cook, SoHa, and Port Sheldon buoys have been deployed and are operational. Link for all buoys is Limno.io. Looks like Muskegon will be in on the 19th.
  13. Bummer. The fish are in Whitehall right now. the Forsythias are blooming so kings should be showing up.
  14. Got skunked 15-45’ south to chalets and then to Cook Plant. Report here in SoHa has been the same. Still having heating problems w/my Honda OB; wtr pump was replaced; ordered tstat kit; next would then be pop it valve. Enjoy this beautiful weather.
  15. Thks for report. We got 1 right away also just south of the pier with only 2 lines in the water. I do best right around that concrete wall between water plant and chalets.
  16. Got our 3 person limit of 15 in about 3 hrs; piers to 3-4 miles south 12-28fow; 5 on bk/wh j11 rapala; 9 on Nascar and Greasy Chicken Wing mini spoons on 2-2 color and 2 mini dipseys. Got one on mimi dipsey on crab face spoon.
  17. Thought I’d post what baits look like. First 2 pics nascar; last 2 gr chk wing n the gold hot n tot. Have fun; go get ‘em. Coho jack fishin is hot from Michigan City to Saugatuck and maybe higher up at Holland, Muskegon and Grandhaven. But haven’t gotten any reports past Saugatuck.
  18. 13 for 13 today from pier south a few miles in 15-28 fow; threw back two small ones and the last fish of the double. All fish on spoons, except one on high line with gold/bk w/red lip hot n tot. 1&2Color, 2 high lines and 2 Big Jon mini disc dipseys. Mini Nascar and Greasy Chicken Wing spoons did the trick on 12 of them. ENE winds 15-20; speed 2.3 or so.
  19. Thanks for nice response. Appreciate it; unfortunately at our SoHa pier we have pretty much the same guys out there. In Nov the guy next to me, Mike, got a little snotty because I called a guy in Tecumseh, MI to give him a report so he would have latest for future trip(s). So what does he do? He calls Jake to tell him the whitefish bite is very good and Jake is by us in less than 10 minutes. What a hypocrite. You can’t make this stuff up. You’ve probably seen some of my lake reports. I try to help fishermen/women as best I can for where and what worked that day. We all know it can change in 5 minutes, but good place to start; as much as I can, I give updates on the water too. I want everyone to have as much fun as they can on the water/piers. No more Black River/pier fishing here; all iced up.
  20. 4 man limit - 1 steelie, 6 browns n 13 coho. All down by Cook nuke plant.
  21. Very good discussion with our non- tribal coalition lawyer about the latest info. Go to Reel2Reel Outdoors on Youtube and search for Consent Decree. Merry Christmas
  22. Thanks for the update. The dozen or so trap nets from Ludville to Manistee were manageable to fish around when they were properly set, maintained and retrieved. Many times they weren’t labeled very well either. During a Muskegon tourney a while ago we witnessed that a tramp net, one that broke loose from its moorings, got tangled up in a boat prop and they had to call for help. Maybe the DBR peopke working on this weren’t around after 2000 Consent Order and don’t know or are not told about the previous horror stories. As far as I know the Tribal Police did very little required enforcement. Merry Christmas Capt Dan on The Reel Woman.
  23. How does catch rate for steel line compare w/braid? I have heard that the “humming” noise of steel helps draw fish in like riggers cable does. True? Just bought some steel line and going to setup one steel dipsey, leave the other braid, and compare. Thks.
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