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  1. Steelhead...and a nice one !!
  2. Way to go, and great pic's! Yes, I think you did much better than most (me included)~ Bass tournament guys would like to have those 2 bucketmouths in their livewell!
  3. Grand Haven 9/2 a.m. Lines in the water before 6:30 a.m. Saturday morning just a touch north of the pier within the flotilla of boats. Had to be 75+ boats out there by then. Washed plugs, Flasher Fly combo and glow spoons without a bump all morning! Didn't see a net come out and the radio was VERY quiet..worked out to 110 fow, not marking much, so trolled back into 50' before surrendering at 9:45 to my first skunk of the year.
  4. Hooked Up

    Copper Rods

    Agree...Talora. A bit more $ but worth it.
  5. Good to see you made it out....and back! Nice job on the kings..
  6. I think it does, but will have to double check.. thanks!
  7. I've been running it back behind the ball 20'-30', white crush on one side 'green' flour on the other with a white similar fly, deepest DR. Must be the fish don't like my set up !! I do fine with SD, meat etc...just can't get this particular set up to go. Thanks for the info and pic!!!!
  8. Nice trip! I can't get a fish on the large white paddle fly combo to save my life! How far back behind the ball to you run the paddle/fly combo? I washed it again last night out of Grand Haven...(ended 2/3 on meat, and spoons)
  9. Dang! Way to go!!! send those to GH
  10. Grand Haven 7/17 p.m. Fished 6:30 - 9:45 went 4/6 with 2 12lb Lakers, a 9# King and a 6 Coho. Started north of the pier in 130 fow on a south troll, made it out to 140 and finished in 90 fow before pulling lines Here's what worked: Laker meat rig 170 back wire diver 139 fow Lakerthe Moonshine Mongolian Beef spoon 61 down in 100 row after sunset King full core in 130 fow blue dolphin spoon Coho double orange crush SS 55 down on rigger 120 fow Missed 2 on riggers 61 and 55 down minutes apart just past sunset Also caught a board (no name), 200' of copper and a older looking mixed veggie spoon that looks like it had been under the water for a while ~ Beautiful night on the water!
  11. Fished 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 ...sure getting dark earlier! Had a double within the first 45 minutes, lost the bigger one of course! Finished 3/5...here's what worked: 300 copper frog moonshine spoon 150' back 140 fow,,,FAT 9# Coho 300 copper " " 155 back 160 fow...King 15# Wire diver went twice, both times with FF combo (Green DW and green fly) 150' back same water..one rip n gone, 1 8# Laker Wire BW meat rig 125 back in 135 fow...ripped,.crossed lines, lost the diver, flasher, meat rig..and fish. All fish caught on South troll, closer to Port Sheldon than GH again...SOG was 2.3 - 2.7 Need some cooler water to push them in !
  12. Finally marked and caught a few fish after a couple of previous disappointing trips! Ended 4/4, closer to Port Sheldon than GH... 1 - Steelhead - downrigger 45' down 135' fow 2 - Kings (8# blue SD/Meat Rig back 130' wire diver & 14# Moonshine Flounder Pounder 200 cu--90 fow) 1- fat Coho #8 Green Frog looking Moonshine spoon - 5-color Started out in 120' fow out to 160' and moved into 70'-90 fow' towards sunset...SOG 2.3 - 2.7 Another HOT, calm, night on the pond..
  13. Nice looking weights! Have they been tested to track straight?

    I'm interested in 2 of them...what would shipping be to Grand Rapids, MICHIGAN?




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    2. Hooked Up

      Hooked Up

      Hi Rick,

      My zip code is 49316




    3. rbeck


      The pair would cost $15 to Caledonia MI.

    4. rbeck


      Hi Scott,

      Are you still interested in the weights?




  14. Nice trip! Thanks for the report Sent from my SM-G920V using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  15. Thanks for the report! Nice size king!!