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How much gear lost this year?

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So far this year I've lost:

1 spoon caddy box full of warrior uv spoons (think it flew out of the boat)

1 mag dipsy with 11 inch paddle and fly

1 silver horde plug

2 moonshine spoons

1 warrior uv spoon

Had a guy cut the hooks out of my net (he didn't get invited back)

burned up a couple penn reels

last but not least, most of what little sanity I had left:lol:

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2 spinnies and flies

1 paddle and fly

1 spoon....

On a side note we snaged an anchor with 50' of float rope on it.

We got back an 11" wonderbread paddle.

Spiny. And fly

3 spoons

And a 250' of copper.

Try reeling in that on 20 lbs mono. When i saw the anchor linevi thought i had gotten tangled in a net. Stopped the boat and tangled all the other gear. Lol

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15lb ball and everything attached to it

5 planer boards

450 copper

300 copper

blew up my wire diver reel is fixed now

went thru 3000 ft of Blood Run redoing and repairing rods this summer

5000ft of Power Pro 30lb

4 or 5 big paddles with flies

broke a diver rod got the fish that broke it 16lb king

spent 3grand fixing the boat and still has minor issues to fix

By the time the boat is in storage the total for this year will be close to 8 grand for fishing the big lake

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A Beckman net, 300’ of copper and a 8” flasher/ fly, walker deeper diver, snubber and spoon. Things gained J plug with a 15# salmon on it, a nice straw hat, a blow up water raft, and a church board with the name and number of the biggest A$$ of a charter captain in the port I fish

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4 Ace High plugs where line broke with fish on (all on one trip). Line was not bad but currents had fish getting into other lines. Respooled anyway :)

1 BW UV flasher with UV meat head (failed welded ring on Deeper Diver)

3 spoons (on 4 of the plug lines above)

Aside from the one trip (only went 4 for ~15 where lots of other fish also got off) it wasn't bad.

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Lost 1 complete setup with the winning kd fish screaming on it when the fish fighter lost his balance (2 ftrs) and let it go flying out of the back of the boat. Other than that a few ff's & spoons.

Coulda made a great score on a loveseat floating out in 140 off Algoma during the childwish event but I didn't have a net big enough. :(


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Not a bad year:

1 complete 300' copper rig - due to partner not tightening the rod holder. Splashed it at 35mph.

1 Mag Dipsey with snubber & Moonshine - different buddy trying to pull it out of rod holder after a violent hit - he was also the one that tightened the drag WAY more than just over the creep.

Have had much worse years!!

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Lets see,

1) 12 Pound pancake downrigger weight.

2) A one of a kind plug, unsure of the name, but worked great on Kings.

3) The net end of my Cummins big water net. (Darn little extension buttons,

must have missed the hole.) (New one has a one piece handle, fixed


4) 10 color lead, Hoochie Mama and fly. (No idea what happened there).

5) One dipsey.

6) Spoons, not sure how many.

7) Do those cheesy TX 44 pins in the big Church boards count? Two of those

broken so far.

8) At least 30 feet of a 300 copper.

9) Probably more, just don't remember.

Sure have had a great catching year until a month or so ago though.

Paul C.

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My year started off rough fishing for Hybrid striped bass.. Lost

remote control for I pilot.

snagged bottom with umbrella rig, lost it and rod and reel..as rod holder was not tight enough.

3 u rigs

1 galvanized anchor and 200 feet of rope.. did not get it tied to the boat soon enough, pulled it out of my hand... grrrrrr.rookie mistake

several spoons due to a spool of crap cabelas fluorocarbon line.

this year I set a new record and lost zero cannon balls.

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4 flasher flies and about 4 spoons. One Scotty plastic rod holder. A bad year for me honestly I dont think I lost that much stuff the previous 3 years!

But still a light year for 30 ish trips im sure.

One flasher flies was because I forgot to put a snubber on braid diver after a re rig. Got hammered and was gone right away.

One fiesty 3 year old on the first trip of the year made a late charge and managed to get under the main motor and the lift up so the line was in between the transom and the motor. He was flopping around dead in the wake right at dark and I couldnt get my pa to barehand him (single hook). I let up a little slack line and he slid right over the net. Bye bye founder pounder

One spin doctor on the 250 copper found the ground in 90 fow are a hard turn on our way out setting up.

One angry king ran into the other rigger taking away 2 flasher flies and 2 slider spoons/that one hurt!

Big rip on the 250 copper one morning that almost sunk the TX44e, didnt check it for 30 minutes and well the spoon was gone

Same rig 1 hour later wrapped it around the motor and poof that one was gone too

Moonshine spoon fished wrapped around the downrigge cable, snap, gone

And one fly that I had been using for about 3 seasons and it was so money I just never changed the leader line. About 50 feet from the boat one day there goes the fly with minimal fight from the fish. My fault completely.

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3 15 lb cannon balls

300 copper

250 copper twice

2 mag dipseys

3or 4 spoons

and one board

broke two copper rods( okuma classics i will never buy again)

toasted three reels ( again okumas)

had t retire 3 old reels that no longer hag clickers in them

a hat overboard

had to replace two batteries and an altinator in the boat.

countless quarters thrown at the rods for good luck LOL

Had to fix the trailer mid season( rotton bunk boards)

but hey thats the price to pay to have fun!!

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12 lb cannon ball with 25 feet of cable, 3 flasher fly setups, 200 copper, 3 deeper divers. Most of that in one day!

Make sure your driver knows what to stay away from!. Hung most of the above on a ship wreck.

New steering cable.

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Duke, didnt hear the storey about the net, but think I am entitled to half that board for spotting it. Plus remember, he is my "buddy". 1 mainiac- Yikes..

I lost 3 offshore boards, a couple 300 coppers, a 450 of copper, 2- 12# balls with releases, had a mate drop 2 tekota talora combo's, couple baits, and ended the year needing some repairs.. Kinda pricy year. Did 34 trips and I think averaged 12 fish a trip though.. I am content with that.

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So far I've lost:

1 124mm deeper diver with snubber, leader, swivels, and diverdock - less than a minute into the first trip of the year, somehow got caught on the butt of the rigger rod I was setting and flung over the side of the boat :lol:

2 spoons, one of them nomobeggin's when a steelie decides to have fun behind the boat

1 12lb cannonball with blacks release lost when some J@#% J%$ on his way to Saugutuck on autopilot turned at the last second to miss running me over

1 aci high plug that broke off right at a hit

1 berts rod holder cap

1 okuma classic rod that I snapped the tip off on accident

1 Convector 45 that I stripped the drag out on but will be rebuilding this winter

1 Order of the engineer ring that came off while loading the boat on the trailer

1 Mercruiser outdrive that cost a cool $2300 to fix :(

Stuff I got:

1 walleye board with no name/number on it

1 250 copper with leader, aci hi plug, and catfish attached :lol:

1 124mm walker deeper diver with aci high plug attached

1 washdown bucket and sponge

A ton of awesome memories with friends

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  • 1 month later...

Fish hawk probe, cannonball n release. Downrigger rod snapped, probably 15 colors of lead, 2-3 dipsies on old 500 feet of wire. Couple paddles n flies with da wire dipsies. couple spoons too. All since replaced.

Also recovered and returned a tx45 planar board on a 450 copper - put ur name and number on ur boards- people like me will return them to the rightful owner. Also found and returned a red 22ft aluminum boat with three souls on board 14.6 miles from shore drifting to milwaukee on 3/26/12 and a 21 foot open bow with three souls on board 6 miles from port with a summer storm approaching. :)

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couple trips, i lost my ass...if you find it could you please hand it back to me??!!

other than that...my boat... salmon fishing, one dipsy w/ flasher fly, one moonshine and a j-plug.....

other boat, one flasher fly...

walleye fishing one deep diver husky jerk to a toothy critter, maybe a couple spinner rigs,

over all good year, no boards, no copper or lead core, no rigger balls, no probes...at least under my watch

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