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  1. I meant there are "wet" riding spots under power..
  2. Very intersting topic. I run a 27 Grady. I would put that ride in rough water against any boat. However, there are we riding spots under power Grady make a great boat that can fish in any conditions you want. They also have some issues (rare) but issues like all manufactures do. No matter what you buy, have a survey, it is well worth it. If you have specific Grady questions that I may be able to answer feel free to pm or call me. Kyle www.jennyannsportfishing.com
  3. Oh yeah, plus a bunch of lead core including a 12 line tangle with another boat that passed me and turned right in front of me..
  4. Duke, didnt hear the storey about the net, but think I am entitled to half that board for spotting it. Plus remember, he is my "buddy". 1 mainiac- Yikes.. I lost 3 offshore boards, a couple 300 coppers, a 450 of copper, 2- 12# balls with releases, had a mate drop 2 tekota talora combo's, couple baits, and ended the year needing some repairs.. Kinda pricy year. Did 34 trips and I think averaged 12 fish a trip though.. I am content with that.
  5. Hey Dave, Ryan told me you guys moved over here, so I thought I'd try and stay in the loop. Everything happens for a reason so hang in there! You're always welcome on my boat. Kyle
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