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  1. Gotta go when you can. Noon to 5:00. Set lines in 80 fow on a west troll. First fish was a steel in 105 fow on a green veggies. Worked out to 220 and landed another small king on same spoon and lost 2 more steel (after they went airborn). Turned east and lost a really good king in 180. Trolled into 60 fow and pulled lines. We did have a good fire drill when we hooked a net bouy with our outside copper, just lost 1 spoon. I wish I could spin figure eights like we did when actually fishing, never tangled a line. Go figure. 1 rip on a standard dipsy 125 back and everything else was on 200, 225, and 250 coppers. Ended 2 for 5.
  2. ran out to 200 fow of water around 3 pm. Set riggers at 40 and 50 with no hits all evening. Mag dipsys back 75 and 100 with 11 inch paddels, no takers. Size 1 dipsys back 150 took a laker in 220 fow. Trolled our way back east and got a king on a 200 copper with a blue dolphin spoon in 158 fow, small king on a 225 copper in 130 fow with a blue dolphin, Broke off a large king on a blue veggies spoon on a 200 copper in 126 fow, 150 copper took 2 smaller kings between 110 and 85 fow on blue dolphins. Ended 5 for 6, pulled lines at 85 fow. Lots of boats from there into the channel.
  3. She can't drive that either, I put mine on this spring and love it.
  4. Took the wife and kids out after work. Fished around the nets just to the north. Took a double on standard dipsys on setting 3 back 150 with blue dolphin warrior spoons. Nothing on mag dipsys, nothing on riggers, nothing on big paddels, 1 fish on a 200 copper just before we left with a dreamweaver captains choice plug with the black dots. Ended 3 for 3, at least all the kids got one but one of them was 21.5 lbs and it made a nice mess of both of the coppers on that side of the boat. Does anyone else think their 4 year old can drive a boat better than their wife???
  5. Fished from 3:30 to 7:00 p.m. went 2 for 4. 1 king in 130 fow and 1 coho in 95 fow. All spoons out were something with some orange and UV. 2 hits on rigger down 35 and 2 hits on size 1 dipsys back 115 on 3 setting. No hits on 6 color, 150 copper or 100 copper. Our last bite was at 5:00 p.m. Was good to get out.
  6. It takes us 2 hours to get from my driveway to setting lines and the same to get back. We spend another 6 to 8 hours actually fishing, our longest day was 13 hours. We don't take many days off so we try to make it count. Some of the trips we do are stupid early in the morning. Probably should have called the boat Red Bull.
  7. Well thanks guys, I don't feel so bad now. That's the price we pay to fish. Wouldn't trade it for anything.
  8. So far this year I've lost: 1 spoon caddy box full of warrior uv spoons (think it flew out of the boat) 1 mag dipsy with 11 inch paddle and fly 1 silver horde plug 2 moonshine spoons 1 warrior uv spoon Had a guy cut the hooks out of my net (he didn't get invited back) burned up a couple penn reels last but not least, most of what little sanity I had left:lol:
  9. We took out with a friend who just had his daughter get married a couple weeks ago. Also had his son in law and daughter with us. We got our first skunk of the year...Saw some fish jumping and some fish caught in muskegon lake and a couple taken off the pier. I spent most of the morning getting grass off the lines. We made it out to 70 fow before we figured its time to turn around, not sure how big the waves were but a couple looked pretty big according to the graph. It was still a fun trip, got to spend the morning with friends, get called an a-hole by some idot on the pier(guess i should have threw the boat into reverse to not get too close to his spot IN the channel), and ride some waves. Best of luck to Mica his son in law, he is going over seas in a few weeks in the marines. Cant wait to get back to deep water
  10. Can we load all the poorly marked nets up before getting out the saws all? I'll bring the torches. What do you think we could get for the scrap ?
  11. I don't if you would call it high hp but we troll with our 90 hp 2 stroke merc. It's on a 1890 lund pro v and does the job. Kinda a pain sometimes, no assist on the steering and sometimes we have to steer with our feet when fighting doubles and tripples but there are worse problems to have.
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