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  1. Appreciate the warm welcome everyone........Thank you.
  2. That is how memories are made. Great work!!!!
  3. Been using mine as SWR and mono riggers......works great.
  4. Sorry here is a picture. only 2 in the picture, however 3 are available. http://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/gallery/files/4/7/0/4/img959876.jpg' alt='img959876.jpg'>
  5. For sale 3 - Cannon Mag 10's. Bought them used from this site earlier this year. All 3 work perfectly and had no issues the 3 trips to the big lake this year. They have the extendable booms, auto stop, rod holders & weight retrievers. They also come with the mounting base (not the swivels). $600 for all 3. Buyer pays shipping
  6. Was planning on replacing the cable on one of my downriggers with 250# Powerpro this season, however I never got it done. The obvious benefit is silence...or quieter presentation. Are there other benefits? What are the drawbacks?
  7. Hello All, I already recognize many familiar names from the other forum. I thank you for feeding my addiction.....even more than It was. I love fishing the Great Lakes enough, that the first time my dad introduced me to it in 1982, I didn't buy my Minnesota fishing license for 4 years.....instead spent as much of my summers as I could on Lk Michigan. The passion has not subsided over the years, as I conyinue to make multiple trips every year. Presently running my Proline 201 W/A. If there was a way for me to take Salmon Fishing Forums intraveniously, I would. I look forward to participating in the forum when I feel I have something to add. Thank you in advance for your help!!!
  8. Not a bad year: 1 complete 300' copper rig - due to partner not tightening the rod holder. Splashed it at 35mph. 1 Mag Dipsey with snubber & Moonshine - different buddy trying to pull it out of rod holder after a violent hit - he was also the one that tightened the drag WAY more than just over the creep. Have had much worse years!!
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