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  1. still fishin? wish i was as last couple trips were pretty good other than the 5fters beatin us up. time to make money for winter or ill be starvin. gave my boat to tom for winter he's putting a transom in. how early do you usually start fishing in begining of year? thanks again for all your advice this year, was all very helpful. thinking next year i got pretty good chance of doing well.

  2. In my opinion you're too stuck on surface temp. This time of year, you have to remember the water down below is still warm too. If you have 58 on the surface you may go down 50-60 feet and still see 55-57 degree water. They'll be deep yet.
  3. how late in the year do people usually fish out of kewaunee? thinking about september 18th but dont know if it will be worth it, as this is my 1st year.

  4. 8/22/14 a couple of us snuck out for a fun run in the fog. We were looking for one last fish and it happened to be the biggest of the day, which was this king just over 20 lbs.
  5. Great day to take advantage of flat calm seas and the first time I've fished in a t-shirt in a long time. Good morning -- 16 for 23
  6. Nothing huge but some nice hogs around the 19 pound mark. Kyle the fish are everywhere 150 to 300+ fow although yesterday was a search for 4 yr olds and they were found in 90 fow. Mostly in the top 50 ft and still a fly bite for the chinooks
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