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  1. In my opinion you're too stuck on surface temp. This time of year, you have to remember the water down below is still warm too. If you have 58 on the surface you may go down 50-60 feet and still see 55-57 degree water. They'll be deep yet.
  2. 8/22/14 a couple of us snuck out for a fun run in the fog. We were looking for one last fish and it happened to be the biggest of the day, which was this king just over 20 lbs.
  3. Great day to take advantage of flat calm seas and the first time I've fished in a t-shirt in a long time. Good morning -- 16 for 23
  4. Nothing huge but some nice hogs around the 19 pound mark. Kyle the fish are everywhere 150 to 300+ fow although yesterday was a search for 4 yr olds and they were found in 90 fow. Mostly in the top 50 ft and still a fly bite for the chinooks
  5. It was another beautiful Saturday morning on the lake and a lot of fun fishing with family from Minnesota and Indiana
  6. We fished this morning in some breezy and cold weather and managed 6 for 12. It was a great day on the water!
  7. If they are not licensed get the uscg involved too.
  8. Thanks to Tom and his crew at Accurate Marine & Storage LLC always having the boat in top notch condition by launch time. Great service and hospitality! Here she is in the shop ready to go. The boat went in the water this week and we are open for business! Let's get some warmer weather going now.
  9. Salmon season is right around the corner but in the meantime, James is hitting the Wolf again.
  10. Register for an mmsi number at boatus.com/mmsi Once you get your number program into your radio and you're ready to go Mmsi numbers are free
  11. Sorry I don't know the details! Brian just sent me the photos in a text message so I could post on Facebook. I'll see what I can find out Steve
  12. Captain Brian was busy on the bay today boating about a dozen walleyes, some nice ones to boot!
  13. Looks like James did a little vacationing .... and what would any first mate do for a vacation?? Fish of course.
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