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  1. Ive run them a few times with no real luck. I have used tuna in oil and just soaked the sponge in the juice. My next purchase will be some meat rigs.
  2. The new boat is a 01 trophy 2352 with a 8' beam. I was only running 2 riggers on the slickcraft and seen 3 on a few other boats (12' beam). I can see how it would be a little challenging running it in the center while trying to land fish at the back. I have run high lines out the back before but they would ocassionaly get tangled in the fish we were fighting. Looks like I will be sticking with 2 riggers. I don't like tangles and a tangled up prop with stainless wire don't sound like any fun. Thanks for the help
  3. I would like to run 3 riggers next year on the new boat. It has a kicker which I plan on using as much as possible. My question is, would I be messing with fire trying to do this on an I/o? My plan was to get a rigger with a 5' boom and mount it on a swivel base. When I wanted to set it I would swing it to the side and out of the way of the prop(if using the main motor). Anybody done this setup before?
  4. 400 45lb with big paddle/fly, 100 45 lb and some spoons
  5. Flounder pounder and uv blue dolphin
  6. I'm putting a mercury 9.9bigfoot on my new boat. the kicker has a 25" shaft on it. My question is how much lift do I need in my mount. I don't want the motor dragging in the water when I'm on plane. The boat its going on is a 2001 trophy pro 2352wa.I have narrowed it down to a panther and garelick, they both seem to be well built. Is there a way to measure from the waterline to determine mounting position and lift? I hope this makes sense to someone. Thanks
  7. 20# Thor for now. Picked up a big spool at the outlet on alpine for dirt cheap. Seems to be good stuff. Pulled in alot big fish with it.
  8. I had one of my downrigger rods left at home on sunday,so I took of three colors from a 5 color with braid backing and used that as the Dr. I run the blacks and had no problems with the braid holding. Since I have used both now with some pretty good fish, I prefer mono for the riggers.
  9. I've seen flashers get twisted off from not using ball bearing swivels. I agree with josh and run all ball bearing swivels on everything.
  10. 300,250,200,150 and 100. I have them all and all have caught fish. It's nice having a spread to choose from.
  11. I'm no expert, but I also have seen a lot with the pale meat. They all have had a hooked jaw so I think they're skamia.
  12. Well, we went out for a pm trip again. Fished from 5:30 to 10 ending with 9 for 15. Bites didn't start happening till about 7:30. We went nw from 60 to 220 fow. Best water was 100' . Great night on the water and my sisters first fishing trip. What worked: 300 45lb copper with mag uv green dolphin Swr down 75 and 45 with silver streak uv blue dolphin...hot Dr at 35 with flounder pounded 10 color with dw spoon blue with black dots and frog tape on one side 5 color with green dolphin..hot Fishing is awesome right now. Seeiong a lot of big fish lately Tight lines
  13. Good job. Thanks for the report. I will be going out sunday, hopefully things don't change much.
  14. Thanks for the report. Hope it stays like that over the weekend.
  15. Next time I'm out ill try the shorter leads at that speed. I've been running fast to get them to hit,but I've also been using 42" leaders on the big paddles. Thanks for the details
  16. Nice job. What length of leader are you using in the paddles at that speed?
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