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  1. I know that its near imposable for everyone that knew Rod in person and or on GLF to attend the services. But if you would like to help out this great Man's family here is a link. RIP http://www.gofundme.com/8il61w
  2. Go 4-stroke! I dumped that POS Electric this year.
  3. I run a hds 8 for my Radar and lake maps and a hds 7 for my depth/fish finder. They have both worked flawless. I can see my 12# balls down at 80-100’. I also like the extras and ease of the system expansion on the lowrance. I added the sonic hub and Sirius radio to the system and it is great. You can control the radio or ipod from your depth finder.
  4. Soft scrub with bleach is all I use in my Trophy. It works great. I have the fish boxes and I pump them out till they stop pumping then use a sponge to get the rest of it. I also added some window sealer foam to the hatch seems to keep most of the water out.
  5. Intellitroll is discontinued for a reason. I had it in for repair more than in the water.
  6. I think you should be banned! But we are on a normal site unlike some other salmon fishing site that bans those who do not conform. Yes of the City’s.
  7. Champ is a expert on tangles. Most of them involve copper not wire divers. I run the sealine 47's, malin 7 strand 30# and Jr's wire dipsy rods 8 1/2 in and 9 1/2 out. The Jr's rods have tungston guides and no roller or twilli tip. Im fishing 6-8 weekends a year and this setup just finished it's 3rd year with out any problems.
  8. Welcome. This is a great site. The best one I have been on. It will be nice to have some more guys from the west side reporting next year.
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