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Holland 7-7 am and 7-9 am

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WOW, do's it get any better than this, Saterday I had a couple cousins and a old friend from North Dakota on the DOG. This is a trip we do every yr mainly to reminice about our past and catch a few fish, but the few turned into 15 for 23 fishing from 6:30am to 11:30 with a nice mixe of kings, steel head, coho and lakers. We fished the waters between 75 and 125 south of the harbor.

Heres a pic of the catch from Saterday.

WOW, what a great time, sure will miss these ole friends till I get out there for a little Pheasant hunting this fall.


And this morning was no different, left the dock around 6 and was back on the trailer at 10:45. We fished the same area as saterday, with the exact same spread and never changed a bait. End this morning going 18 for 26, "that was like work" for the first hr and a half we could only get 3 rods in the water

Heres a few pics of what worked and the catch.


  1. 11 inch Blue bubble Paddle with a Blue Bubble Glow fly
  2. 10 dbl slick spin dr not sure of the fly, becouse its one i put togather

These were 2 of the set ups that were in the first hr and a half.


  1. 11 inch pearl fish scale with a sour apple rapter fly, this was the best set ups both days by far, this morning it took 7 fish
  2. Silver Streak uv Blue Dolphin


  1. 8 inch mixed veggie spin dr and green mirage fly
  2. Mag. Silver Streak Blue Metalic Glow frog
  3. Mag. Silver Streak Green Metalic Glow Frog
  4. This was also in a mag, not a mini, it broke it off but this is the color, Silver Streak Uof M frog .




Also, the best troll was south by far with a s.o.g. of 2.5 and 1.7 at the ball.

Get out there while its hot!:thumb:

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