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  1. Guys have been fishing on the ice behind the fish hatchery in Kincardine. I think the ice will be to thin now with all the rain last week. The coming rain isn't going to help either. we have caught pike at the boat launch in point clark. You could try around there as well.
  2. Nice fish!! Kinda slow on this section of the forum.Good to see a new post every few years.lol Dave
  3. Ok, Thanks, I found one on my side of the border. Merry Christmas to you too. Dave
  4. Hey Coralee, I was hoping for just the transducer, I think i'll pass.With the exchange and shipping I'm close to a newer unit. Thanks Dave
  5. Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone has a transducer kicking around for an LMS 350 with the grey connector. Thanks Dave
  6. How about Black ghost?
  7. Yea it is a cabinet with 10' high doors.I wanted to protect them best i could.dust,dirt etc. 2x8 frame with 7/16 osb for the doors.
  8. Same as most, wipe rods and reels down.Make sure drags are loose. re-arrange lures again and again. Here's some pics of my rod storage cupboard.It is a little over 10' high and about 50" wide. Staggered central vac pipe for bottom holder and pool noodle for top holder.
  9. Very Nice!!! I have to agree, we are doing awesome on this side of the lake as well.2 weekends ago we were 6 for 7,7 for 7 and 4 for 7 last Sunday. A buddy was 18 for 21 and a local charter was 20 for 30 yesterday.All around the 30-40 foot mark over 70-80 fow. Some perch caught as well. Dave
  10. My son and I were out Sunday am,left the harbour at 5:45. Ended up 7 for 7,4 salmon and 3 lakers. Picked up a 10lb chinook,10 lb laker,2 smaller lakers and 3 coho. Monkey puke (blue) and my chili goose were the hot lures. Chantry classic starts July 26th. Hopefully have as good as luck during the derby.
  11. Out yesterday, 6 for 7.2 coho and 4 lakers. Biggest was around 6 lbs.Fishing 68 fow 40' down.
  12. Hey GM, Yes I was assuming that they were foul hooked,I think because the one I landed was. They may have all been hooked in the mouth and I only landed the one that was foul hooked. Good point. A buddy and I went out yesterday again,68 fow and 41' down, we ended up 6 for 7.2 coho and 4 lakers. Biggest was approx. 6 lbs. All the fish except one were caught on lures I made. I made one the night before,similar to a chilly goose with an orange stripe and the other lure I made in the boat to copy that one. I named them orange goose and second attempt. A few trollers were getting walleye, lakers and coho yesterday. Nice mixed bag. Oh yea forgot to mention I changed a bunch of hooks and sharpened all that went in the water. Tightlines Dave
  13. Thanks guys,its a rainy day so i'm going to sharpen some hooks.Ive also got some gamakatsu hooks.I will change out some of the hooks on the more popular lures.
  14. Thanks guys, we'll definitely keep at it. We had the right combo yesterday for sure. Thanks again. Dave
  15. Hey guys, My son and I were out this am,fishing 115 fow. We were 3 for 11.We got into a school of Coho and only managed to land one.We landed a laker as well as a pink. I was trolling around the 2.3-2.5 mph mark. A chilly Willy was the hot spoon on a cheater,rigger was down 75'.We lost all the fish about 40' behind the boat when the fish surfaced.The coho we did land was foul hooked. I'm assuming all the ones we lost where fouled hooked as well.We watched them do a couple of rolls then they were gone. What am I doing wrong?I tried varying the speed,added a trailer hook on the spoon,all no luck. Thanks Dave
  16. Nice fish guys, Still lots of ice here on the east side of Huron!
  17. Welcome to GLF. I fish and live in Kincardine. I was talking to a few guys this summer at the chantry chinook classic. They were catching some 20 lb kings quite often out of GB. Perch out of Goderich.
  18. Good info guys,was just in Bay City on Sunday,swung by Frank's and picked up a couple of 44's.Prices on everything is so much better south of the border.Plan on running them with the longer copper and cores.
  19. That is awesome! We have a derby on right now, the fishing leading is a 22 lb chinook. Lots of 16 lb being caught. I'd say the average size seems to be I creasing a bit every year. Still have only been out twice this year , busy building the house. My son and dad went out a couple of weeks ago. They got 3 bows and a pink. Guys are starting to latch on to pickerel now in 65 fow. Hopefully get out this weekend.
  20. Hey Claude, I'm fishing out of Kincardine on Huron. I work with a guy who's brother in law runs a charter out of South Bay mouth. I'l try and get some info for you. I know he said the average size of the salmon is increasing and he seems to be doing good right now. Even where we are here they are getting bigger, looking healthy and are full of smelt.We haven't seen fish like this in quite a few years.I'm heading out tomorrow am to try my luck. Been building a new house so i've only been out once this year.Boated 2 lakers around 8lbs.Good size for the campfire. How fast, deep and what depth of water you fishing? If you are using riggers only, throw some cheaters on there to cover some more water. Dave
  21. A buddy of mine has been out perch fishing and they are doing really well. Lots of 16" jumbos. Lots of minnows which we haven't seen in quite a while. The harbours are full of minnows, I suspect that the die off of the zebra mussels is allowing the bottom end of the food chain to come back. Lakers that have been caught this spring are overflowing with smelt which we haven't seen in a number of years as well. Chinooks in the double digits are being caught already which usually aren't seen until mid to late summer. This is good news for us over here!!!
  22. I just started running copper last year,I have a 100,200 and 300' 32 lb opti.Is there a difference in how user friendly the 32 lb is compared to the 45 lb?
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