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  1. Guys have been fishing on the ice behind the fish hatchery in Kincardine. I think the ice will be to thin now with all the rain last week. The coming rain isn't going to help either. we have caught pike at the boat launch in point clark. You could try around there as well.
  2. Nice fish!! Kinda slow on this section of the forum.Good to see a new post every few years.lol Dave
  3. Ok, Thanks, I found one on my side of the border. Merry Christmas to you too. Dave
  4. Hey Coralee, I was hoping for just the transducer, I think i'll pass.With the exchange and shipping I'm close to a newer unit. Thanks Dave
  5. Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone has a transducer kicking around for an LMS 350 with the grey connector. Thanks Dave
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