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lost my little brother/auto pilot

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just wanted to share the loss of a great sportsman. he was my little brother he was my best friend, and he was our auto pilot. you know how hard it can be to get someone to drive sometimes. well he moved up here from florida where he had been living with our mom about 25 or 30 yrs ago. he made a trip to lake mich with us, that was the end to our driver problems. he did atleast 90% of the driving ever since. anytime i said anything about auto pilot, he would get alittle mad, and say he was my auto pilot.

when he first got up here he was working for minium wage. so when we went fishing i always paid his share. i did anything i could to help him out. he was my little brother, and with him living in fl i didnt get to see him much. so he asked a friend of mine why i was being so good to him. my friend told him as a joke i was just setting him up for a big $crew#%$. and a couple of years later he told me about that. and that he was always watching me untill he figured out it wasnt true,LOL.

we have done just about everything together. raised our kids together, took them snow sleding together. we have fished from mich to fl and about everything in between. we have bow hunted muzzleloaded and hunted the gun season for many years. we have taught our kids to hunt and fish. and to always try to take out more trash than they took in. he has been a great brother and friend. i miss him so bad. they say time will help, but there is just nobody to take his place. he was the last one left of my old fishing crew that was left.

hate to lay all this on you guys, but alot of you guys have become friends, and i just felt like talking about this with you guys.


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i know how you feel i lost my brother as well almost the same thing other than we bass fished i am sorry i would love to say it gets easier and sometimes it is but when i am on the water i know he is with me telling me to turn left the other left you moron lol so best wishes and all the other stuff every one says i will say and i still do this every time i throw a quarter in the lake and pour a beer in as well cause he would not want it any other way

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I feel your pain Sherman!!! Sorry for your family and friends loss of your bother. They say time will heal but that's what they say!!! Keep your chin up!!! I bet your bother will miss you too but he is looking at you with a smile from above. I hope things go better for you and your family!! Prayers have been said for you!!

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Thank you for sharing your loss with us Sherman. I too have a little brother who comes up a couple times of year to fish with me. Your post will make our next trip much more meaningful.

I know that all words are inadequate at this time. You and your family and his family are in my prayers.

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