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    Big water trolling is my passion, lite line steelheadingtoo.
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    fishing, cars, woodworking, building
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  1. Mine does not have that, BUT, I'm not sure about the newer models.
  2. Boltman, get the Dragonfly 7 model, the screen is much bigger. That's the model that I have and I love it! I installed it this past spring and it's been problem free. Also, if you get yours and it's "Bundled" with a Navionics Gold card, be sure to update it, as the card will probably be an "older" one.
  3. I'd like to know the mortality rate of Kings that are brought up from cold water to warm water, that would be interesting. Also, the lessoning of the Federal lake trout plantings would be a good start too.
  4. I have both a 45 and 32lb. copper, BloodRun. If I had to do it over again, I'd go 32 all the way. It is so much more user friendly than the 45 IMO.
  5. Trina Rose, let us know how it goes! This is something that I've wanted to do as well. What kind of rig are you taking across?
  6. I think this would be a great class for someone to take who is just getting started, or someone who wants more knowledge of how the different systems work! Plus, it is an attractive price. A few years ago I looked into taking an "on the water" walleye course" with a "walleye pro" on Green Bay. The price came up after a few e-mail exchanges, $800.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:eek: I politely said: :no:thanks!
  7. To take the tie down straps off, for me!!!
  8. Great show, I DVR it. In fact, just watched the show where they were steelhead fishing with Fritz Heller who is one of my good friends!
  9. Congrats on the new house!
  10. For me, I just usually replace the hook. When I do sharpen a hook, , its with a file.
  11. It is now $1.88 here in TC. The local news said that in Clare, it is $1.55, and in Gaylord $2.20.
  12. $1.98 here in Traverse City!!! I will NOT complain!
  13. If you don't want to drill anymore holes, I'd utilize the bolt holes of the cleats for some kind of aluminum track board.
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