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    avid sportsman,moral mushroom hunting,for wheeling,coyote hunting
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    I near Cannonsburg Michigan
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    I like to hunt,fish,smoke and grill foods

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  1. Yes !! Not lately but that works now and then !!! 2 color..
  2. My stretch on a big white paddle and fly is from 10 feet to 40 feet !! Ive tried different lengths. .. I've been on several different boats and I have done the same as on their boats as to mine !! I've stretched in shallow water up to 70 feet back with different lure!!!
  3. I have three cannon 10 STX riggers !! I can't get them to go off !! I've even unplugged them in case of stray current that may be there !#
  4. 7 for 10 Grand Haven. 110 to 120 fow 375 happy meal j-plug, 220 high diver Big Weenie chrome blue dots meat rig,120 low diver Big Weenie JJ boyfriend meat rig,shut rigger down 70 big white paddle with Poofster fly tailing behind it!! Took fish mostly going north.
  5. Frank I got a new phone and it lost your number! !! Could you please send me your number? ?

  6. I have a 22' islander looking for advice on a radar system! ! What would you recommend?
  7. Have anyone used this fishing ling for Lake Michigan salmon!! Really cheap price!!
  8. Steelhead and kings!!! Nothing real big!! Maybe 12lb was the biggest!!! Nice steelhead!!
  9. Sat down in 100 fow trolling west!!! Riggers set at 39,49and 59 braided dipsey set on two out 130 and 100!!! Five color 150cu 250cu and 300 cu!!! Worked out to 180!!! The best was 130 to 150 fow!! What worked big white paddle with proctologist fly on 250 cu was really good!!! On the five color with super slim golden orange crush icicle was hot for steelhead!!! Ended the morning with a three man limit!!!
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