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  1. Thanks for all the replies. I ended up going with the I-troll. I think its going to work out real well.
  2. Looking to add a throttle control to my Yamaha 9.9. Looking for opinions on the troll master or any of the other options on the market. Ease of use? Ease of installation/ setup? Sent from my SM-G960U using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  3. Marked lots of bait. Saw a few alewives floating and one of the kings still had one in his mouth when we brought him in.
  4. Muskegon 5/9 am Fished the mud this morning with Doug on the Floating Holiday. Went 11-14 All kings. (11th fish came pulling lines and was released) Fished the pier heads out to 60fow. Best bait was a uv stinger jordo on a 6 color. Rigger down 45 with a yellow flounder pounder rv, stinger uv mixedveggies on a rigger down 40, stinger uv mixed veggies on a 200cu, stinger uv yager bomb on a 125cu all took fish.
  5. Thanks! Where did you find the floor mat for sale on the roll?
  6. Working on replacing the floor in my Crestliner Sabre. The old floor had what I believe was a marine grade textured vinyl stapled to the plywood. Just curious if anybody has a opinion on new covering. I'm have carpet, vinyl or I was considering the textured marine floor paint (like a bed liner) to choose from. I liked the slip resistance and durability of the old covering, but the vinyl I can find now shows it being glued down. Any thoughts or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Also looking to get a kicker installed in the spring. Anyone have a dealer/marine mechanic they would recommend in the Grand rapids area? Thanks
  7. Fished from 530 till 100 going 4-5 with 3 kings and 1 coho. Worked 40-90 fow with 60-70 being the best. 8 color with a green ace hi splatter back took 2 kings, 150 copper with a moonshine green jeans plug took the other king. Coho hit a uv mixed veggies on a 5 color. Had a nice rip on a chrome killer SD with a thruster buster meat rig on a diver 125 back, but lost em after a few minutes. Also caught 2 monster sheepshead on the 8 color. South troll was the best. Down temps are all over the place, one minute you have 48 degrees 55 down the next minute its 60 degrees. Best part of the day was getting my son his first king. Big shout out to Doug on the Floating Holiday and Jim on the SS Reaper for helping make this happen.
  8. Fished from 530 till 1 going 4-8 with 3 kings and a steelhead. Started out setting up right at the pier heads. 200 copper with a ace-hi blue ladder back glow plug 16.3 lb king Fixed slider down 35 with a moonshine blue jackal rv 5lb steelhead Fixed slider down 31 with a moonshine bloody nose rv took a monster rip and ended up getting into my 150,200 coppers and got off. rigger down 50 with a moonshine flounder pounder rv starts pounding and immediately gets into the wire diver and breaks off rigger down 50 (new) moonshine flounder pounder rv starts pounding again and is gone before we can get to the rod. all this action is in the first 2 hours of the day working out front in 40 -60 fow, then it goes dead and we start to work our way west after making a few more passes on the way out the 150 copper with a stinger uv mixed veggie starts slowly creeping out and we bring in the line thinking we have a skipper or small laker and are surprised to see it's a 7lb king in 70 fow. Another dead spell till we hit 140 when the braid diver back 125 with a kevins girlfriend SD and meat rig fires giving us our best king of the day 17.5 lbs. we work the 130-140 fow awhile with no more action. Decide to troll back to the pier heads and we lose a small king on a fixed slider with a blue dolphin down 40 in 118fow Lots of cold water up front I had 44 degree water 40 foot down. Best speed 2.2_2.6 sog. Very nice to put a few kings on the deck.
  9. Fished from 600 till noon going 3-5 with 2 small kings and a decent steelhead. Fished from 70 fow to 270 fow marked very few fish. Fixed slider down 45 with a silver streak Kato took 3 hits 8 color with a stinger UV mixed veggie took 1 and 3 color with a stinger UV yeager bomb took 1 hit
  10. It all depends on the time of the year and the weather. I spend a week at Au gres every july fishing walleye. Last year we found fish N NE or the big charity island, but usually we fish S of Pt Au Gres it's a long run 9-10 miles either way. I prefer to run crankbaits (hot-n-tots and flicker shads) and some spoons off 2-3 color lead cores. Purple, pink, chartruse. A lot of people run crawlers but my boat struggles to get slow enough to do that very well. Watch for posts from Priority 1 he lives up that way and does very well.
  11. How many do you have? Would you take $50 each?
  12. Fished 6:00 till 1:30 going 7-9 with 5 kings and 2 steelhead. Started out front in 50 fow with a glow plug progam..nothing. Worked our way west and switched up a few things finally a low diver back 145 with a blue crush Sd and blu moo meat rig starts screaming in 110 fow 16lb king we work that 110-115 pulling a small king on a 300 copper with a #3 pearl and black ladder back plug and a nice steelhead on a 8 color with a green splatterback ace hi. Then it shuts off we go a few hours with nothing till we hear from Doug on Floating Holiday that they have a few fish going by the North set of nets. As soon as we get out just south and west of the nets we go 4-6 in the next few hours in 118-135 fow taking a 13.5lb king on a low wire diver back 180 with a chrome killer SD and BW thruster buster meat rig, a 17lb king on a 8 color with a uv mixed veggies, 6lb steelhead on a chrome/blue flasher with a oceana mirage fly down 70 on a rigger, and a small king on a fixed slider 10ft above a rigger set at 70 with a Uv lemonberry. The 300 copper with a kato spoon goes twice, but spits the hook each time. W NW troll seemed to be the best. 2.5-2.8 at the ball. 48 degree water 85 down.
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