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  1. I have heard of them being used down south but not on the Great Lakes
  2. No, you are not allowed to do that. The Bay of Green Bay and Lake Michigan are NOT considered boundary waters.
  3. When we grill, we punch holes in the skin with a knife. It helps to release some of the fat. Be sure the grill grate is hot-don't oil it. Drop the fillet skin side down and leave it until done. Take a spatula and run it between the skin and fillet as mentioned above. You can scrap off what ever grey is left easily enough. the skin will come right off the grate when cool. If you like skinless fillets, trim the "red" from the fillet then freeze or cook as usual.
  4. PM sent Can you perhaps run both lines out the same side of the boat? A buddy runs solo much of the time and he has better luck running all lines on one side. You did not mention if you have any way to get water temp. It may be hard to find a decent temp to fish. Asking other boats at the dock what they have been doing for the current wind pattern should get you closer to catching fish.
  5. A second for coastal night lights. I have 2 of the double 6". Might be a bit of overkill but works for us. Depending on water clarity, should light up at least 15-20 feet back with the colored light. Having 2 doubles gives me illumination out to the sides also. They also make LED strip lights that work well to light the cockpit area. We run red for those.
  6. We have some old spoons (no idea what brand) that I got with my old boat. They are a painted blank with white on the underside and colored tape on the colored side. Yellow with orange or white tape works well. MS Burnt Toast always seems to put a couple in the box too.
  7. Divemaster, with regard to backing under the braid, you can run straight braid. It will be somewhat more expensive initially. Or you could back with mono and have say 200 yards of braid on top. If you have all braid, when you decide that the braid needs to be changed out, you could take an empty reel and pull the top braid onto the new reel becoming that reels backer and then your old backer becomes your new top.
  8. They are on while trolling (and I know that someone will give me grief about it too). Not sure what to attribute the increased hits to. It could be pure coincidence. All I know is that my only setup change from last year (June) to this year (June) is the lights. I will say the morning bite on LM off Kewaunee this year has been very short. About an hour after sun up and most considered the bite over. We started getting out sooner than normal. That might also have something to do with it. Will know more next year. All I know is that the lights definitely made it easier to get fish into the net versus using just a headlamp to see the fish. And I do have a fairly bright one. Perhaps getting the line back into the water faster.........
  9. We have 2 Coastal night lights (DS style) on our boat in blue light. They are awesome!! We can see the fish when it is about 30-35 feet out. Might be a bit of overkill but it works for us. What you see on the web site IS what you should have after install with the DS version. You could probably get away with using only one but having two lets you see across the entire width of the transom and an additional area out to the side. This helps when/if you get your fish to the boat and it still a bit green. We have not had a fish get into a rigger cable since we put them on this year. Just to note: our rigger hits this year in the dark was off the charts. They out produced the divers about 4 to 1 when fishing them above 40-45 feet. Might just be coincidence or all the good advice received on this forum. Who knows? My financial advisor thought they were a good purchase. All that really matters to me. LOL
  10. Not sure what else to do. I can get hits on strips at times.
  11. Damn. I've been seeing/reading 1-2 per second......no wonder I can't catch anything on whole bait!!!!!!
  12. A cuff with a pump?? Awesome. The wife only had a cuff that got filled with ice water from basically a Bubba keg. It had to be filled/drained manually. If you got 24 hrs from the nerve block that was great. Wife had about 11 hours. And when it wore off, it was gone!!
  13. HAHA. Thought I had the only one like that!!
  14. Wigglers always worked well on lakes we fished in the UP in summer. Our problem was getting the things. Tough to get up north in the summer as all the "southern" bait shops would buy up what was available.
  15. 53 for me and I have the wife (and daughter when she has the time) hooked on catching fish and seeing the sunrise on the water. Wish I could say the same for our son..... My grandfather always said the first 100 years are the hardest! When he hit 100, he started to say he was on gravy time.....
  16. What is a good source for the LEDs under the gunnels?
  17. NOW the fun begins. Congrats!
  18. As an offshoot to the original question, would the M action also be good for spring browns and walleyes on inline boards?
  19. Are you talking water frontage on the big lakes or inland lakes? Any specific loction in mine?
  20. Yeah I get the high hits not leaving much sign. That's why I aim just above the heart whenever possible. In this one, I was a tad low and took the heart out. I believe that is why this trail is so good.
  21. Finally figured out the pics. As long as you are not color blind, no reason to miss this trail!
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