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  1. i know how you feel i lost my brother as well almost the same thing other than we bass fished i am sorry i would love to say it gets easier and sometimes it is but when i am on the water i know he is with me telling me to turn left the other left you moron lol so best wishes and all the other stuff every one says i will say and i still do this every time i throw a quarter in the lake and pour a beer in as well cause he would not want it any other way
  2. when you pick up the boat have the guy give you the basics on the downriggers if i was south bound back to iowa i would go to a southern port and maybe hook up with a local on here for more tips
  3. i fish east grandtraverse bay just use a spoon program normally any thing with red seems to work some guys like to use peanuts and cowbells i dont have any of them so i use what i have lol
  4. well 2nd trip close to home with my daughters 8 for 9 all lake trout 150 foot of water 60 to 90 down purple and black spoon and bloody nose took all of them hoping to see frankfort in a week or so this thing called work is keeping me away lol
  5. well first trip out this year all is good in the boat 2for 6 lake trout being caught and making it to the boat my daughters did the early release program on 2 other fish lol bloody nose spoon on riggers took all the fish but alll in all a beatiful day on the water with my daughters
  6. i will try most of my gear is still in storage these 25 degree nights are keeping me from dewinterizing the boaat ugg i hate waiting
  7. this may not be the right place for this post .but here goes i have some of the brads cut baits and tried them last year every time i did i had a huge tangle in fact the only tangles i had last year that did not invole fish on the line i tried diffrent swivels and tried tied direct did not matter what i did .any thoughts on what was wrong i only tried them on riggers and i did not put them behind flashers or dodgers was going to toss them but have not yet any thoughts on what i am doing wrong.
  8. i would try with what you have already and save some cash. you never know when something may come up when you own a boat
  9. well i have been on here a year and never really did the welcome thing sorry about that .i live in kalkaska have a 22ft larson hampton i/o . i have been fishing lake michigan for 2 years know my first year was a learning curve last year i joined on here and have learned so much info from all of you .a big thank you i normally fish frankfort and leland but am planning a few trips to manistee this year boat name is downtime being lettered in a week or so hopefully i can get it in the water soon
  10. no the only ports i have fished are frankfort leland east and west bay
  11. i will be taking my boat and ty for the advice i may just do a last minute decision on were to go will keep watching the water temps and post to see what to do
  12. putting together a fathers day trip not sure were to go frankfort wich is only 70 miles away or manistee 100 miles away i fish frankfort and do well i have never fished manistee but open to try new water any thoughts on were i should go in june . ps you guys rock and have helped my fish catching alot
  13. second hand info is there getting a few in east and west bay 80ft water 60 down purple spoons its all the info i have sorry not more help
  14. did you do a nort or south run what depth and any temp break found
  15. ty for the report i am heading out tuesday am and staying till saturday hopefully things will be good if not cooler will have lots of beer and relaxtion
  16. i will be heading there aug 9 for 4 days so any info passed on would be awesome have not been there in 4 weeks dang day job but north seemed to have a few fish then sorry i cant be of more help
  17. fished saturday mprning on the water at 4am had 2 releases marked bait balls north went south to herring hole found bait had to release no fish ,fished east grand traverse bay with my young children on sunday evening 3 for 7 lake trout the children were happy
  18. hey i live in kalkaska and fish when my bussiness allows i will keep the number and call you if i get a extra spot i fish frankfort mostly but have been to leland as well
  19. i will be in frankfort aug 10 thru the aug 14
  20. ty to all those that helped fished frankfort 6/16 and 6/17 took a laker and a steelhead on leadcore took 2 kings on riggers a another 31inch laker on rigger
  21. ty to all those that helped fished frankfort 6/16 and 6/17 took a laher and a steelhead on leadcore took 2 kings on riggers a another 31inch laker on rigger
  22. does anyone have one and if so how well do they work i have been doing the trial and error message for temp cant afoord the full fishhawk was looking into maybe one of these
  23. friday went south towards herring hole marked som bait balls but no action saturday morning left port went north hit 2 10 pound kings 150fow 50ft down on a mountain dew spoon at 5;45 am took 1lake trout on 10 color in 200ft of water black and orange latter back took another 31 inch laker 160 fow 65ft down blue/silver latter back took a 17inch steelhead on 7 color in 165ft of water all fish came from the north hoping to go again in a couple of days
  24. braided on all my dipseys and ty for the advise
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