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  1. Started setting lines a little after 7 in 125 fow after heading NW out of port. Five minutes later the first fish hit a mag SS Blue Dolphin 82 down off a rigger; ended up losing what looked like a 12 pound fish. Before that line was reset a 10 pounder took a std size NBK off the SWR down 95. A triple header (landed 2) followed; with the Blue Dolphin going again, then the wire diver back 160 with an 11" white paddle with crushed ice tape and a KRW Riverside fly and the SWR again also. A short while later we had another triple(landed 2 again), the same wire diver, the SWR again and another rigger at 75 with a pearl ladderback AceHi plug. Somewhere in there the wire diver on the other side fired, 200 back with a white and pink polka dot spin doctor and a poofster fly. Lost that fish when a one week old snubber snapped. The last fish we landed was the biggest at 16 pounds it hit 70 down on a mag Moonshine Cyclonite. We then lost two fish on a mag Moonshine Blue Jackal that apparently needs a new hook (I hate when that happens). Finished 6 for 12 on a beautiful night. FWIW it looked like most boats did very well.
  2. Decided late to take a short ride yesterday out of Frankfort. Set the first line at 9pm, an hour later we were 2 for 3. First hit was a king in the mid teens that took the two color SWR with a glow ladder back J Plug down 97 over 140 feet of water. The hook pulled out about 10 feet behind the boat. Next we landed a ten pound king on the wire diver back 200 feet; mag dipsey set to 3, white hoochie with glow crushed ice tape and an old green fly (no idea what kind) that has always produced. While I was de-hooking that fish a rigger fired, 15 pound king came on a mag wonderbread Moonshine 82 feet down. Watched the fireworks while pulling lines. All in all a good night.
  3. I recently read an article that put forth the theory that the color of a cannonball might attract fish, so taking that one step further. . . why not UV too? I will stripe one of my weights and let you all if it seems to make a difference.
  4. Thanks guys, that is exactly what I was looking for. Which leads to the question. . . How long will the UV component of the lures we are buying last? Obviously a lot easier to tell if a lure is glowing.
  5. I talked to a few guys who had bent manually deployed trolling while I was shopping for my trolling plate. Seems as if guys were forgetting to put them up before taking off and either bent the plate or broke the shear pin. I ended up buying a Trol-A-Matic and have been very happy.
  6. The popularity of UV painted lures has me wondering if UV spray is available? Lots of things that might benefit from a coat of UV paint...
  7. I have no idea where to get one locally but switch panels have been a huge topic of conversation lately on thehulltruth.com. Seems as if a well known fabricator (vectorled) left a number of the members high and dry after taking their money... A guy who posts as seabob4 supposedly makes nice stuff.
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