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  1. Fished west bay last week. Mostly lake trout but lots of good action. Did manage 6 salmon and lost a couple more. 85 to 110 down on riggers best, but took several on dipseys back 175-200, and 150 on wire dipsey. Fished north of Bowers Harbor not another boat in sight. Also caught one whitefish! Mostly Moon glow spoons, and fish catcher fly combos. Good luck!
  2. I know they get some at times in the bay was just wondering if anyone had been fishing there yet, and where to start. Well I am headed up later today, will post a report when I get back.:lo:grin:
  3. Going to a friends cottage on Old Mission Point tomorrow and hope to fish in one of the bays for salmon. I have never had my boat there before and was looking for someplace to start. Will be there for a couple days.
  4. Started 100' worked in and out to 145'. Went 3 for 5 with 2 kings and one Lakers. Real slow but what worked was dipsey at 2 1/2, 250 back with white fish catcher and green fly. Fishcatcher blue fly on rigger at 118 down. Rigger at 110 with lemon ice mag. All fish were full of alwives.
  5. Nice job on the catfish. You won't forget that any time soon.
  6. Ok I am going to try this again with pictures. I have 4 Penn Fathomaster down-riggers, 2 long arm with swivel bases, and 2 short arm fixed. They are in good working order and ready to fish. I would like $350 for the 4 but will consider any reasonable offer. I old used dual planer mast works good with mounts. $15 48 assorted J-plugs in a case. $50 Live in Lansing area, and like to travel to the big lake as much as I can so can meet if you are close.
  7. Just wondering how you did out of Holland today
  8. First time posting. After looking at the other posts I see mine doesn't look quite as good and am asking for help from those of you who have been more successful than me. 1st I can't figure out how to post pictures. 2nd any other advice I would appreciate. Am I too high on prices? Be honest I won't break. Thanks
  9. 2 for 6. Couldn't get on them last night. Took the 2 fish I got on free sliders w/ main down 80. Heard others were doing well. I guess that's why they call it fishing. Great night on the lake, great sunset with just me & my wife! Fished 80 - 110'
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