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  1. So, after not getting the boat out at all last year, we made the first trip yesterday. My how the lake has changed..... Good news.... The boat ran very well, even though the kicker took literally 30 minutes to warm up. Bad news...... There sure aren't many fish. Fished 180 to 230' of water and ended up 5 for 9 or so, but only kept 2 fish. One nice Coho on a dipsey with a flounder pounder spoon set at 1 and 190 out. The other keeper was a small coho taken on a patriot spoon on 300' of copper. Let 2 Coho go since they were pretty darned small, and would've let the one we kept go but it was hooked into the gills. The last fish was a 5 or 6 pound laker taken on a full core with a blueberry muffin spoon which we also let go. Hope this helps everyong.
  2. I think it'll be even worse. I don't know who to believe on what's going on with the lake but I look at the numbers the manistee weir puts out and it's scaring me. http://www.michigan.gov/dnr/0,4570,7-153-10364_52259_19092-51534--,00.html
  3. Word I just heard was 70' of water with fish moving out to 140 at times.
  4. Hi Gpappy, I just noticed this and would like to get in the list of wanting to buy it if the others fall through. Let me know. Thanks
  5. I'd agree with everything above but like to add that we've been out in December many times (when weather was permitting) and tore the steelies up WAY off shore. Many times they were in 300 foot of weather and running the top 50'.
  6. Have you gone back and sharpened all your hooks? I know my catch rate went up dramatically when I learned how to get every hook sticky sharp and not trust them out of the box.
  7. After not doing very well last week out of Holland I decided to take my brother in law and his fiancee out of Grand Haven this morning. The morning started out very well with a double at about 7am. Picked up another 2 fish during the next pass. I'd love to tell you what depth we were but the fish finder decided to power down early in the trip and I couldn't get it to work after that. We were somewhere in the neighborhood of 120'. Then we had to get off the lake by 9 o'clock because the fiancee's first boat ride ever on lake michigan turned into a bunch of chumming off the side. Here's what worked: 5 color with double orange crush took a nice King. Full core with orange carbon moonshine took a medium steelie. diver set at 120 with a 8" mountain dew spinner and a proctologist fly took a coho and a medium sized king. Didn't have anything go on copper, and all the salmon were really full on big alewives.
  8. I bought those weights from that guy a year ago and have run them on my old mag 10's since without any issues.
  9. Wow, that's a really nice box especially considering how it's been lately.
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