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  1. Caught many a fish on the old Zebco combo! Great memories fishing in Grandpa's pond.
  2. For Sale: Large Happy Troller. Works as it should. Switched to bags years ago and cleaning the barn. It has been welded on the edges where it is designed to bend if left down when powering up. $40. Call or text. 269-455-905seven.
  3. This one was a hen full of spawn. Her stomach was empty.
  4. Took out a co-worker from our China plant last night. Kinda slow for us last night. One 15 lb Lake Trout in 92' of water, 65' down on a rigger with NBK spoon. Have a good day.
  5. I find the most west side fishing reports HERE and on Michigan Sportsman.com forums under Cold Water Species Fishing. Giving it a go tonight out of Port Sheldon. Hopefully I'll have something to report on tomorrow.
  6. It looks like his graph and fish hawk are much better than mine! I wonder what impound yard it’s at?
  7. Yep. It sounds like the car driver may have fallen asleep.
  8. I ran across this today on my way to work. Bummer. Hope nobody was hurt.
  9. This is a post from the Yacht Basin's FB page. Hopefully the water has gone down and the ramp will be open. I will have to remember the Muck boots next time I go there.
  10. Hockey, Plan your barn build/size accordingly. Like Sea Eagle I should have gone bigger and taller on my pole barn when I built it. Now I have to make due. Although I have thoughts of adding to the side similar to Sea Eagle.
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