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  1. Engfishman87

    Big waves...

    That is a great picture!
  2. Great video. Good fishing action. and docked like a pro!
  3. Awesome report. Great fish! Thanks.
  4. Nice looking boat. Great job on the video and good luck fishing with her this year!
  5. Engfishman87

    holland 4-29 pm

    Thanks for the report.
  6. Engfishman87

    Port Sheldon ramp in

    Thanks for the heads up. Hope to be floating soon!
  7. Free salmon eggs Free if you can use them. caught this morning. Hamilton MI
  8. OK. Thanks. I have the older style multi position and I'm looking for the ratcheting type. Thanks again.
  9. Are the Burt's adjustable holders the type that will ratchet up automatically when lifted but to lower them you need to push the lever?
  10. Engfishman87

    Port Sheldon 7/11 pm

    Nice fish. Thanks for the report.
  11. Engfishman87

    Some 2016 Catches

    Those are some nice fish.