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  1. Free salmon eggs Free if you can use them. caught this morning. Hamilton MI
  2. OK. Thanks. I have the older style multi position and I'm looking for the ratcheting type. Thanks again.
  3. Are the Burt's adjustable holders the type that will ratchet up automatically when lifted but to lower them you need to push the lever?
  4. Port Sheldon 7/11 pm

    Nice fish. Thanks for the report.
  5. Some 2016 Catches

    Those are some nice fish.
  6. Gunny, Awesome looking baits! Each one is a work of art. Good luck with your sale.
  7. Great job. Sounded like a good time.
  8. Holland 4-8 Coho

    That was probably us. It was kinda lonely way out there!
  9. Holland 4-8 Coho

    We did well also Saturday afternoon out of Saugatuck. Our best water for us was 240'-260' We caught our 4 man limit in about 2.5 hours. It didn't seem to matter what color we had on but we were running some of the same as you have in your picture. Nice first trip of the year with a lot of clean up needed in the boat after all the Coho scales.
  10. Those are beautiful fish. Great job!
  11. Good Job Kevin. My boat is still in the back corner of the barn. Hope to move it soon.
  12. 41 Year Old Gel Coat

    Looks like some good glass/gel. Nice job. Want to do mine?