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  1. New buoy website We just worked to roll out a new built website that is much more mobile friendly. Http://glbuoys.glos.us. please don't hesitate to email me at [email protected] with any questions about accessing data from the buoys.
  2. We are closing in on our goal to deploy the Port Sheldon buoy for the 2016 season. At this point we are about $5,000 short of the minimum necessary for deploying the buoy for this year. So far we have received support from 55 individuals, Park Township, Port Sheldon Township, the Grand Haven Steelheaders, and WOODTV8. If you haven't donated yet please do it now! Can you also help us reach out to other groups or individuals to reach our goal? We know there is a lot of interest in getting the most popular weather buoy back out there, we just aren't in the community every day like you are. The YouCaring site to make a donation now is here: https://www.youcaring.com/great-lakes-observing-system-475212. It gives a good summary of why the buoy is so valuable. Any other questions about this project be directed to Ed Verhamme ([email protected]) or Kristin Schrader ([email protected]). Donate now! Thanks for your support, Ed & Kristin LimnoTech & Great Lakes Observing System
  3. Thanks to mike/kevin/ for the other buoy post.. I wanted to post this new one so the first post has all of the relevant information in it in the first post for new viewers to see instantly. I'm positive we can get enough support to bring the buoy back, but we really need the users that access the buoy on a regular basis to support it directly. We are soliciting donations from businesses and organizations in the area, so please forward any of the attached materials on to others that you know. Below is the summary of the individual contribution campaign and how you can help support O&M funds. Port Sheldon Weather Buoy might not return in 2016 – Pledge your support now The Holland-Grand Haven area nearshore weather buoy, located in Lake Michigan about three miles off Port Sheldon, needs local support to return in 2016! As part of a public-private partnership, LimnoTech is working closely with the Great Lakes Observing System (GLOS) to lead a fundraising campaign to support buoy maintenance, and seasonal deployment and retrieval, estimated at $25,000 annually. GLOS is a 501c(3) organization that supports a range of observing system projects across the Great Lakes. Please make a contribution NOW to support buoy observations in west Michigan, a YouCaring website has been set up at https://www.youcaring.com/great-lakes-observing-system-475212. All financial contributions to support the buoy will be managed by GLOS and may be tax deductible. Please contact Ed Verhamme, [email protected], for more information about the project or information on where to send a check if that is preferred. PortSheldonBuoyAppealLetter_121015.pdf Verhamme_NearShoreBuoys_December_2015.pdf Buoy Fact Sheet_12-7-2015.pdf
  4. The cook buoy has a current meter on it. http://greatlakesbuoys.org/show_currentsAvg_pic.php?station=45026&uom=E&therms=7. The top set of arrows is the surface
  5. Heading into the holiday weekend I wanted to make sure everyone has the links handy to the weather buoys deployed between Ludington and Michigan City IN. 45024 - Ludington 45161 - Muskegon 45029 - Port Sheldon 45168 - South Haven 45026 - Cook Plant south of St Joe 45170 - Michigan City 45007 - Southern Lake Michigan Website - http://greatlakesbuoys.org Text message - Text the buoy ID to 734-418-7299 Webcams - A link is posted on the greatlakesbuoys.org website.. or you can find them here www.limnotechdata.com The greatlakesbuoys.org website is going to be the new home of UGLOS and we are working to improve it next month. Please make sure to post if you find the buoys useful! I always need justification to keep deploying them. You can watch a short segment on how we deploy the buoys here -Ed
  6. We are moving to a new website domain this year www.greatlakesbuoys.org You can also receive the latest updates via text message. Just text the buoy ID to 734-418-7299 and it will reply with the latest observation. Here's a list of current stations that are available through this text message service http://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/mobile/region.php?reg=great_lakes The buoy ID is the first 5 characters on the left (e.g). The buoys are numbers and the land weather stations on piers contain letters. 45024 - Ludington 45161- Muskegon 45029 - Port Sheldon 45168 - South Haven 45026 - Cook Nuclear Plant 45170 - Michigan City -Ed
  7. Here's a photo of the buoys for Port Sheldon, South Haven, and St Joe getting ready for the season. Please watch out for them on the water. Do not troll by them or attempt to tie up to it. Thanks Ed
  8. Anyone want to help by taking out a news crew at 9am from woodtv and holland community tv? Email me. [email protected] Ed
  9. It could have been a lot worse after being hit by a 40 ft boat. We were able to get it fully functional again in 3 days. http://woodtv.com/2014/07/29/not-a-pretty-picture-bouycam-damaged/ Sent from my SCH-I545 using Great Lakes Fisherman mobile app
  10. We worked very closely with a great group of organizations in South Haven to make this happen with the South Haven Steelheaders spearheading the effort. We received major contributions from the City of South Haven, Van Buren County, and Entergy Palisades Nuclear Plant. Other organizations supporting annual maintenance costs include the South Haven Yacht Club, South Haven Steelheaders, South Haven Convention and Visitors Bureau, Covert Generating Station, US Coast Guard Auxiliary, River Bend Boat Club, South Haven Kiwanis, Tournament Trail 333, and the South Haven Chamber of Commerce. The buoy will return for at least 5 years! PLEASE STAY AT LEAST 500 ft away from the buoy while trolling otherwise you WILL snag your fishing gear on the mooring chain. The buoy is an great asset to the region. Please do not tie up to it nor try to find it in the fog IF you see someone tied up to the buoy please notify the US Coast Guard immediately as it is against the law to tie up to an aid to navigation Coordinates: 42 23.82 N 86 19.86 W The buoy is located 2.5 miles due west of the pierhead in South Haven and has a flashing white light (flash period of 4 seconds). Links: All buoy data: http://uglos.mtu.edu South Haven Buoy: http://uglos.mtu.edu/station_page.php?station=45168 Webcam: http://www.limnotechdata.com/stations/albums/SouthHaven/ Don't hesitate to email me at [email protected] about the buoy. I love hearing from the folks that use it! -Ed Here's a snippet from a press release released by the City of South Haven: A new, high-tech weather and wave monitoring buoy was deployed on Wednesday, July 30, in Lake Michigan approximately two miles offshore of South Haven, Michigan. The new station will become part of a growing nearshore network of buoys currently deployed between Ludington, MI and Michigan City, IN to increase boating and swimming safety along the Lake Michigan shoreline. Purchase of the sophisticated buoy was provided by a $50,000 grant from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) and contributions from local organizations will support annual deployment and retrieval costs. The weather buoy will provide improved wind and wave observations for the nearshore waters of Lake Michigan in the South Haven area. The buoy measures wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation, water temperature, wave height, period, direction, and also has a webcam. Real-time observations from the buoy are available freely to the public online at http://bit.ly/shbuoylink. A link to image and video clips, updated hourly, will be available at the top of the buoy page. Individuals can also receive the latest observations via text message by texting 45168 to (734) 418-7299. The service is free to use, however standard text message fees apply. Similar buoys are located within the region near Ludington, Muskegon, Holland/Grand Haven, St. Joseph, Michigan City, and offshore in southern Lake Michigan. The South Haven buoy will fill a 70 mile wide gap in present buoy stations. The other stations are also relatively new and have only been deployed for the last several years. However, within that period these nearshore buoy stations have become widely popular with boaters and the public and receive over 300,000 requests for observations each month.
  11. A boat did in fact hit the buoy. The buoy is not a destination and folks shouldn't try to find it, especially in the fog! The lat/lon of the buoy is shown at the top of the page for each buoy on this website http://uglos.mtu.edu/ please mark it and stay away. At least 500 ft in all directions. I am headed over today to try to restore the buoy to full capacity! Its actually still semi-reporting despite having the top mast broke off.
  12. We are considering adding a weather station/wave sensor off the Racine reef. IF there's anyone interested locally in helping us apply for a grant please email me ASAP [email protected] Thanks, Ed
  13. Sorry I meant to say the South Haven buoy should show up in late June. The South Haven Steelheaders and the City of South Haven have been very supportive and have lead this effort.
  14. The Michigan City buoy is deployed (45170). Also there should be a new buoy in South Haven showing up in late July (45028) that we just received a new grant to deploy. Ed
  15. Cook and Port Sheldon Weather Buoys - Deployed for 2014!! The Cook and Port Sheldon buoys were deployed yesterday and today! It sure turned rough south of St. Joe yesterday, but we got it out today. Thanks to all of you that have emailed me that you use data from the buoy. PLEASE don't hesitate to email me at [email protected] with questions and comments. I only have one pair of eyes so please let me know if you see any issues with the buoy. Also email me any photos of the buoy if you happen to go by it! I don't get out on the water as much as I should. Please email me if you use data from the bouy. I forward those emails directly to the folks that pay the bills to keep the buoys deployed year after year. [email protected] Open House - Come out to an open house on Thursday, May 8 from 5-7 PM @ Pier 33. We'll have a buoy on display. Come and thank the Cook Plant personally for supporting the weather buoy deployed off of their plant. This is the only privately funded weather buoy on the Great Lakes and it wouldn't be here without their support. The Cook buoy is deployed 2.5 miles offshore of the Cook Nuclear Power Plant in 70ft of water. The Port Sheldon Buoy is sponsored by the Great Lakes Observing System in cooperation with the National Weather Service Office in Grand Rapids and is deployed about 3 miles straight out in 90ft of water. PLEASE stay 500+ft away from the buoy while trolling. DATA ACCESS UGLOS Cook Buoy - http://uglos.mtu.edu/station_page.php?station=45026 Port Sheldon - http://uglos.mtu.edu/station_page.php?station=45029 Text Message Test the Buoy ID to 734-418-7299. (Cook=45026, PortSheldon=45029) Dial-A-Buoy Call 888-701-8992 Enter Buoy ID (Cook=45026, PortSheldon=45029) Webcam (Port Sheldon Buoy only) Images & Video available hourly. Ignore the timestamp above the video clips. The video clip on the right is 720p resolution and the one on the right is 360p (loads faster on mobile phones). http://www.limnotechdata.com/stations/PortSheldon/
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